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  1. It really depends on what it is...if I deside to exercise more I'll stick with it for like 3 days, but if I wanna have piano lessons, it may range from 4days-2weeks.
  2. I'll think about that, ty for the reply anyone else have any advice?h
  3. I have a problem everyday with my life...I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator. I always put things off but when I really set my mind to something I just end up losing interest way to quickly. I want to grow and possibly do things like learning new languages/strive to work out more but I just can't seem to stick with anything I also put extreme energy into activities for a short amount of time then after a while I just wave them off... I have managed to stick with music (play the oboe) but not much else >. Any advice to motivate myself to stick with things would be welcome I guess...
  4. I'm a 13 year old gay male and I need advice about what to do about telling loved ones about my sexuality. I've known that I was gay since I was 4 or 5 but I don't have a flamboyant personality and because of this most people don't realize that I'm gay. My parents are divorced (neither of them know) and I'm really having trouble trying to figure out a way to tell my dad. He only complicates things further when he sees women on TV and other places and says stuff like "there's the girl for you," or something like that. He is a pretty smart old man but I really don't know how he could react. I just don't want my life to turn upside down if I tell him
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