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  1. Well if you never been in love, a dying person can't answer this question with honesty.
  2. Hey !,a man could alway pull a Michael jackson by paying a woman to have your kid
  3. wish, Most sex club don't except single men but they do except couples or single women.
  4. Using a condom and being on birth control will solve this problem
  5. Wow!!!!!emit,I blink my eyes and you have a girlfriend and wanting intimacy advice.
  6. How about taking a weekend trip to the club.
  7. pop, pop fuzz, fuzz ohh what a relief it is. (alka seltzer song)
  8. I got my infromation from my swinger friends because this is my 2-3 time finding sex clubs for my male friends.
  9. No!, Waterloo and Cedar Rapids
  10. Cynical, Shouldn't your face be bruised up already because of your Valentine day "punch in the face" fest?How about taking a break?
  11. An article from the-penis-website and askmen 4 Sex Positions For Small Penises While most of us would jump at the chance to have a bigger penis, the truth is that most of us are average in size. What is average? Well, according to The Penis Website, it's about six inches in length, erect. If you're below that size, don't feel bad because there are sex positions that'll ensure you get in as deep as possible and satisfy the woman you're with. before you get inside... Of course, penetration isn't all you have to do. There are other ways to ensure your woman's satisfaction, and they don't necessarily involve your penis. Focus on foreplay Whether it's kissing her or performing cunnilingus, giving her attention before full-on sex begins is always a good idea. And considering most women take longer to reach orgasm during penetration than guys do, it's actually a fantastic idea to focus on foreplay. Stimulate the clitoris Whether you're penetrating her or not, the clitoris is your friend. Learn how to manipulate it to help her reach orgasm and then penetration will simply be an afterthought. the positions Now, here are four positions that'll deepen your penetration and ensure full stimulation. 1- The doggie I think we can all agree that this is the mother of all positions. Not only do you get full penetration, you also get the scenic route. For an even tighter feeling, open your legs and have her close hers, and get her to arch her back and relax her head and shoulders on a pillow. 2- The snake Have your girl lie face-down on her stomach, legs straight out and closed. Place your genitals just under her butt and spread your legs on either side of her body, knees bent (keep your torso upright). Be careful not to let your weight drop on her, and make your way inside. If you like, prop her butt up by putting a pillow under her hips. Note: She may initially have to open her legs in order for you to get your penis inside. 3- The rabbit ears As your woman lies on her back, bring her knees to her ears, have her hold her legs there, and penetrate. The fact that her vagina is in plain view and easily penetrable allows for great in-and-out movement. I recommend that you put your hands (or a pillow) under her butt and hold her up as you watch yourself going in and out. 4- The V-formation As she lies on her back, make your way inside her. Then, lift her legs in the air, hold her ankles, and spread her legs apart, forming a V. After a while, rest her legs on your shoulders and manipulate her clitoris while you continue penetrating her. Or, you could hold on to her hips and slowly pump in and out. more positions for you Although many women find big penises visually stimulating, most admit that they wouldn't like to have one inside them. So don't feel insecure if your penis is below average; there are so many ways you can make up for it as a lover. So until next time, drive her crazy before you penetrate her, and when you do penetrate her, make sure you go all the way. Resource: link removed
  12. Baysa, I notice some people on enotalone double analyzing my views on sex,virginity and romance.It's strange but ooookkkkay(looking around the room) .I can agree to disagree with online people and still say hello to them in a room and not goodbye.I can't say the same for other online people because i've been called names and harass for being me. Baysa in the end, it doesn't matter what we think the definition of a "husfriend "is because if you believe in what you say or do.It doesn't matter what i call a man and making what sound like a smart remark"you do the research" show you do care about what i do call a man. My views on sex,virginity and romance shouldn't bother anybody but those people who don't believe in what they are saying or doing.My views will bug the heck out of you .
  13. No!, I think any person who is in a relationship with another person for a long time is your husband or wife (legal or not).I mean some of these couples live together,share property and have kids together
  14. This is not about sex or virginity for me but about research.A person throw out a question and my fingers go into research mode.I want people to get the answers to their question because knowledge is power.I see alot of nonvirgin on message boards asking the same sex question.I mean sex question that i already know the answer too so this is not about sex or virginity to me.This is about people knowledge.
  15. Alternative Meds book: Jeanne Rose " Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System"
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