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  1. alright, this is the last post for me on this thread...we took the pregnancy test today and it was clearly negative. we used first response and within 30 seconds it came up negative with one bright clear single line. i want to thank everyone for helping me and trying to calm me down through this. sorry i freaked out and asked the same questions time and time again. ive deffinatly learned from this and it was all of you at ENA that pulled me though! thanks again!
  2. thanks everyone for the advice! Icnoland, my book has some information about the police culture and stuff like that, but doesnt really offer up any suggestions. Thanks for the link, i'll have to check that out. DN, that's a good idea too. And thank you Dako...its good to know i can always count on this site for any kind of help i need! thanks again
  3. i am in college and i am majoring in criminal justice. i have a paper due here in a few days and i am supposed to pick the topic in which i am writing about. it's a class about Policing and it's functions. i can pretty much write about anything which would make it sound easy but ive hit a road block. Some possible topics would be: WACO and the FBI Police Racism Police Subculture ect... stuff like that. im thinking about doing WACO but i dont know if someone else is already doing it which would mean i'd need a new topic. if anyone has anything that deals with a Federal agency
  4. he's not saying her dad is going to be with them, he's going to ask her father for her hand in marriage before he proposes. but the actual carriage ride is only going to be the two of them.
  5. i disagree with you Cyprian. I think falling in love is easy and staying in love is easy. the reason i say this is because if you get bored and lose feelings for someone after the initial "honeymoon stage" then you really dont love them at all. if you truly love someone, it isnt difficult at all to remain in love. true, it can be straining sometimes when you have arguments but at the end of the day, no matter what was said or what happened, when you can still look at that person and still feel the same emotion towards them you did when you met...that is true love.
  6. my girlfriend just started the pill about a week ago and we were reading through her little informational booklets she got with it. it said that around 70% of people who use the "pull-out" method get pregnant within the year. I'd either get her on the pill and/or wear a condom if you dont want a child.
  7. GOOD LUCK BTR!!! You're baby is going to have an amazing mother!
  8. i cant believe you remembered my first posts on here...that's crazy lol. but ya...what would i even say to her or do or what to try to fix it? because i obviously havent figured it out yet...
  9. i bet you're right sophie...thanks for the advice. i just get frustrated easily and she does too...so it makes for some disagreements from time to time. im trying really hard to bite my tongue and it works more often than not. and the pregnancy scare too is also a good point, it's just an ugly situation all around for us right now. but you have to take bad with the good sometimes. but i bet we'll be ok. thanks again
  10. here's my situation with my girlfriend. she is very emotional and her attitudes towards certain situations change ALL the time. we've been together for 13 months tomorrow and things have changed so much with us out of nowhere. she seems to have lost all sense of humor. im a very jokable kind of guy and i joke and laugh about anything and everything. i rarely dont have a smile on my face. if something bad happenes to me, i get upset, say "that sucks but whatever" and i go on..i dont dwell on things and let it ruin the rest of my life. she used to be JUST like this till a few weeks ago. no
  11. i keep the box of condoms in a drawer in my room. it's not by a heater or anything. so i'm pretty sure the temperature of it is ok. the expiration date thing...i dont know about that, but im almost 95% sure this one was ok because i remember somsone telling me to watch that before. the first one may have been expired, i didnt check.
  12. nah....we've discusssed how we need to do something crazy and she even saw pics of people with handcuffs and said "ooh....are you taking notes?" and stuff....so she'd be completely cool with it. but if somehow she wasnt i'd stop.
  13. yea...it's kind of come up before in conversation, she'd be up for it. that's one thing i wanted to be sure of before i thought about it
  14. ok...i have a question for the ladies...this is something i have in mind for my girlfriend here coming up. we always have normal every day sex and i was looking for a way to "wow" her...here's what i was thinking... get her in my bed and have all my things hidden. so then after kissing her a bit, tell her to turn around and i'd blindfold her. after that id have her lay back down and i'd kiss her some more...but at the same time, w/o her knowing because she cant see....i'd handcuff her to the bed from both arms. then slowly work my way till she's naked or whatever then go down on her...maybe
  15. UPDATE: My girlfriend has been on the pill for about 1 week now. Her period ended 2 days ago but today she said she had lower stomach pain and discomfort. she also didnt eat barely any dinner. and she usually eats a lot of dinner for what her mom cooked tonight. she also said she thought she stoped her period, so she took her tampon out and by the end of the day she had a little bit more blood on her underwear. (sorry for being grosely discriptive). is this most likely a side-affect of the BC or is this a sign of pregnancy? it has been 3 weeks since the accident and we're testing this w
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