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About Me

  1. bassy31mk

    The Patch

    My “girlfriend” and I have been through are ups and downs and have not been sexual active in a long time. She recently started wearing the patch birth control.. something she never has done before. I ask her why she is using birth control when we aren’t having sex. She said it is because her doctor said it will help her regulate her period. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I believe that she is wearing the patch because she is having sex with another guy behind my back. She denies this accusation. I know that she has been hanging out with this other guy because I caught them together and have seen numerous text messages and calls. I am asking the ENotAlone community if there is any reason a girl would wear a birth control patch in order to regulate her period. I would think that the only reason to wear a birth control patch is if you are sexually active. Please help.
  2. Britt98

    Weird period

    Hi. I’m not really sure what’s going on with my body I’ve been having a lot of weird things going on. The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling sick and throwing up. (Figured it was nerves not being pregnant) we’ll this past week I was having pains kinda like cramps but weird near my right side. I figured it might be because I was ovulating well. I was suppose to start my period yesterday. I didn’t. I had like a brown ish slim and then a blood clot/slim ball thing come out of me. This morning I woke up cramping so I thought maybe I was getting my period. I’m on the pill and have been for 4 yrs so I know how my period is suppose to be. I’m hardly bleeding when I did bleed it was more like spotting and it was red much period is usually brown. I waited for a couple hours and I’m not bleeding now Everytime I wipe it gets lighter and lighter it’s now like a very faint light brown. I had sex over a week ago with my boyfriend who is now in bootcamp what’s going on with my body?!? HELP
  3. ok...i have a quick question...a lot of you on this section have already heard about me and my girlfriends' problem. but im here asking a question about the pregnancy test. we set the date for Feb. 9th. which is a little over 3 weeks from the time of the act. my girlfriend and her mom have similar cycles. once one of them starts, the other one starts usually within 3 days. well...her mother started today. my girlfriend said she had some cramping in her stomach today and she said it felt very similar to pre-mentral cramps. so she could very well start her period either tomorrow or the next day if she has one. if she starts her period, would it be ok to test then and get an accurate result??? it would have only been a little under 3 weeks since it happened (happed on the 15th). would it work if we tested this weekend if she starts or do we still have to wait till the 9th reguardless?
  4. Just curious, if one of those store bought tests says that you can use as soon as 1 week after your missed period does that mean their kind of useless if I think I might be pregnant but its not time for my period yet? I'm getting very sick lately in the morning and i'm usually such a good morning person and my breast are verrrry sensitive to the touch. We were drinking that night and didn't use a condom and I had just finished my period so I hadn't been on my pill for a week. If I got pregnant it would have been about two weeks ago. is that too early to start showing signs anyways?
  5. so i left a post a couple days ago maybe last week about how my condum ripped and i came in her. this accident happened last wendsday. she hasent had her period and if she doesnt have it in 2 weeks then it seems that we are ganna be dead. i need to know what are the very first symptoms of her being pregnant (if she is or not). so far all that i know is that she has tender breasts. we were not able to get the morning after pill or anything. and i havent been able to call anyone about it. please give me the info i need and any info that can help.
  6. i know that i have posted twice already. but please i just need your opinion. i do know about contraceptives i really do so i dont need advice on that i jsut need your opinion. PLEASE READ UNFORTUNATE MISHAPS CONTINUED. please please please i am flipping out here. if a girl were tto get pregnant on her period would it just stop? PLEASE PLEASE READ UNFORTUNATE MISHAPS PLEASE thank you ~empty.
  7. heyy guyz now i need help about this today me and my bf were making out , he was touching me on my clothes nothing under it but when i came home i found blood ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any idea? by the way guys i finished my period before two weeks so its not way the period as it was like two drops blood only :S !!
  8. I was recently on my period and it just came to my mind that I've been going thru this freakshow for 12.5 years now... I remember it was in the morning, before school (6th grade, I was only 11) I went to the bathroom to take a pee before dressing up and oh man, there it was. A HUGE dark burgundy spot in my kiddy underwear. Looked like someone had shot me or something. It was shocking to see that. I just thought "Not me, not now, life is cruel!!!". I stayed in the bathroom for 20+ minuts. I knew I had to inform mom but I didn't even know how or what to say. I finally came out and told her. Thank gosh she didn't make me go to school, I was freaking out, I was just a kid. On a side note, I'd like to mention is freaking amazing how 11 year old boys are still in their little world of Sponge Bob and Spy Kids, while their female classmates are already able to breed. Yikes. I'd vote for girls to start being fertile after they turn 18. ](*,) ***On another side note, I remember I had to start registering the date of the periods in my kiddie FLINTSTONES calendar, that SANTA had brought to me 5 months before! Oh my! Mother nature is one perverse biatch... Underage kids are not supposed to be able to make more kids. That's just wrong honestly.
  9. ok here i am posting again, man i need the new year to hit fast! my ex/girlfriend who i was trying to work things out with has not had her period. she is ten days late as of right now. we have been broken up/trying to slowly work on things for the past week but tonight she told me not to call her, she will take care of this herself, whatever it is that she decides and she was better of single. i have been so supportive of this girl. i broke up with her b/c i could not give anymore to her and was feeling totally drained by our relationship. what does she mean by her statements? i am not good at playing games, i'm the same guy everyday all day and these roller coaster statements really throw me for a loop. why would she push me away like this?
  10. my girlfriend has been on the pill for a year now, but we have always had protected sex (lubricated with spermicide). anyway, her periods always start on monday and goes till friday. it's been that way virtually every single time. but it's been two days now and she still hasn't had her period yet. all she has are these really faint (but still clearly blood) marks on her otherwise clean tampon. there are faint streaks running down the tampon and some more developed spots of red towards where the string is. she's alarmed because she should be having fully saturated tampons and even cramps by now. it's been this way every single month for the past year. now cause of concern arises because she's been on antibiotics (erythromycin) recently for bronchitis and apparently this particular type of antibiotic can negatively act with the pill somehow。 further complicating all this is the fact that i entered her unprotected for the first time during the last three occasions we had sex for maybe about 2-3 min before properly putting the condom on. i was nowhere near close, but isn't there always a possibility to get pregnant with pre-ejaculate? my gf is particularly worried cause it hasn't started yet. but what are the chances, right? with the birth control, a physical barrier (condom), and spermicide... or am i just overly naive? she has been stressed out in a while, but her period has always been so punctual, it's a cause for concern. i swear, i'll never enter her unprotected ever again. i would do anything for her to be not pregnant. if not from the very immediate problem of having to tell our parents, we're both still in college with long careers in mind. and most certainly not financially independent or anything. ahhh help!!!
  11. ok first off i am starting to get very worried because i always start my period 1 or 2 days earlier than when i started it the month before. i have never been late in 8 years. for some reason i cannot remember when i started my period last month but i was thinking it was around the 14th...but at least no later than the 17th. well today is the 16th and like i said i am always a few days early at least and theres still no sign of any bleeding. before my period i always get a lot of acne and my breasts get sore. well about a week ago both of those things started happening so i thought i would start. well they are also both signs of pregnancy as well. i took 2 early detection pregnancy tests both which came out negative so i thought i was ok. well today i read the directions and noticed it said to hold the test in the urine for only 5 seconds and no longer. well i held it in my urine for 10 seconds because the pregnancy tests i had bought before were supposed to be in the urine for 10 seconds. so now im wondering if the test results were false because i held it in there for too long. also im wondering how possible it is to get pregnant when your boyfriend always wears a condom AND pulls out before he ejaculates. because that is what we always do when we have sex. any opinions? does it sound like im pregnant? and does it matter if you hold the test in the urine too long?
  12. i cant tell her that i am worried. i cant at all, everytime i mention a home test she gets very angry so i wont because i dont want to mention it to her at all. it is only 10 days until her next period. i should be able to wait that long but it seems like everyday i count the days until it comes up. and i cant just ask her if shes on her period. i have been reading up on first month pregnancy signs and i have noticed only one. however it is to early to tell if she has missed her period yet due to it will not come up till around Nov 25, the internet did say that signs of depression may come up, and she has been feeling very very down. i am starting to get scared. as many of you have read in my past posts i have shown that she was on her period, i used a condom (althought it broke) i did pull out before i ejaculated and we took the plan B pill just in case because the condom did break. i want to be there for her, i always will be i am never the guy who runs, i hate people like that, but i am paranoid she doesnt know it. i dont know what to do is this depression is just like hitting me hard, it seems like once i see one sign online i flip out because it could mean shes pregnant. She hasnt gained any weight, her breasts arent tender because she hasnt said anything about them when i have touched them. i just dont know what to do, why am i flipping out so much, i cant make or even mention a home pregnancy test. i just am flipping out, do you think she is maybe just down and i am over reacting, or am do i relaly have a valid point. i took all necessary precautions plan b pill says it is works 89 perecent of the time...i hate being paranoid but i really am. please can someone give me real advice besides be more careful next time...or take a home pregnancy test. ahhh, sorry, i am just stressed ~empty
  13. I don't understand what is going on here. I slept with this guy last night and all of a sudden i see blood on the condom. Went to the toliets got some tisseu and i was still bleeding. I am not due to come on my period yet. Please help me. Has anyone has this before? Now the guy is ignoring me too i think beacuse of this. Will this put men off? oh and he isn't my boyfriend. thanks
  14. Okay.. i'm not sure this is a vent or just an observation. I have been feeling lately that many guys (not all of them, mind you) just think like players and idiots for the most part and I was racking my brain trying to figure out why. Okay. I come upon this website.. I won't name it.. but it is giving out advice to guys why their girl isn't reaching an orgasm. Here's just a few of these half-truths they are distributing and promoting among the uninformed male population. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at this stuff. I'm sure guys read this crud and take it as absolute gospel!! "Here goes, 'Seemingly unrelated maladies can have disastrous effects on a person’s sexual experience, and they don’t even really have to be maladies -- like the menstrual cycle, for example. Ever notice how shortly before her period she starts getting that hungry look in her eyes, as if her nether region wants to stock up on pleasure before the week-long hiatus? No? You say she’s particularly uninterested in sex right then? Well, therein lies the other problem: bodies are also diverse, with no universal rule of thumb." Okay... first of all. what makes this guy think that women aren't horny during their periods???? Has he ever had one? Obviously not.. but unless I'm having massive cramps.. I have to say my libido is just as high during my period as before it.. Also notice.. the guy mentioned a week-long hiatus.. Can you say dry spell? Obviously.. he's not a fan of sex during her period.. wud ya think??? I hate it when i have a bf who puts you literally in the dog house while you are on your period. What is the big deal here anyway? Guys think nothing of having anal sex.. but a little blood.. oh me, oh my.. no way Josephine!!! LOL Remedy: The first step is to make sure it is a physiological issue. Make an attempt to rule out other possibilities. Be aware, however, that some women are physically incapable of reaching orgasm. Use delicacy when broaching the subject just in case she’s one of the unfortunate few. Well maybe some women would be incapable of reaching an orgasm with this idiot, but to say some women are physically incapable period is probably not too likely. I'm sure there are some women who've never reached an orgasm due to ignorance or inexperience on how to achieve one.. but honestly.. how arrogant does this guy sound anyway?? I'm laughing my head off here, honestly as to this guy's stupidity!! LOL "Aunt Flo, as mentioned before, is a common perpetrator. To figure out whether the monthly visitor is to blame, work with your partner to compare changes in her desire/satisfaction with her cycle (make notations on a calendar, being sure to keep it somewhere family, friends and clergy members are likely never to go). If fluctuations in her sexual enjoyment are predictable by month, they’re probably corresponding with menstruation." Maybe the fact that he doesn't want nothing to do with her when she's on her period is the reason she's not enjoying sex when she's on it!! lol Oh.. god. it gets worse.. I should reach this website every time my blood pressure gets too low.. or i need a good laugh. The other fine points of this website is how to dump a girl in 6 steps.. None of them discuss calling her up though and saying it's over... It's just a ball-less way to go about it.. so he can save face. No wonder guys act like girls nowadays.. if these are their mentors, it's no wonder. Guys.. don't read sites like this.. The only thing guy is teaching you is how to be an absolute IDIOT to women! We HATE HATE HATE guys who treat women like this.. and guys who think like this... Do us a large favor and act like a decent person.. not like this player wanna-be this guy pretends is going to be such a hotshot with the chicks!
  15. Hello, I have a questions, I had sex and a bit of blood came out. and I am a little bit worried..I was wondering if someone had the same situation, my period was over last Tuesday, (that was 5 days ago) and I have been a bit stressed out lately, I was wondering if it could be most "left over blood" from my period? any sugestions? I did a pap exam last December, I go once a year, and everything is normal all the time.. thanks!
  16. I had sex last week (he wore a condom, it split), and the next day took the emergency pill. It hasn't induced a period yet though. I'm a little worried because we had unprotected sex yesterday (I know, it's very very stupid and I really regret it) and I'm not sure if that pill from last week protects me or if I need to take a new one to cover this time. I'm having twinges in my lower stomach which makes me think that my period is on its way, but it's also got me freaking out that I'm pregnant! Rest assured, I'm having protected sex from now on! Hope someone can help, thanks for reading.
  17. I have been having alot of lowerback aches lately. It is a week before my period is due is there a possiblity that I am pregnant?
  18. I wanted an unbiased opinion of this little thing before I order it. Personally, I think it is a GREAT idea even though it has been around awhile. Guys...you read this topic at your own risk! I had my period a week ago and it was horrible. I usually use pads and they leak always on day 1 and day 2. I am not using cheap pads either...it just is getting annoying because it feels like a diaper. I change them often but they still leak. I tried tampons once... I hated it because it left my vagina DRY! Ooooo...painfulness! I like the idea behind it but at the same time I am terrified of TSS. Recently I heard about menstrual cups and while the idea has been around for a long time I had never heard of it. It sounds wonderful. I even researched the different brands available. I immediately took link removed off my list since it is latex. I was then left with the link removed and the link removed. Both are made from silicone and while the Diva used to be stiffer they have since made it much softer. I first heard about these from a forum I frequent. There was an entire thread about it that was started 1 year ago and is like 90 pages long about people's experiance with it. It seemed like very few people had any issues with it. I read through a lot of it and decided to get a Mooncup since they are the most comfortable since everyone says they forget they are in there....while with the Diva they can feel it just a little bit But anyway...I want it because I am active and the idea of being self detained sounds good. I sometimes don't pack enough pads and when I am at school it is hard to find somewhere to get them. I am an engineering student and I really think that men designed the bathrooms. We don't even have a tiny trashcan in the stalls! also like teh idea of being able to swim on my period. You know how hard it is to explain to people that I can't do certain things like that. As I stated before I hate tampons and I worry about TSS with them. These cups do not absorb moisture but hold the menstrual fluid until it is dumped. It is completely safe as long as you clean it after every period (boiling for a few minutes), clean your hands before putting it in or taking it out, and I would probably boil it before my period just to be safe. You also have to rinse it out after dumping before re-inserting (public bathrooms...just carry a water bottle). It lasts up to 10 years and you know how much money you cane save in that period? BTW, I wold probably replace it every 5 years...but still! It sounds like a good investment and it is good for the envirnoment. I should say I am a bit of a tree hugger...just a little bit. I hate creating unnecessary waste. This would be good for the envirnoment since it is not disposable. The only down side I see is the pricy initial investment and the more hands on approach to using these things. Those things don't bother me but I have to order it online since I looked for the Diva at my local health food store and they did not have any. I am afraid of what my mom might thing...so I ask anyone who has made it this far...what do you think of it? I'm terrified to order it and getting some lecture from my mom about how nasty it is. Be completely honest...I bet a lot of people are thinking that sounds dirty. But as I mentioned as long as you clean it there is nothing dirty about it.
  19. Can a woman get pregnant the day before her period? All natural signs would point to NO but has anyone ever heard of this. It has been almost a month since I had unprotected sex (in the heat of the moment) and the day after I started my period. I don't know if any cum got inside of me because we went for hours and apparently he didn't finish. I can't imagine that it could be possible but I have been feeling very weird for the last few days, nautious and exhausted, unable to rest. This could be all stress induced...for those of you who have not read my previous thread...I cheated on my husband about a month ago with a younger man and I am under a lot of stress in deciding what to do so I assumed that is what it could be. I haven't missed my period yet, it should be coming up in a few days but I have heard of women having symptoms withing 8-10 days of conception. I have taken a test which turned up negative and I don't plan on taking another until I have missed my period. Just wondering if anyone here knew what the chances of conception right before menstruation are. I know I am jumping too soon but if it could be possible I would need to make some huge decisions very soon.
  20. Hello all, I've been going out with a wonderful woman for the last 8 months. Shes 21, Im 24. Sex has been GREAT, everything else is awesome. We get along so well, and we are absolutely in love with each other .... Recently (2-3 weeks), shes been saying her libido is dying. We started looking for reasons, and couldnt find any. We communicate really well and she told me that its definitely not some emotional problem she has with me. Then it was time for her period, and she went off the pill (as usual) for those 4 days. Her sex drive came back ENTIRELY, and I was very happy with that. Once she started back on it though, after she was done with her period, she went back to having low libido. Shes really frustrated and so am I. Its sad to see something like that interfere with our otherwise wonderful relationship. By the way, she can still orgasm, and still gets wet. She just says she doesnt feel "horny", and theres no "tingle". She decided it might be her Birth Control, "Mircette", thats causing all these issues. So my question to all of you is: Has anyone experienced anything like this, or perhaps know someone that did? And if yes, pleeeassee shed some light on a solution for us troubled lovers. Thanks in advance! TheLostBird
  21. last night was 'the night' for my girlfriend and i, like i posted in an earlier thread i don't come from handjobs and blowjobs, how i do rather enjoy the sensations from blowjobs, they just don't get me to that next level of arousal.. yesterday we had a lovely night and came home and went to bed but and i knew she was done with her period but i wasn't getting a hard-on.. i felt really bad because the night was perfect and i didn't want to ruin it for her.. anyways, we cuddled and talked and later on she was caressing down there and things livened up a bit, she started giving me a blowjob and i got hard, i put the condom on and i could already feel myself lose the erection, i put it inside her but within a couple minutes i was soft.. it was very depressing.. so i immediately went down on her, id never done it before but i think i did a good job.. she seemed very pleased.. i teased her at first then worked on her clitoris and then finished fingering her and licking her.. i loved it.. so my question is, if it takes us a while to get the whole intercourse thing down, do women get bored of oral? we see each other nearly everynight.. she could suck my * * * * the same way everynight and i'd be happy but will i have to mix it up to keep her interested and excited? i'm just wondering what you can do differently down there so its not the same everytime.. but is still satisfying?
  22. Over the past week I've noticed some light spotting. I'm not due for my period for a week. The first time I noticed the spotting was last Friday when I came home from work. I had sex with my fiance that morning and he was a little more rough than he usually is, so I thought that may be the reason for some bleeding. But then on Tuesday I had some more spotting, this time a darker color. And again today the same dark color. AND in between,a few times, some very light pink colored spotting. I really am not sure what's going on. What's the most common reason women get spotting? (( A couple weeks ago our condom broke during intercourse and a few times we havent used one and he's pulled out, could that be a factor?)) Thanks in advance for any help
  23. Okay i know this is kinda an odd question to ask but my boyfriend and i want to have sex tonight but idk because im on my period and i dont know like what to do about that. I mean will i bleed real bad while we are having sexual intercourse or what. & i dont want that to like freak him out or anything. I have never done this while during that time. So it would be nice to get a little advise form ppl that has been there done that. Please and thank you.
  24. Hey EVeryone...again...lol Basically...i got sick for a week very bad that i needed to be put on morphine than got sick again the next week and had to be put on it again... my colon is inflammed and they think that i might have chrones disease....they found it REALLY WEIRD that i havent had my period in 3 years because of the birth control shot... now I dont know how the doctor didnt know that sometimes it does that already...but he hinted to me to get off it because I might be bleeding inside... i have no idea to tell you the truth...but BESIDES all this stuff thats going on... I just got off the shot about a month ago ... my hairs falling out WAY MORE than it use to...i mean i can make a WIG out of it by the end of the week...and my breasts are soo tender.... can anyone tell me if there are side affects when you GET OFF the shot... or anything about this situation im in... is it normal? is it not normal?
  25. Has this happened to any one? My period usually last for 5-6 days but this last one only lasted 2 days (heavy/medium bleading)3rd day just spotting. I was supose to get it on Oct. 1 -2 but i got it on Sep 28. Never happpend to me this before. ----- A week before my BF and I had sex (protected).
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