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  1. I think she still is getting over her ex, or went on a date with another guy who seemed to be more "real" (no offense but it seems like you are not being yourself, and IMO being yourself is the best "game" you can have). She could also just be stepping back, tryin to play the "hard-to-get" routine also. If I were you I would just shoot a txt as annie said above, just a straight, "would you like to go to _____ with me on ___ at __?" And leave it to your date to joke with her, and bedazzle her with you witty charm. If she cops out, then drop it, and find someone else.
  2. There she was, Encircled by callow leaves Still wet behind the ears. Amidst her beauty I Was tantalized with false Security. Now flourishing, Her disguise was complete. Hiding what lay beneath her Beautiful sea green masquerade. Concealing her repulsiveness As the sands sank down Her exquisite strands of hair faded And the jade washed out into Multihued, aged foliage which Swindled the untrained eye. Then, The unveiling of a beast began. The deep auburn fingers, which clenched her mask With a spiteful intent, gripped ever so tight. The bitter iced winds never broke to false beauty. Stripped of the splendor and proved only the unadulterated form, Insisted that I gaze upon the arrival of truth, I watched it. Pondered it. A moment frozen in time, As if the hourglass was filled with stones. I can now breathe
  3. Once I am divorced, I doubt I will ever marry again. Why sign a piece of paper that only makes things worse. Failed expectations, useless obligations, and you have to gegt a judge to decide wether or not you can break up...not to mention, it's expensive. Marraige has lost it's luster. I married because I thought it was the right thing to do, and we got along well enough. Until we grew up. We now share nothing. We don't enjoy each other, we don't make love we just . And worst of all, my daughter now will not have parents that love each other,likeI wanted her too. (since i never experienced it.)
  4. Haven't Posted in a while...here's a kicker! Schism Oh! How my patience wears thin, The girl I called my love Did not tell me of her twin! This event caused me confusion, Evermore. I cannot tolerate this intrusion Devil * * * * * ! Or art thou an innocent? so quiet and so meek. reeking of heaven's-scent or alluring so-to-speak. I cannot remember the one I loved before. was it the soft-spoken child? OR WAS IT THE DEVIL * * * * * ?!
  5. Small smoked room, filled with toxic fumes. Trying to look past the irrationalizations which consumes. It's difficult to resolve the problems If the problems were caused by Us. I told you relationships were built solely on trust. But you were too afraid to take responsibility for your actions, That's why it's so hard not to find a new attraction. You knew what I wanted, and you exposed it with ease, Now you've lost your sanity, and I'm becoming difficult to please. You can call me a stoner or even an alcoholic, But you can't look at your own addictions, it seems a bit ironic. Don't think I didn't love you for a while once before, But now it's been lost, just to call you is a chore. Maybe when we're healthy, we can be together, But you must know that, right now, we just aren't good for each other. I'm sorry it had to happen without a warning sign, but for some reason lately, I don't want you to be mine.
  6. Or maybe you just feel that way, because you are insecure in the relationship. But maybe not, just a thought...
  7. Great work! I only think you need to work on your rythm of the poem. Some of it flows, some of it doesn't. Find a nice flowing pattern and stick with it. The last stanza is a perfect example of how the rest of te poem should flow. But.......that's only me talking, it's your style. It just doesn't come off the tongue as easily when the syllables are mismatched. Overall I thought it was good, ad I think it had a great message. Keep writing! There are many good poets on this site, it's too bad that most people ignore the poetry forum.
  8. That's not odd at all. I'm WAY more into my girlfriend than any chick on porn! Just because I like porn doesn't mean I'd rather be with them. It's entertaining to watch, and can teach you some new tricks! The only rule is you should watch it together?! That's hardly a rule, guys (well I) love it when girls watch it with us. Weight it out on each hand...watching porn alone...orrrrrr, watching it with someone you love, or just attracted to. Hmmmmm....Sex please!
  9. =D> Great advice. It shouldn't be a debate whether or not it's right or wrong. It's YOUR own personal values.
  10. Wow, such a lot to take in during one day! I hope you are going to be okay. I know it hurts now, but time heals the deepest wounds. Only let your head down when you pray! I hope you can make it through the night, although it seems doubtful. Just push on through, and good luck.
  11. Congrats! Sorry no picture from me! Good luck with everything!
  12. "The Meaning of Love" This vast wasteland is soothing. I lie on my insecurities, it's moving. Chaotic thoughts brought to serenity, As wishful thinking sets the sun. Thoughts constant. Vibrant. Inundated mind forcefully halted, such as the eye of a hurricane. The trials of malign vagrants which may only find peace within chaos. A paradox of tranquility within an epic battle of emotion. Only then may one aspire to surpass this extemporaneous behavior, within the tunnels of hell created by the haunting dream of things to come. How, then, must one seek comfort without bearing the weapons of anarchy? It is impossible, for the universe shan't exist without a counterpart, such as the nature of man. Turbulence is unyielding and shall never obliterate from one's life. The same shall be said about serenity. Only when one has come to a realisation, shall he be granted enlightenment, rather then to squander the energy which makes one feel so infallible. How is it, that one may wander in obliviousness only to die an ignorant man? Or is it I that is ignorant? Am I so blind I cannot contend to ponder the wretched truth? No. I am enlightened as stated before. There is no paradise without hell, No sun without moon, Or dark without light. Counterparts within this life. Not form but transform. Beyond phisiology lies the enigma of life. The limitless imagination Which dictates no boundaries. I, too, shall find this. For, is it not what we all seek? Our own, equal, recipient Of life within life. Is this love? Perhaps hate. Perhaps they are one. Entangled within the endles cycle Of "transform" we call Life.
  13. Just be yourself when you talk to her. If she wants you she'll break-up with the other guy. Otherwise, it's not wise to mess around with other people's relationships. It will cause more drama than anything. If I was you, I'd back off, and not even worry about her. Plenty of other fish in the sea, my friend.
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