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  1. Hey Luv Glad you bumped into your old friend and he made you feel good! Sometimes a boost like that is all you need to get through the day.! I am glad you are staying strong. Its been just over 1 week for me now. I have come so far since then! I feel good. Even more so after today, just makes me think Damn i wasted 6 months! Gave him everything. For nothing. Good to see you are strong and getting on with things. Keep us posted
  2. Lesson definitely learned!! I am so much stronger, its so funny. I am just forgetting about him, he is not worth my time. I did everything for him, and he couldnt even keep his 'i will change' promise for more than a few days. So glad i didnt give it another chance. Luv - lets not make same mistakes again!! How you doing today
  3. Awww that was funny! Cockroach! It just makes me laugh really. All those flowers, hearts, puppies for crying out loud! Then 4 days later boom! He is back to his old tricks. ANd who knows when he 'friend' them, could have been sooner as i didnt bother to check. Funny thing is he doesnt know I know who these girls are. Cant believe I spent days thinking 'ooo he is trying so hard to win we back, maybe im being harsh' I guess this is what I needed to see to really let go fully. I cant even see myself being friends with him Here is my big dilema - I gave this guy ALOT of money as he was struggling with bills. I always knew I would be paid back over time, but since we split that is not the case. And even when we split I thought i didnt care. Now I have seen this, I do care. What should I do. I really cant see him paying up anyway as he really is in debt! should i just let go and forget it.
  4. Glad you are doing well Luv and stayin strong! Keep it up. We are better off without, let the next woman deal wth them. I feel sorry for them!
  5. This guy used to talk to girls behond my back. Yahoo chat blahblah. He deleted his myspace cos he was doing it on there too. Now he has a myspace page with guess what?! All the same girls he was chatting with before. NOw i am mad and cannot believe he promised al these things and how he owuld 'saw his own leg off to make me trust him' Its so funny when you think about it. I am glad I looked at his page. All this week he said he will change. Yet there he is... Ha! Mine is a scumbag. No excuses no nothing anymore. I am so moving on. I dont even want to be his friend. Lie after lie after lie!
  6. I am defo not sending him happy birthday. I foolishly checked his myspace. All the things he promised... All not happening. I am stronger for it now. He said he would change. Yet he is not. In fact he is doing all the things he did wrong in the first place. LOL!!! Not checking it again. Big mistake. Although i was doing ok, I can finally let go of any thoughts 'can he change' NOOOO!!
  7. well in a way im glad i did check. all these promises and then i see his myspace page and it hasnt. so in a way im glad i did. Can he change - thats all i keep thinking. the answer is right there...
  8. Arghhh WHat possessed me. I just checked his myspace for the first time since last week.
  9. Very true. At the moment I am happy and know I am still doing the right thing. That wont change, I just don't want him texting me again trying to work things out. And I think by me saying happy birthday it gives him that window to start talking to me about it. Thanks Ghost
  10. Yeah I have come to the conclusion not to get in touch. All that will happen is he will reply, and it will start getting confusing again. Im doing ok and getting on with things now, I was just unsure if i should say happy birthday. But Im silently thinking it! Having NC has done wonders for me, and i dont want to break that!
  11. True, I have moved on and I am doing ok. Just wasnt sure if I should wish it him, I do care about him but I also think it may be giving him reason to think I want to get back, like what happened to the mirror! I will hold off then.
  12. Just a quick one, if you are doing NC and feeling quite strong and happy with the situation, and its your ex birthday, would you send them a text/email just saying happy birthday? I don't want to appear like I don't care or have forgot. But I also don't want to give the wrong impression that I want to get back together. Any ideas?
  13. How is it going ladies? I am doing better, I actually manage to wake up wihtout feeling sick! Its his bday today. Debating if i should wish him happy bday. Not spoke since sunday.
  14. Count me in! I have had a nice relaxing day, laughter really is the best medicine!
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