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About Me

  1. First of all, I am a super paranoid person. . . my boyfriend and I have had sex about 6 times so far. . . everytime we do, we use a condom, and he pulls out before he cums. Before he puts the condom on he rubs his penis... and his hands may have "precum" on them, then he puts on the condom, If the condom doesn't have spermicide on it, could that little bit of precum get me pregnant?? My period is due soon, and I'm really worried. I'm starting birth control the next time I get my period ... What are the chances of me being pregnant? How effective are condoms, and condoms with spermicide, when used correctly (no holes, put on right) Any help would be great. I'm stressing out. tanned_production I realize that I've posted before, I was just hoping someone could come up with statistics.
  2. Alright i have a problem and i have no idea what on earth i should do. It started about a week ago, i had some stomach aches and i was on my period. Well my period is over now but..i seem to be, peeing out blood. And it hurts so bad i could cry. Along with the blood..i receive massive stomach aches and they dont go away. I feel asthough i could die. I dont want to tell anyone and dont plan to. But i need your advice..what is wrong with me. This isnt right, it hurts too bad. Please , PLEASE help me.
  3. does it effect her in any way when she grow up??? if yes what should she do??
  4. I don't know if I am just being paranoid and completely overanalizing the situation or if I have a legitimate reason to be scared, so bear with me here. My boyfriend and I were fooling around and I was just coming off of my period (I had been visiting him for the week and had had it for several days prior, was in the final stages where there is still some light, very dark residue). I am a virgin and I don't want to have sex until I get married, but we were basically at the point where all clothing had been removed. He was never inside me, I pulled away and all activity between us ceased as soon as his tip touched me. I wiped away anything that would have been down there immediately after that, and although I don't remembber him having precum at that point, I can't be sure. So basically we never had intercourse, he was never inside me, but what I'm worried about is the precum, if there was any. Should I be? Please help me out here, this has been bothering me a lot the past week and a half and I don't know what to think anymore.
  5. Many of you have read my previous post about me and my GF's recent scare. 2 days ago she took a pregnancy test and it was negative. She still hasnt had her period though. She was supposed to get it on the 12th. Today is now 7 days late. Why could her period be late??
  6. i had unprotected sex tonight. i pulled out. i know it was a stupid thing to do. i will never do it again. please, i am just asking for advice,i don't need anyone to tell me i'm a moron. anyway, she just got off of her period not even a week ago. is it LIKELY that she will get pregnant? i'm gonna see if we can get a morning after pill tomorrow...thanks guys. i appreciate it. condoms from now on.
  7. Hey there I am gettin married on the 3rd of Sept My periods is due around that time...ouch My last cycle started on the 6th of Sept. I usually have a 30 day cycle...and have a slight pain in my right breast. But unfortunately, I got my pain today. Is there a way I could postpone my period naturally. I have tried some drug before and the subsequent cycle was very painful. So I would like to avoid drugs if possible. Also, if drugs is the only choice, do I get one OTC? Help me!!!!! Thanks, Mia
  8. Well my friend had sex with a girl about 17-20 days ago and it was the day after she had her period and now she is claiming she is pregnant..... they did not use protection now she says that she is seeing signs of pregnancy like spotting tender breasts sick ta your stomach like pukey and she thinks shes preg. But she really likes this guy alot and dont wana loose him think shes messing around?
  9. Okay - my gf just started the pill last month. I didn't pressure her into getting into BC at all, but I did hint that i would rather her get on the patch than the pill - she's terrible at losing and forgetting things. Well, she started last month, she came on her period Wednesday - and now she's off of it (Sunday). So the first month is over, she should be protected, right? NO! When she started the pill 4 sundays ago she was in Chicago.. after the 1st pill.. she was so busy that she missed her pill for the next 2 days. So, she missed 2 pills, then remembered and took the 3 pills the next day. Throughout the month she's taken the pills at 12:12.. sometimes she took them about 5, 10 or 15 mins late or early. So, 2 missed pills during the 1st week. none during the 2nd week, during the beginning of the 3rd week she missed a pill, and waited 24 hours to the next day to take 2. 2 missed pills in a row + one other missed pill + some 10 or 15 mins early or late pills here and there. She's not too protected, is she? We haven't had unprotected sex, and she did come on her period, I just wanna know how long to wait before she is protected. (oh, I know it doesn't protect against STIs, STDs)
  10. Well heres the story about 2 weeks ago thursday, i was over at my girlfriends house. We were fooling around and things got hot between us. 1 thing lead to another, and we ended up having sex. Now at the time i wasnt carring any condoms, becuz i wasnt planning on having sex, she was a virgin before this. Now the problem is, while we were going at it, she stopped becuz she saw something white on her thigh. Now she thinks is was precum, and i think it was her, cuz i saw something looking like what she took off her thigh. well its been 2 weeks and she was supposed to get her period this week. And today Friday i was over at her house and she went to the bathroom when she came out, she told me a little brown blood came out. Now does that mean her period is coming down or what. i NEED to know tonight its 3 am and i cant sleep. im anxious to find out whats this means. Can any girls plzzzz help.
  11. ok so i got my period 2 weeks ago..and now i have it again...is that normal??
  12. I have these choronic migraines, and I've had them all my life. They're pretty bad...I've been hospitalized a few times for them. My mirgaines increase twice a month: once when I'm ovulating, and once around my period. This pretty much translates into me missing school about twice a month...which is really stressing me out. My actual periods are painful also: the cramps, the irritability, the works. I'm on meds for my migraines and menstral cramps, but they're not enough. I'm still pretty miserable. Today (I was home sick and on my period, go figure) I had a talk with my mom about getting my tubes tied to prevent this from happening. She gave me a smile and said that wouldn't help the symptoms. Mom said that going on a birth control pill and going to an OBGWYN would help with the pain. She also told me about some other stuff. I'm ok with going to an OBGWYN; with my migraines, another docter asking questions won't phase me. It's the long term effects that scare me. Infertility is a big one she mentioned...I don't plan on having kids ever, but that's how I feel NOW, it may not be how I feel in the future. I told my mom I could always adopt...I've always considered being a foster mom. So I guess my question is, what are the long-term side effects of a birth control Pill? I'm 16 now, and I don't know how long I'd be on this pill. Years? 6 monthes? Until I'm thirty? Would you advise against me going on the pill? Is it worth the pain relief? Does it even work? Thanks in advance for the responses. I really appreciate the help.
  13. I am an 18 year old female and I have not had my period sense Augest. I am not sexually active I am still a virgin. It came and goes when it wants. I just need to know if I need to go to the doctor about it or is it just normal that girls dont have there periods all the time..
  14. Hi everyone To me this is a sensitive topic because I've never encountered this before and frankly I'm a bit confused about this. I've noticed for the past couple of months that two or three days after my period I'd get these sexual urges and thoughts in my mind about sex. I'm thinking because ive never dated anyone and I've never had and sexual relations that it be natural to think about sex every once and awhile....sometimes i think it's wrong to feel this way and other times I think its perfectly normal. Can I have anyone's opinion in this because Im getting very confused...thanks "do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail." Aynonomous
  15. uccstar

    her period

    my girlfriend started her period today, about 3 days early. she threw up twice today because she said it hurt so bad. i asked if that ever happened before, she said no. we were out in the heat and doing a bit of walking so i don't know if that had anything to do with it. anyways, what i'm really asking is, we also had sex twice without a condom, i didn't cum..so is this normal?
  16. Alright, well I'm still dealing with my ex who is seriously crazy. I posted some information about this earlier. The post is located here: link removed if you want to read it. Basically my ex has become a really shady person, even crazy probably. She's been flaky to me, requesting that we hang out and begs me to love her and then blows me off. She has my house TPed and egged because she "angry with me for hooking up with other girls." Later on she confessed to me that she was worried that she might be pregnant and progressed to tease me by telling me that we were going to get married. This girl is seriously insane.. Anyway, I've been trying to remain distant from her. I wanted to keep a level of contact with her since she mentioned that she thought she could be pregnant. I didn't want to have any bad blood between us when we have an issue going on like that so I remained friendly to her. So we was supposed to have her period on Saturday night, and never got it. So I have been urging her to take a pregnancy test ever since then. She ditches school today and promises me that she's going to call and get this taken care of. She never calls and makes plans with her boyfriend to go to lunch! I was very upset and told her that this is MUCH more important than eating lunch with your boyfriend. You can eat lunch with your boyfriend any day of the year. She then plays down the whole pregnancy thing.. saying that she doesn't think she is and that I'm overreacting about the whole situation. Anyway.. things blew up from there. She hangs out with the boyfriend and somebody calls him and for some reason she thinks it's me. So she flips out because she thinks that I'm going to tell the boyfriend that she's cheating on him. So she cusses me out, tells me she's never going to talk to me again, etc. Now I'm just sitting here totally destroyed. She's not worth being so distraught, but at the same time I can't help it. I know that we're over for good and I'm never speaking to her again - but it's hard to let go. I'm seriously considering telling the boyfriend that she's been cheating on him just because he doesn't deserve to go through all the pain that I have gone through. Then there's the possibility that she might be pregnant. I don't think she is.. she missed her period but she just started taking birth control and her hormones are all messed up. I wasn't surprised when she missed it... Ugh man. I have never been so distraught in my life. Today I just seriously wanted it to end.
  17. Okay so my now ex (we just broke up 2 weeks ago) is very late with her period. She was a few days late when we broke up, and then last week she was getting really worried about being pregnant. So we took one of those home pregnacy test's in the afternoon and it came out negative. That was one week ago. Even though we havn't spoke in the past 2 days, when I saw her on Sunday she said she still hasn't gotten her period. I told her that maybe it's due to all the stress she's put on herself, with work and our break up (since there was a time where she was a week late because she was stressed out about her mom flying out to NY). We told each other that we would have NC this week until Sunday, but I feel that I should maybe call her and tell her we should take another test. Or should we go to a doctor just to be sure? Were both no ready for a child, but if we are going to have one I would like to know so we could start to establish ourselves for our child (yes we talked about doing the right thing and being together if we have a child, but we will need to work things out first). I'm kinda lost on what to do, and that's why I want to know if it's right for her to be so late, or should we really be concerend?
  18. Yesterday, 2 days before my 16th birthday, I started bleeding below. I'm pretty sure it was my first period and even told my mom this morning. Problem is, when I went to the bathroom today, there was no more blood and it was a very little amount yesterday. Is it normal to get it for just a day at first? The whole irregular stage? I thought at first yesterday maybe I tore something or scraped something but when I was bleeding a few hours after I had checked earlier, I figured I would have already healed if that was the case so it must be my period (also, my brests were sore which my mom had said earlier was a sign of getting your period but I hadn't had any cramps)... I'm just wondering if this one day thing is anything to worry about, especially since I'm going on vacation in 2 days and there's alot of swimming in my future lol. Please let me know what you think, or tell me if this has ever happened to you. Thanks.
  19. Well first off my g/f was on her second day of her period and she normally only goes for 3 days, but any ways I went in her for like a minute and I didn't cum and neither did she. I also didn't wear a condom. But neither of us ejaculated or anything. She shouldn't get pregnant would she? Thanks
  20. My period is due today...haven't got it yet. I am really nervous because I slept with my XBF 1 week ago, and have also been with current BF. I was safe with both of them, however I have had bad luck with condoms in the past. I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up negative, but I am still concerned cause I don't have cramps or anything like I normally do. I feel so awful for slipping back to the X. I hadn't been with him in 9-10 months and lately we have been talking about things again, and I have seen him a few times. Slept with him last Sunday. But besides that I don't know what I'll do if I am pregnant. I talked to the X about the possibility and he said he would want me to keep it if I was pregnant cause we had terminated a pregnancy when we were together. Which I still regret and so does he. I don't know if I could keep it, cause that would mean going back with him. He said he would work around the clock to take care of me and the baby if that was the case. I haven't mentioned anything yet to current BF, but I don't think he would want to keep it. Our relationship is fairly new and he is still getting his career lined up. If I don't get my period today, I will be doing another test tomorrow. I have been under a lot of stress, could that be affecting things? I guess I am just venting here, but if anyone has any comments I would like to hear them.
  21. Hi, I started on the pill a few weeks ago, at the start of my period. In the last week there have been 2 days where i've been late taking it by an hour or so. I'm seeing my boyfriend on tuesday - is it safe for us to have sex then using no other form of contraception or should we use condoms too? Thankyou xx
  22. HI I'm new to this so don't know if this has been answered before. I've been on Ortho-Tri Cyclen for about a year and my periods were normal, my doc recently switched me to Ortho-Tri cyclen LO, this is the first month I've been on the LO and my period is here a week ealry (still on active pills) is this normal? and should i continue to take the active then incative or should i just stop taking them and start a new pack on Sunday with the active pills. Any advice would be helpful
  23. there are many people who dont like me because of the way i dress. im 14, but depending on what im wearing when they meet me, people have thought me to be about 16-17. plus, im bigger than a lot of people my age, not fatter, just like i have boobs, have started my period etc., and if me and another girl wear the same shirt, like a tight one, they say it looks good on her, but i look like a slut. CUZ I HAVE BOOBS!?? i dont want to change the way i dress, but its given me a bad rep and im tired of people hating me cuz of this. ive tried to ignore this for a long time, but its starting to get to me. also, theres some things i just act older about than most girls my age, and it seems to me that i'll have a skirt the same length or whatever as a highschool chick and no one says she looks like a slut, just me. i feel like this really isnt fair. what should i do?
  24. I was wondering how possible it is to get pregnant if i had a little bit of dried semen on my fingers and then i figured my g/f.... i dont think i did do that but i might have without thinking awhile ago and her period should have started 2 or 3 days ago and it hasn't and it is starting to worry me... just need to see if it was possible or not
  25. Last night i woke up in the middle of the night and i had pee'd my pants, thsi has never ever happened before except when i was a baby. I dont know what happened and this is really weird because i was soaked completely and at first i thought it was my period but it wasnt. why did this happen? will it be consistent? what does it mean?
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