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About Me

  1. I have an unprotected sex with a boyfriend. I was supposed to get my menstruation at the beginning of the month but I didn’t. I have stomach cramps, increased appetite, headache. Am I pregnant?
  2. I am nine days late of my period, I took two pregnancy tests, and both were negative? Is this too early to take a pregnancy test? I used first response.
  3. ntj93

    I confuse

    I had a sex yesterday while im having my period at the moment, but not as much as 1st - 2nd day. Is that ok to had it when in period ? Ofc with protection on while doing it. Am i fine ? Please advise. Thanks
  4. my ex claims that doctors told him hes sterile and cant have kids. he was my first and the only one ive been with. the reason im wondering if he is lying about it or not is because the first time we had sex the condom broke (im not yet on the pill so another reason besides std's and all of that why we used a condom), anyway, my period was a little late and i was experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy, luckily it turned out i wasnt. but when i told him my period was late he said i was "scaring" him and getting him a little "nervous", after a while i realized why would he be "nervous" if he was
  5. I can't really believe that I'm writing about this on a public forum...but you guys have always helped me though my rough times...so here goes.... Well, I've been with a bf for a while, we're in our early 20s and in grad school right now and have never had sex due to religious reasons. We do, however, often play around withough any protection when I know we should be using it (bad I know....). Last week we were playing around and he ejaculated and the only way any of his sperm would have gotten in contact with me is if there were some on his fingers. Ok, well to get to the point, my peri
  6. ok...i have a quick question...a lot of you on this section have already heard about me and my girlfriends' problem. but im here asking a question about the pregnancy test. we set the date for Feb. 9th. which is a little over 3 weeks from the time of the act. my girlfriend and her mom have similar cycles. once one of them starts, the other one starts usually within 3 days. well...her mother started today. my girlfriend said she had some cramping in her stomach today and she said it felt very similar to pre-mentral cramps. so she could very well start her period either tomorrow or the next
  7. I'm asking because last weekend, during the first day of my period, I decided to go shopping and run errands. I was feeling fine until I got into one store. I felt nauseous, light headed, and extremely warm. I began to break out in a sweat and felt very weak. Was talking to a service rep at the store and fell to the ground. Got up as quickly as I could while he paged the medics. First time this has ever happened.
  8. bassy31mk

    The Patch

    My “girlfriend” and I have been through are ups and downs and have not been sexual active in a long time. She recently started wearing the patch birth control.. something she never has done before. I ask her why she is using birth control when we aren’t having sex. She said it is because her doctor said it will help her regulate her period. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I believe that she is wearing the patch because she is having sex with another guy behind my back. She denies this accusation. I know that she has been hanging out with this other guy because I caught them together and h
  9. Ok so, I'm not sure if my period is really irregular I just don't think I keep a good track of it but I did last month and today should've been the first day, but it hadn't showed up yet and I didn't wanna go on my walk with my bf and just start bleeding so I put in a tampon, about an hour later, I went to the bathroom, took out my Tampon, and then there was some light pink color but barely any, I was relieved cause I'm worried of being pregnant. We used to use condoms but we started using the pull out method and it's been working but idk rn. This is the first day and it's normally moderately
  10. Britt98

    Weird period

    Hi. I’m not really sure what’s going on with my body I’ve been having a lot of weird things going on. The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling sick and throwing up. (Figured it was nerves not being pregnant) we’ll this past week I was having pains kinda like cramps but weird near my right side. I figured it might be because I was ovulating well. I was suppose to start my period yesterday. I didn’t. I had like a brown ish slim and then a blood clot/slim ball thing come out of me. This morning I woke up cramping so I thought maybe I was getting my period. I’m on the pill and have been for 4 yr
  11. When a girl has her period she can still in fact be pregnant. this i already know... but my question is, if she has her period is this a sign that she probably wont be pregnant? does the presense of a period decrease the chances or do periods have no implications or factors in this? is there a percentage of women who actually get pregnant when they have their period? is this percentage lower than if there is no period at all???
  12. Hi there everyone. Im a little bit worried about this bleeding i had yesterday. It was like the brown sort just as your period starts but it wasnt as dark. It only lasted for a day but my period isnt due for another week. could it be implantation bleeding?? Its a scary thought, i dont think i am pregnant as i take my pills when im supposed to. Its not a breakthrough bleed as i dont skip the 7 pill-free days. I was really ill with the flu a couple of weeks ago but didnt take any antibiotics, just paracetamol and cough medecine. My bf and i have been having regular sex and we just rely
  13. over xmas break, I lost my virginity- had my period and all that. Then, the following week, I got a urinary tract infection which I never had before. I experienced a fever and then had really bad chest pains at night. A few weeks after that, I thought it was over. I got my period. Then, I began experiencing horrible lower back pain, especially near my right side. In the mirror, I noticed that I was standing a bit crooked and then looking at my body, I was because of the pain and it was like my structure suddenly changed. During the day, I had random pains in my head for a while. Now
  14. I missed my period in feb. I posted this earlier, but I hooked up with a guy, and we made out a little, and he touched me a bit, but we didn't have sex and still had our clothes on... My period was later in the month in january.. from the 27th onward. It's now march 3rd, and I still didn't get my period, and I don't know how long my cycle was to determine when this one was supposed to come. Is there a chance my period could still happen for feb even though it's march? Where it was so late in jan, and feb was short, could that have affected my cycle? I'm so scared about this and it's str
  15. I just get my second period and i don't even know how i survived the first one.I'm 14 and i was kinda tomboish, and i love all sports,especially swimming. I was even considering to join the army some day. But not enymore. Now i feel so handycaped and useless because of my period and i hate the mess it makes. I'm just not ready. Just when my life became so simple and perfect,this hapend. I have no privacy i need in my own house. I don't know why i ever writing this right now because i know it won't change anything,but i thing it would be easy that way...I can't see terapist anyway. I know this
  16. I'm on day 9 of my cycle and have been feeling period-like cramps since Saturday (it's now Wednesday). At first I thought it was my period but as my periods are short and this has continued AFTER I've been on, I'm concerned. I've noticed it mostly in the mornings and then it gets to a point where I'll need to use the bathroom to relieve myself. However it's not like I have loose stools, just the bad pain before I go. I feel 100% with zero illness and can eat perfectly. What is this?
  17. As long as I can remember, i've never ever felt that I was a part of nature. I have no connection with nature whatsoever, and i completely feel disconnected from nature. It's a bit of a strange feeling, but as a guy i never felt part of nature. Because to me men , especially men of the past, personify the destruction of nature, the mechanisers of society , the starters of war, and conflict, and builders who would destroy anything, including others and nature in order to put their own systems and rules in place on top of nature or other societies and whatever previously existed. In this con
  18. I was on vacation with my girlfriend and we dry humped and she was waring pjs and panties under that and she was taking her birth control late and I’m not positive but I think she’s on the mini pill butb when we were dry humping my pen ice was exposed without underwear and I I precame on her pants and she got her period for a second time right when got back which was three or so days later and the other day she says she gained weight and two day later she said she feels nauseous and she is under a lot of stress but I don’t know if she pregnant or not should I be worried
  19. So, just recently I started dating this girl from the Philippines. Since about October 9th. We have been going out, hanging out, I have been helping her with homework, and trying all kinds of new things together. The relationship started getting serious when she told me she loved me, and since then, we have been saying it to each other 24/7, but she won't consider us boyfriend and girlfriend yet. A week ago, we did something though. Things got a bit "hot" and we ended up having sex. The problem was, I was a bit unpracticed, and she told me she didn't like it. But she was still saying she lo
  20. So after 2 months I can finally say I have a sense of direction. So my ex contacted me to give me back some stuff and she suggested we get coffee. I agreed and went but she never showed up. I got a message a few hours later saying she over slept and she also missed the tattoo she had booked. She asked if she could drop by that night and I agreed just to get it out of the way. She came round and we had a really good talk about the relationship. I apologised for what i did wrong in the relationship and told her how i still felt. She then told me her feelings that she had been unhappy for
  21. Hi. So, my periods are quite irregular ranging from 28 days to 36 on one occasion, but usually between 28-31 days. I always know when I'm ovulating though, it's quite painful. I had sex the day before ovulation, using the withdrawal method. (Yes, I know it's useless but heat of the moment with long term partner.) It's not a worry if I do end up pregnant. Although, my period is now due in 4 days (if it'd be 28 days)... But I'm suffering with extreme bouts of anxiety for no reason, I'm urinating slightly more, I'm tired all the time, my hands are tingling and I feel really swollen ev
  22. So my girlfriend and I were fooling around and she gave me a handjob and wiped most of the semen off of her hands and we went back to watching the movie under a blanket and about 10-15 minutes later she wiped her vagina but she didn't penetrate anything. And now she's 2 days late on her period and we're both really really scared, please someone help.
  23. My boyfriend and I have decided to try for a baby so I have just came off the pill. I took my last pill last Sunday then had sex on Monday night. Since then I have been feeling 'weird'. It's hard to explain but I just don't feel like myself and have been constantly moody. The day after coming off the pill I starting bleeding, my period isn't due until next week so was this actually a period of just an effect from stopping the pill? Could I be pregnant? Or is it too soon after coming off the pill?
  24. Ok so um how do i start this? Well, I'd say on june 30th i lost my virginity to a girl w/o a condom on i know unsafe sex but she told me she was on birth control pills and im just nervous bc i don't know if i came inside of her. Like i know thats really embarrassing but it didn't feel like it and i was a virgin at the time and i didn't know if i came but my penis did shrink down after i pulled out but i don't know if it was bc i came or if it was bc i was thinking too much and it just went soft on. Well, now she said last week she was suppose to have her period but she switched to a new birth
  25. jd671

    Took Plan B

    On November 18, 2018 my boyfriend was masturbating but did not ejaculate. He only produced precum, which got on his fingers. He then wiped it on a cloth. Then he started to finger me with two fingers. I took Plan B about 5-6 hours after that. Six days later, I started having light bleeding for about 4 days (November 24). Then on December 18, I started having my period for about 3-4 days, not as heavy as my previous periods. I have always had irregular periods, where I can get it every 1-2 months (I have always been anemic). Currently waiting for mt next period. Does this mean I am NOT pregn
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