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  1. We met a year and a half ago at work. We pretty much immediately started hanging out as we had the same circle of friends. We then started sleeping together. Neither Of us was wanting anything serious it was purely casual. We both had recently gotten out of long-term relationships. We have created a strong bond between us and I consider him a good friend. To the point where when we both needed a new place to live we decided that we would move in together to help each other. (Que the alarm) it was originally going to be three of us in the apartment. Him and I and one of his friends. That
  2. I know this story is long, I'm sorry! So there's a girl(18) in my(21) class. About a month ago I got her snap and while we were talking that night, I asked if she'd want to do the homework together that week. She said yes and that friday we did just that. We met up at the library, did the homework and talked for a little. I don't think it went bad by any means. Come the next day I replied to a selfie that she posted on her story and we talked for a little until she just sent a picture with nothing. We did that for a little and I eventually just left it on opened. The next day one of my fr
  3. Hi all, Hope all is well. I've been facing something rather interesting with the new roommate. She moved in 2 months ago. During the interview process, she advised that she was living on her own, her lease was up and she wanted to have roommates during the pandemic as living on her own drove her a bit crazy. She was fine the first week and I noticed some odd things: 1. A week after she had moved in, she already asked if she could bring people over during the pandemic. Although not ideal, she invited a person over and then kept inviting her boyfriend unannounced every Thursday evenin
  4. Am I just being too sensitive? We all just moved in together and mind you, it is our roommate's birthday today. My boyfriend said he was going to call me back after work, but he never did. Lately, its been bothering me that he never calls me after he gets off like he use to. He now just goes straight home and he and our female roommate get off at the same time. I get off later so I usually come home to them hanging out. He forgot to call me back, didn't read any of my texts. He went straight home, gave her the wine for her birthday that we were going to give her together for her birthd
  5. Okay, about 3 weeks post BU and almost as long NC (well...direct NC). I'm hitting alllllll the stages - the highs of feeling like I'm okay, I'm taking the steps to grow my passions and work on understanding/bettering my own personal problems and role in relationships, and feel I can handle this grief process head on, and then all the other chaotic and sometimes conflicting emotions of denial, sadness, anger, compassion, distraction, and so forth come crashing in. So, so exhausting. Anyway, a common denominator is RUMINATING. I am a regular meditator and I STILL cannot stop obsessing over 'si
  6. I recently broke up with my GF of ~5 years. We had had a long distance relationship for much of that time. A bit over a year ago we moved to the same state, though not the same city. I moved here largely at her urging -- I was just beginning graduate school, and I had been planning on going somewhere else, but she convinced me that we needed to be near each other. So I moved to be near her and she started giving me the cold shoulder as soon as I get here. I was not allowed to meet her friends, and within six months of moving here I get dumped. This is, to be honest, not really a surprise.
  7. So, I have a friend who I love dearly, partially as a good friend and partially like a son. He's a really, really sweet guy who cares about others. But he's making some bad decisions and is constantly going back and forth about what he wants to do with his life. The going back and forth doesn't bother me much...he's doing pretty well in his current position so I don't see that as much of an issue even though he seems to change his mind every five minutes about what he wants to do with his life. It's his life path and whatever career he chooses or wherever he wants to live has no beari
  8. I'm really questioning whether or not to continue this friendship. He's been like my best friend for 25 years. We used to hang out every day. Things started getting different after we bought a house together (his idea). After only living together for 2 years, he suddenly tells me he is going to buy a house with another friend, this guy that he only knew for a few months. So it's been about 10 years since that guy came into his life, and we have still hung out, just not as much. I have noticed over the years that my friend doesn't seem to care what is happening in my life, he NEVER asks how
  9. I live alone in my apartment. I don't have roommates but I do have neighbors above, and to each side of my apartment. None below since I'm on the bottom floor of a two-story complex building. My problem is... I can't even type without my neighbors hearing me! I don't type loud (at least I don't think so), but they can hear me and they sometimes bang the walls or ceiling when I type. Once, when it was 3 am, a girl shouted from outside my closed window, "HEY!" in an annoyed tone. It's not fair I rented an apartment so that I would get privacy, as opposed to living in the dorms. (I go to
  10. I've really been trying to figure out what this means. Please help. Heres the background on us, we use to work together and from that we got real cool. And he would talk to me about his gf and there problems and I would talk to him about my bf at that time and our problems. About 2 months ago he quit his job and so now I barely talk to him. About a week ago I talked to him and asked how him and his girl were doing and he said he hadnt talked to her in like 3 days and I was telling him he needs to call her and he said no he wanted to wait and see what she was going to do. They've been going
  11. So I made a really stupid, ignorant comment at a Super Bowl party yesterday, and I need some advice on how to handle things now. One of my friends, I'll call her K (who I am working on building a friendship with again after my drinking hurt her repeatedly up until about a year ago) brought her boyfriend, his roommate and his roommate's boyfriend to the party. I've met K's boyfriend numerous times, and I met his roommate and bf (who happen to be gay) once, at K's birthday party a few weeks ago. I got along well with them, and it was really nice to see them again. Prince comes on for his
  12. Ok, I think I've come to terms with the fact that I will only be friends with the first girl I liked. Even so, a new girl has come into the picture. She came in on the decision that she wanted to date may roommate and met him through a friend. Well by association I came to know her. First as a friend, but now it has changed. I thought I had no chance I saw the two of them together and told myself I didn't have a chance. Well we've all known each other for about 2-2 1/2 weeks now and for a lil time of that she has started to change her mind of dating him. Tonight I was talking to her and we
  13. I just moved into this apartment with this georgous girl that goes to my school. She is perfect in every way, personally. the problem is that her on and off again boyfriend lives in the same complex. One night she stormed into the apartment all flustered saying that her "boyfriend" got in a huge fight and got preety violent so she said they "broke up" saying that he was unstable. So we just talked about it for a couple hours supposedly telling me that they fight all the time and he is abusive and possesive, and suicidal. Anyway i got i got trashed one night and i think i might have said some s
  14. I recently noticed my roommate looking at transgender/crossdressing porn. He doesn't practice crossdressing, but could this mean he is gay? I've had some indications that he might be. Just wondering if any of you have ever heard of anything like this.
  15. okay so there's this guy who's liked me for a while now but I don't feel the same way and Because of that we decided to just stay as friends. We've known each other for 3 years and I've always thought of him as a good friend and a really good guy. But last night he really showed his true colours... Last night him and his friends came to my place to drink with my roommates and I and the plan was that we'd all go down town. At first everything was great and fun but once we got to the bar I started feeling very intoxicated and decided that I should go home. So my roommate and I got on the bus a
  16. So three weeks ago my roommate and her boyfriend got a puppy (lab cross) they asked me if I'm fine with it staying here every once in a while and I said yes bearing in mind I've never owned a dog and didn't know how naughty they were if not trained (I love them though) and that it would live at her boyfriends house. So the boyfriend took it home one week and his mum said she doesn't want it living there, so now it's stuck here. We live in a two story town house with pretty much no outdoor area only a tiny courtyard and the whole house is brand new with new carpets and no pets are allowed. I'm
  17. Saturday Morning: There was a grey lanyard with keys attached on the couch on Saturday that didn't belong to any of us and I've never seen before. Didn't pay any mind or even pick them up i was rushing out of the door. Our roommate, her, and I are the only people in the house on a day to day basis. Roommate was gone that day. Im wondering if somebody left their keys on the couch on accident. And that same day in afternoon/evening the keys were gone. I asked her about them and she looked at me, stumped and didn't say anything. Saturday Night: Girlfriend and I stayed up real late till morn
  18. Hey guys, so i posted about my roommate a while back and I dont know if any of you remember, but if you forgot and/or are new to my issues, here is a recap.... I live with a girl who signed a 1 year lease with me for an apartment, she was recommended by some friends to live with me because she was homeless and I needed to get away from my parents. This girl turned into a lazy slob, she will leave huge messes everywhere, dishes in the sink that mold over, leaves feces and blood on the toilet seat, will let trash pile up in the trash can until she has to start putting it on the stove. She has t
  19. My living situation with my roommate (that I actually share a room with) isn t exactly working out for me. She doesn't contribute anything to the household (i.e. kitchen supplies or bathroom supplies) but uses everything. First thing she said after moving in "Do we share kitchen supplies? Because I don't have any. Can I use yours?" It's not even like she just moved out of her parents' house; she has been living alone for 3 years now. She also skypes her friends for hours on end (like 4-5 hrs) very loudly in our room and doesn't care that she's being loud. Recently, I charged her De
  20. I would like an outside perspective on a situation I am in. I am usually pretty good at evaluating situations like this, but its hard when you are the one in the thicket: Background: My ex (f25) and I (m31) dated for about 22 months which came to an end, by her decision, at the beginning of March of 2017. The breakup came to a big surprise to me. We spent the next 2-3months in LC. Her reaching out every two weeks for the first 2 months, reminding me how much she “missed me”, how “this was the hardest thing she has ever had to do”, “ i’m her soul mate”, yadda yadda yadda. I fell for it a
  21. So I feel like this requires a bit of back story first. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now. We've had our ups and downs, and a lot of them have been based in his lack of desire to grow up. Recently a big issue has been that he is still not "ready" for marriage and I have felt like I was for quite some time now. I've come to terms with the fact that he's not ready right now, and I can wait a while because I want to be with him. We had planned on moving in together at the beginning of next year when his current lease ran out, but I recently told him that I really did not want
  22. i just got out of a 10 year relationship. he physically moved out a week ago but we have been roommates for about 2 yrs. there was no relationship, no romance, no touch, no feelings. i am starving for attention in that sense and im not sure what to do. i have been so alone for so long. i tried to get close just to get rejected over and over. my self confidence is down the toilet but im still young and i want to feel like a woman again. when is too soon to start dating? what is the right amount of time to get back out there. he was my first serious relationship.i really dont know what to do. i
  23. So my boyfriend of 5+ years told me a few days ago that he cheated on me two years ago. The only reason this was brought up was because I've had an uneasy feeling ever since a few years ago and wanted to clear the air before he moves away for work in a few months. So apparently there was a party at school and he got black out drunk. His roommates walked him to his bed to go lay down since he was feeling sick and a girl also went in the room with them. This girl also happens to be very ty and has been with a lot of guys at school. When the roommates left, she stayed. Shortly after, one of his r
  24. So i'm chasing a girl who when I asked about working on things I get a I don't know or shoulder shrug and we live together and she talks about things in the future that we can do...together. We bought a house, and things went south, and she wants to do roommates...not going to happen. I still hold out hope that we can work things out but deep down I thinks it time to move on.
  25. In my dorms I was down in the basement, but I made friends with everyone on floor 2, and continually felt disconnected from everything that was happening on the floor. To make matters worse, the basement had no sunlight, and all the guys were loud destructive and drunken. I really didn't enjoy being down there, and then I had the opppruntinty to move upstairs to be with all my friends and I took it. However... my new roommate is a habitual snores, and even though me and my old roommate were quite different we at least got on in terms of sleeping patterns and such. The last two nights I've
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