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  1. Four year old topic... I wonder what ever became of the OP...
  2. Never. Eww... But if two girls wanted to kiss... I have no objections. lmao
  3. That's nice. I am going by the Narcissistic PD in the DSM-IV. Not what layman's call "narcissism." Look it up. You'll find the lack of empathy a key trait in that PD.
  4. The lack of empathy is the main problem. They don't feel anything for others and will not hesitate to stomp all over anyone, even those they "claim" to love. It's quite antisocial.
  5. This is sensible advice. Hard for us shy men with women, but definitely true.
  6. That's too bad. Most people love it. I often get comments on it. Good comments. Make no mistake, it will return! But for now, I'm using CartDog. Does that make you feel better?
  7. He is brave. I took mine down because I don't have the fortitude to parade my mug around for all the world to see. It takes guts, especially when you're down on yourself.
  8. Ugly girls, fat girls, underage girls. It's great.
  9. Makes me wonder why they don't prune or delete old topics... Hmm...
  10. So you feel your singleness has nothing to do with being shy or inactive with women? Okay. So you've got no regrets from not asking out women you've fancied? Somehow, I don't believe that. But the important thing is that you've learned from your past mistakes, right?
  11. Well, obviously sitting around and waiting for her to show up isn't working.
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