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  1. I know women are horny before,during and after our period but sex during your period,It sound too messy
  2. RegallyBlonde, I understand how you feel about finding reliable friends and boyfriend but most people in today social are very unreliable. How can a person find friends and a boyfriend.I guess by being yourself and getting out there meeting people.
  3. I love your funny post(Rolling on the floor laughing)
  4. What would you do if your boyfriends said he would only have sex with you if you two got married.?Would you get married to have sex or leave him.?
  5. Willow, Why are you censoring yourself from a man?Let this guy know you want to talk to him in person instead of online. Another thing, if you want to kiss the man then tell him you want to kiss him.You need to be yourself and stop worrying if you do something first, this man going to run off.What happens while you're waiting for him to kiss you and talk to him face to face first,another woman goes ahead and does it for you. Be yourself and if a man doesn't like it move on
  6. Square, I would check out a 40+ virgin male but this guy better give me a commitment down the road.My bag I forgot, i almost did have a relationship with a 40+ virgin male.
  7. 1. I would be yourself while dating so the right men can come into your life. 2. Are you a woman who wants a man to do all of the chasing while dating then you need too find men who doesn't want a woman to chase him(rules man) or are you a woman who's not afriad too chase a man while dating then find men who don't care if a woman chase him(real rules man) 3. don't play dating games 4. cuss,fuss, and move on when a man not interested in dating you. 5. LISTEN,LISTEN ,LISTEN when a man talks about women,sex and relationship.A women needs to invest in verbal intimacy before sexual intimacy.
  8. Batya , It's ok, we're havng an honest debate about dating " should a man chase a woman or should a woman chase a man " .We're both right and WE know it but sometimes people's mind take things too personal and people can't stick to honest opinon so they go to personal name calliing instead of staying on topic..It happens to the best of us in a debate batya, we know both side of the chase debate is right but pride gets in the way of giving credit to the other person(me).I understand that you can't separate business and pleasure but as long as both side of the chase debate is heard.The information is out there.Which is a good thing? The bottom line is we have to be honest in a issue and don't let our personal feeling cloud a debate. We can't mix business with pleasure when we talk to people who have opposite opinion then our own..I didn't on this topic with you.
  9. I can say the same for a women letting a man chase her.Carbon, me and batsy are both right about women and men chasign eachother. Any person who say we're not don't know nothing about dating.
  10. Suesser Tod, My opinion verbal intimacy is more powerful then sex and anybody who thinks sex is more powerful then verbal probably going to have relationship issue. A relationship can't be base on sex. Suesser Tod,the men that are in my life are either virgins,asexual,incel or vocel so the sex issue isn't an issue.The problem i have with men right now is most men over 30 don't want a commitment because of female baggage.i'm trying to "date" Suesser Tod but i'm not going to have casual sex to get a man.I want sex with a commitment(lt boyfriend or husband).I'm not compromising.
  11. I want to meet a man who has dated more then 4 women off of that AFF site.
  12. Batya, Come on girl ,we have to be honest with our fellow women again.You're telling women to play dating games instead of being themselves .Women who have feeling for a man should sit back and let a man lead.Games playing!!!!!!.Anytime a woman isn't honest with her feeling with a man(crush,friend, etc) after getting to know him is game playing. We all know there are 2 types of men in this world, ones who want to be chase by women and men who don't want to be chase by a woman period.Women need to be themselves when it comes to dating men and stop playing this " let the man chase me " game( the rules). A man who wants you, will NEVER care if you chase him .It's only men who do care about the chase who will turn a woman down. Women need to realize it's not all about the chase because if a man doesn't want you, he doesn't want you so move on. Baysa, we're both right on this dating issue but you're representing "don't chase" men side and i'm representing women who chase men. I can mention love stories where the women chase a man and they're happily married and i'm sure you can do the same.We're both right and women should know that.
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