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  1. the empty drawer, I'm going to speak for some of the adult virgins out there but most virgins don't wear our virginity identity offline but online, yes. Anothe point,Your virginity wasn't part of your identity but i bet your nonvirginity is now. empty drawer, any time you(nonvirgin) talks about sex in public you're bragging about who you are and the same thing goes for me when i talk about my virginity.I guess virgins and nonvirgins are making a big deal about eachother lives.
  2. I want to lose my virginity via long term relationship or marriage and i haven't decided which path i want to take just yet.How will i know when is the right time?I have to have a commitment,loyality, strong verbal intimacy with a man.
  3. hey, i do know a virgin female in her 60's.
  4. Square, Yes,unwilling and willing adult virgins fantasy about what sex feel like,I almost could have lost my virginity to a 40+ virgin male 3 years ago.My male friend not a virgin anymore (where still friends) and i still fantasy about me and him having sex in a hotel.
  5. As long as grandpa has the little blue pill, grandma getting laid.
  6. There is nothing wrong being a virgin over 30 if you can't find the "right " person.
  7. the empty drawer I think everybody wants their time in the spotlight .We have nonvirgin on enotalone talking about their sex life and we have proud virgins on enotalone talking about waiting before having a sex life.We need to hear both side of the sex issue to make the world go around.
  8. some introvert virgin believe they can't be in a relationship so they have casual sex instead wait for commited sex.
  9. I think some introvert virgins introvertism do get in their way of getting in a relationship, dating and losting their virginity. Wilhelm ,i mostly attract introvert men and my heart has alot of bruises.
  10. Wilhelm, Most virgin men are introvert and some are boyfriend/husband material but as we all know.An introvert like to be by themselves and hang being in a relationship.
  11. Ziggy, That's why i keep asking this question can a virgin casual date the opposite sex without outercourse or intercourse being involved.I think if more introvert virgins/asexual/incel/volcel could date.I think you guys would be datable. Ziggy thanks for the apology and i wish you guys could change too. A introvert man is so easy to love but hard to live with.
  12. Check list: condom, birth control, and have fun( two thumbs up)
  13. Ziggy27, I keep meeting men like you and my heart is bruised up by you guys
  14. Hey,what's a little stretching of the vagina muscle walls
  15. Cara223, At 16,You know a whole lot by waiting for sex instead of having sex.I want you to be proud of yourself for sticking to this decision at 16 because you could follow the crowd and have sex before your time.
  16. I have a question for the virgins under 25 years old.Are you dating?
  17. Mrcrazy, I agree about it's not easy spotting the one and that's why i don't have intercourse with men while casual dating.
  18. It's both because some people via their personal behavior have sold their wild oaks.
  19. I'm not crazy if i find the one.I'm keeping that dude .
  20. Luke, The expression "sowing your wild oaks" is a casual sex or dating expression". Example: Some women before getting in a relationship with a man will ask him" are you done" sowing your wild oat" .This means are you done having casual sex or dating as many woman in your lfe. Luke,I'm not ready to settle down with one man right now because i haven't "sold my wild oat" yet(Casual dating not sex).I want to date as many men as i possible can before i settle down with one.
  21. HyruleGuardian, I hope,while waiting until marriage to lose your virginity,that you date some women. I didn't casual date men in my 20's while being a virgin and that is my biggest regret so far.I'm waiting for sex for commitment before losing my virginity but i still haven't sold my dating wild oaks yet. .
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