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  1. Batysa, We have to be honest again to our fellow women.A woman is playing a game when she's not honest with telling her true feeling to a man.Blueberrypie wants to be more then a crush to this man.I don't understand why is she hiding these feeling .We all know some men want to be chased and some men don't.It's not a woman job to "change " her behavoir just so she can get a man to date her. A man who wants you is not going to care if you ask him out first or had feeling for him first. A man who doesn't want you or loves playing dating games will care about these things. Some Women need to be themselves and if a man is scared off by you asking him out first, move on or play the "let me wait for the man to show his feeling first" game.
  2. blueberrypie, The answer to your question is going to depend on some things.How old is this guy,how long have you've know your crush and does this guy like women who play dating games or not. Some men don't like a women to chase them or ask them out first period and some men do want a woman to chase them and ask them out. I wouldn't play games to find out, which type of man your crush wants in a woman. You're going to get alot of advice on this topic.Some women will say don't ask a man out you might scare him away but that's game playing.You want something go get it(date with a guy) and if you don't get it, move on. Some women need to realize if a man wants you, he will do almost anything to date you so if asking a man out on a date scares him off.He didn't want you in the first place and move on.A man who knows what he wants isn't scare of no woman asking him out but a man who doesn't know what he wants will be scared.
  3. I was thinking the same thing
  4. Square, I think those adultfriendfinder sites are a rip off so don't spend money on those sites. I think an adult virgin woman might have a better chance getting laid from that site. Your day will come so Hang in there,from your biggest fan.Go square go!!!.
  5. I think most good, nice guys are in a coma and that's why we can find them.
  6. A college student can have fun and not "date" .The key is surrounding yourself with a good support system during college(friends).
  7. I think all women should check out getting the shot?Igot this question from a medical site. Q.Can a virgin get HPV? A. HPV is is transmitted through both sexual intercourse and sexual contact.Because genital contact can occur without penetration, it is possible for a virgin to contract HPV(oral sex or skin to skin contact of the genitals) HPV can also be transmitted during childbirth from mother to baby, although this is considered to be rare.
  8. Why is this shot expensive?Ladies ,we need to protest because this is bull.Health care should be low cost or free.This is bull crap
  9. Right on!!! but i'm not allow to say these things.It's tooo honest
  10. Cnn Dr. Sanjay Gupta said on TV that the HPV shot is only good for women under the age of 25 years old(I think age 9-25 years old).I also heard any woman over 27 can't get the HVP shot.
  11. ok if that's the point,I would bring the girl over but put some romanic in the room.
  12. I would look at your apartment(bed and dining room table only) and think you wanted sex from me.
  13. I think half of those adult sites are flake so don't spend money
  14. Musicguy, Have you tried any of these adult site because some chick has to live in Iowa
  15. It's your new sex number now. Call musicguy, we're having a telethon
  16. I think everybody sick of college right now.I have an essay due next week and a mid term 2 weeks from now .
  17. Some clubs except single men but by invitation only
  18. We have a funny expression on the west coast when people do stupid,crazy or strange things"just pray for your friend".
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