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  1. You know what's beautiful? Life. I'm glad you're happy, enjoy every minute. ^_^
  2. Did he ever used to do this? Maybe he's actually put some effort into reflecting on himself. Perhaps he is willing to change for you as he's analysed his errors. If you truly want to just forget him, tell him exactly what you feel. Then do NC.
  3. Try different speeds/techniques. She may achieve orgasms in different ways that previous women you've been with do. Get to know her body and it'll pay off.
  4. I would LOVE to go on holiday with my girlfriend. Just escape from everything here and spend quality time with eachother. I moved in to her place for two weeks while her parents were away last holidays, that was truly unforgettable. It was like married life, hahah : )
  5. I love: * Her warm, comforting heart. * Her devotion and love. It keeps me going. * Waking up next to her beautiful gaze looking back into my eyes. It's the most breath-taking sight. I hate: * The alcohol. Thank god I've managed to slow her down a bit. * Jokingly flirtacious moments with other people. She's just being silly but it still hurts. * Can't think and don't want to think of anything else.
  6. Bite your lip when you look at him and see if he does the same thing back.
  7. Ignore her height. If you're certain other people talk about it perhaps be the one to see past that. You'll make an impact if you're the only one who doesn't seem to notice.
  8. Some cultures or religions have almost a "grace-period" between becoming engaged and getting married. This can actually be a few years or so. My girlfriends sister has been engaged for about 3 months, they're getting married around the end of this year. My belief is an engagement is just one step ahead in a relationship. The word engaged basically means "to pledge one's word; assume an obligation" so basically it's pledging your commitment to eachother. There are stages of a relationship: The unofficial beginning stage, becoming an official couple (boyfriend-girlfriend or bf-bf or gf-gf), being a COMMITTED exclusive couple (Engaged) and being a married couple. You can actually become engaged and just never get married...
  9. We all need connection. I felt the same about a year ago. Then I met my girlfriend, she made me feel alive and happy with myself. She's done more for me than I really give her credit for. Try not to push people away, if you meet new people, embrace their warmth and try to get to know them better and be less afraid to let them know things about you. You don't have to give your life story, but just be honest with what they ask. Perhaps challenge yourself, put yourself in social situations you may not feel comfortable in at first. Maybe go out with some friends to a kareoke bar or something to improve confidence and enjoy yourself at the same time. If that's you in your picture then you are actually quite cute.
  10. Do you detect hostility or playfulness? It sort of doesn't matter whether she's flirting or not, if she's in a serious relationship DO NOT PURSUE. If she is being flirtacious, keep it clean.
  11. Don't do it the way my sister had to... My Mum found in her user account on the computer searches in google images for "Lesbian Porn"... I'm thinking you don't need to tell them. Don't consider it bad you don't tell them soon, if when they find out and ask why you didn't tell them sooner, just say they didn't ask. It's far more accepted in todays culture, you have less to worry about, but keep it under wraps until there is a right time. It may come up in conversation, it may happen when you find yourself in a relationship. But be honest with them and don't hide behind their expectations. With any luck they'll be considerate and love you no matter what. If your father is a smart, wise old man (I link open-mindedness to intelligence) he should be completely understanding.
  12. I always found that think cute in that Adam Sandler movie, can't remember what it was where he gave a note to the girl saying "First kiss time?" Me and my girlfriend didn't ask either, we both knew we wanted to. It was adorable enough without asking.
  13. Heh, the thing is they're not. I did guess from your username RIPDIME that you're into Pantera... thereforeee metal. Perhaps at gigs you can go talk to the audience or whatever (If they're small local gigs or something) that way you can meet girls into that. My girlfriend likes metal. Although I met her through friends and also school.
  14. Just stay friends for now. Be a little flirty, especially if he is. Perhaps start calling him too, it's much more personal that IMing. I kind of relate to your description of him. And to be honest I was ALWAYS like that with girls I liked. I always just thought I was on the friends-only ladder, but later found out they fancied me when it was too late... Go for it. Maybe not directly, just let him know.
  15. "G"'s get all the girls? Generally speaking: You wouldn't want the girls they get. Their utter disrespect for women gives them great confidence around them. Women can find confidence attractive. They will not feel love with their view on things. Do you want that?
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