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About Me

  1. I have an unprotected sex with a boyfriend. I was supposed to get my menstruation at the beginning of the month but I didn’t. I have stomach cramps, increased appetite, headache. Am I pregnant?
  2. I am nine days late of my period, I took two pregnancy tests, and both were negative? Is this too early to take a pregnancy test? I used first response.
  3. At the beginning of May I had my period. I had unprotected sex about a week later and took a plan b. A week after I took the pill. I got what seemed like another period. It lasted 4 days and the same flow. I'm wondering if this second "period" would be the start of a new menstrual cycle?? I'm pregnant now. Pill obviously didn't work except to make me bleed.
  4. I had my period last month on the 3rd. My cycle is 32 days . This month i didnt have my period . But yesterday there was a kinda brown discharge. And i felt a lil bit of pay like cramps. But it stoppes after 10 min . Can i be pregnant??
  5. I started seeing someone I used to date again after much needed space and time apart. I hadn't been on the pill when we first started communicating again. Short story, we hooked up, I took the plan B but clearly it was ineffective because I ended up pregnant. I also did get back on the pill a few shorts days later, but we had been sexually active a few separate times before that. I started a period the day after Christmas. Mind you, my periods have always been weird for the last handful of years. It's normal for me to only have a small period every 3-6 months and it's usually very light and on
  6. Just wondering how men in general feel about this? An example, if the woman didn't know her period was nearing and you had sex and it barely started would that freak you out?
  7. ntj93

    I confuse

    I had a sex yesterday while im having my period at the moment, but not as much as 1st - 2nd day. Is that ok to had it when in period ? Ofc with protection on while doing it. Am i fine ? Please advise. Thanks
  8. About a month ago I came off the pill due to it giving me acne about 5 days later I had sex with no protection & although he did pull out, my period is 9 days late. Am I being paroniod?? Could my period be late becuase it's come off the pill & it trying to regulate itself or is there a chance I could be pregnant even though he pulled out. Please help
  9. Hi I'm 18 years old and I am still living with my parents. I've been having stomach problems for the past month and a half. I do suffer from IBS but I'm not sure if what is going on is related to it. On June 8, I had unprotected sex (without a condom, but I am on birth control). I have been having stomach pain on the left side of my belly button. It has recently spread to my right side. I did get my period this month. My cycle is 28 days and it lasts for 6 days. On the June 27th, I started bleeding but it wasn't really heavy, but it did eventually get heavier as the week went on. I did take a
  10. I know a lot of people will probably tell me not to be hanging out with my ex boyfriend, it's been years though. It's been since 2012 and everything is left in the past. I've been hanging out with him a lot lately and were building up a nice friendship. We've even started out like this even before we started going out and it's really nice. I trust him a lot. He was my first love and I was very close with him, we broke up due to how I was going through a lot. I was deeply depressed due to my past and suffering from PTSD and I honestly felt as if I was just hurting him when he was with me, which
  11. Ugh. So a few days ago my partner and I were having sex and right before he was about to cum, he pulled out like he usually does. However this time, he failed to grab the condom as he came out and he came out and the condom stayed in me sticking out like a half inch. We know for sure the condom didn't break but When he came it got a little on me but mostly on the bed. I pulled the condom out right away and stood up and thoroughly wiped myself off and then went to the bathroom, cleaned and even inserted a tampon ( for whatever reason- I guess I thought maybe it could absorb the sperm. Idk) my l
  12. Hi everyone, last week I stoped taking the pill. I had my break week then didn't start my next pack for other reasons (was supposed to start the Monday). On the Tuesday I had a doctors appointment. She changed my pill over but gave me EllaOne as I had sex on the Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday - most were protected. I have changed my pill prescription but cannot start until the day I next come on my period. The nurse said I should have my period soon/earlier because I have come off the pill but also because I have taken EllaOne. Has anyone had a similar experience and when did you get you
  13. Hi, My husband and I are TTC. I'm now 3 days late. I don't have any home pregnancy tests on hand right now but out of curiosity, I used an ovulation stick and it was positive. I don't think I'm ovulating because I haven't gotten my period yet. Has this ever happened to someone before? If so what happened? I'd like to hear from people with similar experiences? And yes I'm planning to take a real after I get off work Thanks for reading.
  14. Hi I'm 16 and I haven't had sex lately, but I've been waiting for my period, I'm a very paranoid person I admit that. But I've been having cramps but they are off and on and come and go. I look up if it could me a sign of pregnancy, it is but I don't have the other symptoms following it, like nausea, breast tenderness, extremely sleepy, ect. But I have been having some stress lately but I'm still worried please help. I really need to figure out what's going on.
  15. I'm a little concerned as I'm bleeding in between periods. I went for a pee earlier and as I wiped there was a watery, light pink discharge on the tissue (sorry for the graphic detail). Now I'm aware of ovulation bleeding and implantation bleeding and I'm not quite sure which one it is or whether it is any of them at all causing this. My periods are usually irregular but most of them are roughly a 35 day cycle and I'm at day 19 in this months cycle at the minute so I have awhile until my period still so I shouldn't be bleeding yet.
  16. my ex claims that doctors told him hes sterile and cant have kids. he was my first and the only one ive been with. the reason im wondering if he is lying about it or not is because the first time we had sex the condom broke (im not yet on the pill so another reason besides std's and all of that why we used a condom), anyway, my period was a little late and i was experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy, luckily it turned out i wasnt. but when i told him my period was late he said i was "scaring" him and getting him a little "nervous", after a while i realized why would he be "nervous" if he was
  17. I'll try not to make this overly long or boring.. I just feel like I need to get it out in some form. Ive had problems with my emotions and how I deal with things all my life. It was only when I turned 18/19 that I decided I wanted to do something about it, as the realisation that not everyone else feels this way and not everyone else has these struggles to cope with. My doctor sent me to a psychiatrist and I was eventually put on anti-depressants. However they didnt really make any difference.. so after a while I said I no longer wanted to take them and wanted to seek counselling instead,
  18. Okay so im about 2 weeks later for my period. I took the pregnancy test last week and it showed negative i took another one at the beginning of this week and still it said negitive. They were 2 different kinds of tests bought at 2 different times at 2 different stores. Now here is the extra messed up part. When i go to the bathroom normally theres nothing when i wipe myself. But when i move my bowels theres a little bit of dark pink, not quite red, discharge, and no it is not coming from my anus. I still dont have my period, i feel nausea randomly throughout the day and i am confused as hell.
  19. I havent had my period in almost 7 weeks. Yes, 7. About 4 weeks ago I had sex for the first time..but I definitely shouldve gotten my period by now. About 5 days ago I took a pregnancy test and it turned up negative. I was SURE Id get my period over the weekend..but here it is Tuesday and I havent gotten it..so I took another test that turned up negative again. Now my question is..if Im not pregnant, why havent I gotten my period? I havent been stressed or anything...please help!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I can't really believe that I'm writing about this on a public forum...but you guys have always helped me though my rough times...so here goes.... Well, I've been with a bf for a while, we're in our early 20s and in grad school right now and have never had sex due to religious reasons. We do, however, often play around withough any protection when I know we should be using it (bad I know....). Last week we were playing around and he ejaculated and the only way any of his sperm would have gotten in contact with me is if there were some on his fingers. Ok, well to get to the point, my peri
  21. ok...i have a quick question...a lot of you on this section have already heard about me and my girlfriends' problem. but im here asking a question about the pregnancy test. we set the date for Feb. 9th. which is a little over 3 weeks from the time of the act. my girlfriend and her mom have similar cycles. once one of them starts, the other one starts usually within 3 days. well...her mother started today. my girlfriend said she had some cramping in her stomach today and she said it felt very similar to pre-mentral cramps. so she could very well start her period either tomorrow or the next
  22. I'm asking because last weekend, during the first day of my period, I decided to go shopping and run errands. I was feeling fine until I got into one store. I felt nauseous, light headed, and extremely warm. I began to break out in a sweat and felt very weak. Was talking to a service rep at the store and fell to the ground. Got up as quickly as I could while he paged the medics. First time this has ever happened.
  23. bassy31mk

    The Patch

    My “girlfriend” and I have been through are ups and downs and have not been sexual active in a long time. She recently started wearing the patch birth control.. something she never has done before. I ask her why she is using birth control when we aren’t having sex. She said it is because her doctor said it will help her regulate her period. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I believe that she is wearing the patch because she is having sex with another guy behind my back. She denies this accusation. I know that she has been hanging out with this other guy because I caught them together and h
  24. Ok so, I'm not sure if my period is really irregular I just don't think I keep a good track of it but I did last month and today should've been the first day, but it hadn't showed up yet and I didn't wanna go on my walk with my bf and just start bleeding so I put in a tampon, about an hour later, I went to the bathroom, took out my Tampon, and then there was some light pink color but barely any, I was relieved cause I'm worried of being pregnant. We used to use condoms but we started using the pull out method and it's been working but idk rn. This is the first day and it's normally moderately
  25. I had recently reconsiled with my ex and mentioned something really hurtful he said after he cheated on me. He compared my vagina with the other womans and said it was better tighter. I brought it up saying that it still bothered me at times when we are intimate and he went on about how he had meant to hurt me and how tough he is. I was shattered. Then he said he couldnt wait to go away on his trip as my period was coming up. I went home and in our next communication I said I was hurt and he rubbished my feelings as being hormonal and dimissed it. Also said he didnt want to text as he was
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