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  1. I have been going through a motivational slump off-late, and it hit me a few days ago when I saw how I had wasted the weekend. I text my Mom to share this with her, and my Dad chimes in and gives me a long sermon about what would help my mental woes. While it was all good, healthy stuff he was telling me, I was really not in the head space to listen to any of it and I was kind of worn out by the call. I video call my fiance and joke about how Dads are always the ones to give us the "Dad talk" when we go to them with problems. His Dad is kind of similar, and we share a couple of jokes. My fi
  2. My name is Rob, I'm 38 years old and live in NY. I'm incredibly sad due to my fiance leaving me, which was on November 9th, one month prior, my mother passed away from lung cancer. I was her caretaker. During this time prior and and after my mothers death I was very emotionally unavailable to my fiance, and couldn't give her the love and affection she deserved. I came home to find her gone, with our pet rabbit, yet all of her belonging were still there, her jewelery, family photos, diarys, and all of her clothing, her engagement ring. Amazon packages she had ordered are still arriving. Her wh
  3. My name is Rob, I'm 38 years old and live in NY. I'm incredibly sad due to my fiance leaving me, which was on November 9th, one month prior, my mother passed away from lung cancer. I was her caretaker. During this time prior and and after my mothers death I was very emotionally unavailable to my fiance, and couldn't give her the love and affection she deserved. I came home to find her gone, with our pet rabbit, yet all of her belonging were still there, her jewelery, family photos, diarys, and all of her clothing, her engagement ring. Amazon packages she had ordered are still arriving. Her wh
  4. Im Rob, I'm 38 years old and live in NY. I'm incredibly sad due to my fiance leaving me, which was on November 9th, one month prior, my mother passed away from lung cancer. I was her caretaker. During this time prior and and after my mothers death I was very emotionally unavailable to my fiance, and couldn't give her the love and affection she deserved.she texted me during the day, saying she went through my phone, in which I had a conversation with a female work collegue( completely innocent and no intention of me being unfaithful) and that she saw I had looked a pornography, and seemed furi
  5. My fiance and I got engaged in February of last year before lockdowns after five years together. We had set the date to March of 2021, and I honestly thought things would be so much better by now. I thought I'd be able to have a normal wedding. Well, my town in Texas has rapidly climbed in hospitalization rate up to 31% and so many people either refuse to wear masks entirely or wear them really improperly. In September, my fiance and I and my mom and dad caught covid. He ended up taking a turn for the worse, and he was in the ICU for 7 days and in the hospital a total of 10. Thankfully, he pul
  6. Warning this is going to be long but I need advice and the only way to get it is to explain everything. I have been trying to figure this out on my own now for going on 2 months but I still stuck at a fork in the road. To start at the beginning, 3 years ago. Sept 2017 I met my fiancé on POF we met in person and he was everything I ever wanted. He was helpful on the ranch from day one. Never complained, my family loved (and still does love) him. He’s tall and handsome. Everything I was looking for in one package. But something was missing. We started dating Oct 2017. Nov
  7. Hey all, I am due to be marrying my beautiful fiancé in a couple of years. We originally had a place booked in, but my bride to be has always had her eyes on a wedding in Mauritius. Both of us liked the idea of this. So discussions begun, all her family said they would attend, our friends, and we looked into budgets. Now we spoke to my family, I am the youngest child, I haven’t seen my dad in my life so it’s just my mum and 3 siblings. My mum has had her health issues, and she has been informed she is not able to go to this wedding if it is abroad.. 1. She can’t get insurance, 2. She can’t get
  8. I was with my fiance for 8 months and all of a sudden he said he needed space ,he said I was to clingy and smothering him .I was in shock ,we had an amazing weekend together a few days before he dropped this bomb I have called him and texed him asking him why he is doing this to me ,we were supposed to be married in December, he is the one that set a date for us to be married. When I call or text him for answers, asking him why he is doing this, he has been saying some real cruel things to me.He said things like, are you going to sit around and blow up my phone all night you have absolutely e
  9. Hello everyone, I’m currently having a difficult situation with my future mother in law. My fiancé and I have been engaged for about two months and dating for about 2.5 years and have lived together for 1 year. I met my fiancé’s family soon into our relationship but don’t feel we’ve ever spent very much time with them. I’ve always felt I was friendly towards his mom but will admit I can be shy when first meeting people. I don’t feel I’ve ever felt comfortable around her to really open up but again we haven’t spent very extended periods of times together nor do they come around very often t
  10. Okay, so I will start from the begining. I flooded my motorcycle at a gas station and it wouldn't start. My fiance had to come help me then when I got home on it I didn't fully put down the kick stand and it fell on its side. I can't lift it up on my own. I'm petite. He picked it up and started yelling and ing. I ended up saying, " f you" which is not like me. He said, "Oh, F me?!" And he purposely put my bike on its side on the pavement again. I begged him to pick it back up. He refused. I regretfully put one hand on his chest and I didn't really push him but I could feel his weight pushing
  11. I hope everyone is staying safe right now! I'd love to hear everyone's new routines while staying at home, and what has or hasn't changed for you. Especially, from people who work from home, while having young children in the house. My fiance and I are currently working from home, while trying to entertain our almost 3 year old daughter. I find it pretty challenging to entertain our little one sometimes, while we are glued to the computers. We have tried to set up a bit of a schedule, and it's helped. We wake up at the same time and make some coffee. Fiance makes us all breakfast while
  12. I love my ex fiancé still. She left me back in March 2020. We continued to talk as friends. We only talked about coronavirus. Whenever I tried to bring up the subject about getting back together she would get angry and hang up. This situation continued until May when she told me to never contact her again. I ended up reaching out to her sister and brother in law which upset her more. I then reached out to her in early July. She said she never wants to speak to me again, I’m dead to her, and that she feels like she is being stalked. We were together for 1.5 years. We are both 31. I really love
  13. Hello, Three days ago on Friday I (30 F) broke up with my fiance (29M) and I want to get some oppinions on if it was the right decison or get second opinion about if I was wrong to do it. It was my mother's birthday on Friday and he came to visit in the afternoon. My mother and father had a plan to go to a trip on Saturday to a two hour city to a monastry because me and my father had a very bad eye infection and my mother made a vow (its a cultural thing) "when my husbands and daughters eyes recover i will visit the monastry". anyways. they said to me tell your fiance and lets go all tog
  14. My fiance and I have been together for 5 years. Although he is a loving, attentive and caring partner, he is also a bit controlling and had a few problems with my independence. In the last couple years our relationship was not going so great. But we still had many good moments that made everything worth it, and we were making efforts to adjust to each other’s needs, which was not so easy: I am the independent type, more career-oriented, while he is more romantic and focused on family and relationship. Also, he has bipolar disorder and refuses to treat it, letting it spill into our relationship
  15. Hello, I seriously need some advice please. I am 30 and have been with my fiance for 9 years, and we have been engaged for a year. Our wedding was meant to be in 3 months time but we postponed to next year because of covid. 4 years ago, on Valentine's Day of all days, I found out that he had been cheating on me. Not through anything physical, but he had set up a fake profile on a swingers website and gave himself a fake name. He posted naked pictures on there and was sending loads of disgustingly sexual messages to these people that he didn't even know. I found out by going through hi
  16. So I’m looking for some honest feedback here. My Fiance is a lovely 30 yr old women, we’ve been dating for 5 yrs and engaged for the past 10 months. Every so often she gets all upset with me, complaining I never compliment or make her feel wanted. She gets angry she “has to have the same argument with me over and over again”. It's not like her displeasure about this comes up in the middle of an argument. It can happen if she randomly wakes up one day and doesn't like the lack of compliments from me recently. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the romantic type, never have been me and quite ho
  17. My fiance and I started dating five years ago. Before him, I had been in a serious relationship with one other person which lasted two years. We told each other about our past relationships - I was still a virgin but I had cleared the other bases with my ex-boyfriend. This really bothered by current fiance. We had a great relationship otherwise but he mentioned multiple times that that he just couldn't get passed the idea of another man having seen me naked. So, I decided to lie about it and said that actually my ex-boyfriend had only seen me in my underwear. At this point, I had lost all cont
  18. My Fiancè is a 30 year old male, I’m a 30 year old female. My fiancé is super close to his uncle. Basically his uncle is like his dad. Ever since we started dating his uncle has been very hard to deal with to say the least. My fiancé made his uncle his best man in our wedding and I’m really upset after everything that just recently happened that he still wants his uncle to even attend. I’m pretty sure my fiancé just wants me to “forgive” his uncle, accept a half hearted apology (again) from the uncle and move on. Some back story: my first real issue with the uncle: For some reason his uncl
  19. Hi , my fiancé and I have been together for a year. We originally started talking online (Instagram) while he was overseas in Nepal. We talked and talked for a month and when he got back we went on a date and hit it off straight away.. we were together for 2 months when he told me that while he was away he had a one night stand (while we were talking) I was really hurt at first but forgave him and thought I had moved on.. I had also kissed a guy before we had met in person. We are getting married next month.. and I am reallly struggling with what he did :( we are really in love.. it’s just my
  20. Im 40 yrs old, been with my fiance for about 8yrs now. He has 9yr boy that his mom has only allowed him to meet and visit with in this past year. She never did give reason from keeping him from his dad. He always paid child support. And stayed in touch with her. The boy was allowed to stay with us this past summer. (Mom and child out of state.) He had bad behavior issues and ADHD. When it was time for him to go home it only lasted 1 week and his mom called saying for us to come get him, cause she cant handle behavior anymore. So he now in school here and living with us. She gave my fiance tem
  21. I posted the other day at probably the lowest point for me since the very abrupt end of my relationship with my fiancé. He has ghosted me since the split which was driving me insane as all I wanted was some answers. Well today I got what I wanted but not in the way of hoped. He still had no answers but did not struggle to attempt to make me feel bad for him. It was all about him. How he feels (without even telling me how he feels), how I'm being unreasonable when expressing my sadness over the situation and how I have no understanding of who he is as a result. He was simultaneously trying to
  22. Hi This is my first post on here so It may be a little long but hopefully some of you have some time and advice to spare Ok so I am a 30 year old female and I am recently engaged. Things with my fiancé are perfect. It is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. Before him I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship and meeting my fiancé was like a breath of fresh air. The only problem is he has been married before and has 2 children from that relationship. The children aren’t the problem, we get along great they love me and when they are with us we are all very happy. The pr
  23. Hi all And I can understand why you are thinking “YES PHONE SEX IS CHEATING” But hear me out I have been in a long distance relationship for 7 years, I have been loyal to the core to my boyfriend now fiancé. I don’t club, or go to bars or even have many guys friends I never put myself in situations where I flirt or do anything to harm the sanctity of our relationship However my fiancé has never been emotionally or physically present, or available to my needs. Not once in our 7 years has he given me any physical pleasure in the bedroom and I haven’t complained once about it- yet
  24. Ive been with my fiance for 6 years. We were getting married in April. We go to burning man every year and run a camp and performance group. there was a girl in the performance group who was also camping with us. she was dating a guy in the group too but they were rocky and on and off. i knew my partner had some kind of interest in her but they never hung out or anything yet he was messaging her alot before the event flirty and offering alot of extra help for the event. it annoyed me and he knew it, but i really didnt think was into him at all. did not act like it. at the event he hung around
  25. Hi, first time poster just wanted to get some unbiased opinion. So a little background...my fiance and I met at work about Feb of 2016 (we no longer work at the same place together) and have been dating since early 2017. She and I had a great connection from the start, better than I have had with anyone else, ever. She says she feels the same. I was 38 and she was 30 when we met. She has two girls and I have 3 boys. In the beginning, we used to hang out a lot. Our schedules with our kids fell on the same weekend, which means we had every other weekend as a "no kid" weekend. Even on the wee
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