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  1. no i dont do coke haha thanks for your advice, i think her floor hates me! usally goes crap on the floor, when we had my bed it was fine. and smoking or drinkin is out the question since i have to drive home. but yeah stop "wackin" it and watching porn helps lol. im not a crap bf though, if somthing wrong does happen i always make sure she is satisfied.
  2. yeah it deffentliy helps haha i guess i was just still used to be single forso long i keep tinking about stuff as well... i mean i dont know what i want, so many damn emotions! i think about if she really loves me or not.. or just saying it because she likes the word. bah. i get jelouse when i hear my friends saying how great there reationships are and bragging about it. mean with my girlfriend is really good but somtimes i feel like im an anoyance to her. i hate geting things wrong thanks for your replies anyway
  3. hey theres somthing really stressing my at the moment, during sex i somtimes have problems keeping my erection up im 18 and i ve FINALLY met a girl who loves me back, during foreplay i have no problem what so ever. but sometimes it is like i have no sex drive at all. i masterbate usally daily could this be it? im not going to anymore see if it helps but its really stressful im only 18! and when i do get a sex drive i have no problems at all i can last as long as i wont. its really strange. any advice? thanks.
  4. or she just doesnt want to stand her friend yup? and way thats not true lol, shhhh your 14 i know what she is like i have known her a while. i had a dream bout her last night, damn... makes oyu like them more... damn dreams! lol anyway its my birthday tomora so i think im gunna hrow a party tomorra and see if she comes or not. time will tell.
  5. it means going to the city centre, shopping etc. i texted her to day but she hasnt texted back, yeah i get paranoid easily. i like her so much, damn i cant stand thinking yet another girl i like doesnot like me.
  6. well i asked her after texting for ages, but she said she thinks she going town with her mate tomorra because they didnt today (which is true) ,she said sorry and i just like told her its ok and not to worry, we carried on talking but im still not sure, if she does like me, then she kinda hides her emotions or somthing. i hope she likes me i dont know if i cant stand losing another girl .
  7. yeah i was thinking that, i need to wait for the right timing though, thanks for ya advice though ill ask her tomorro or somthing ill tell you how it went lol.
  8. hey well basically i dont know if this girl likes me or not. Her name is nat, and i have known her a while but im not sure if she likes me or not. Well firstly ive known her for ages now, about 2 or 3 years, and ive really started to like her alot, i think shes amazing. But i dont know if she likes me and this is why. We speak now and then, and when i do i like her more and we both went to a party on monday. I was determined to show her i like her at this party but i dont know if it worked. I was talking with hr alot, giving her hugs but i dont know if i flirted with her enough, i dont have any confidence in myself but we got on none the less. we were just chatting like talking to her as a friend, but i think i didnt do enough. When everyone started going sleep i sleept right next to her and we were talking until like 5 in the morning both high and a lil drunk. But still nothing happened, i blame myself i should of done somthing . And when she went home in the morning i did not hug her which i feel really bad about! After that i had to see her or talk to her because we have 2 weeks off college so i asked my friend for her mobile number and ive started to text her, but somtimes it seems like im speaking to a wall, yeah she always replies but i dont feel like she wants to. But another thing is its nat, shes kinda like that lol, today we were texting about 4 hours but i still dont know if she likes me in that way or not . Can anyone help? like advice or anyhingis welcome, i dont really like talking to my friends about it they just basically say "Grow some balls and ask her" which is not great advice. Please help!!!
  9. yeah my riends arnt speical, if i killed myself they probly would not notice, i have alot of virtual friends but most of them are game-related. and i cant see what i do have, my friends arnt really friends thier just people i talk to now and then i could never say i have a true friend. and i cant see what i do have in life, my grades are rubbish, dont have a social life its just all crap. the only thing i have is family but we are always arguing and no i have to pick between my mum and dad its even harder.
  10. You don't really like drinking? Then don't do it. Like I said, I know what it's like to be depressed, feel suicidal. I've been there, if you need to talk, feel free to pm me. under* i know its just one of the main things that make me feel depressed, like being alone i hate it. allmy friends are like having a good time and i cant seem to get it. i know i shouldnt drink if i dont like it but like i said it gets my mind off it for a couple of days. right now im sitting in the school libary lolsad indeed.
  11. exactly 9 years, i cant hold on that long, i dont mean over night its just been a long time since ive been happy inside. you must be a strong person to wait 9 years. i do try, i try so hard. and like now it seems that because ill have to move to my dads ill have to change college so all this trying seems like its for nothing at all, even though it seems that anyway . and yeah i try to be positive its hard though when your walking don the street or talking to your friends while your feeling suicidal. and like what can i change i dont really have a choice. yeah i know i should not drink alot but its the only thing that gets my mind off it. i dont smoke or do drugs, i dont really like drinking. its just like the only thing at the moment which takes my mind off it. i know killing myself wont solve my problems but it will make them go away, urgh im messed up. i dont i like look for ones who arnt like that but all of them seem to be the same, like depend on thier friends, im more independent. and all my mates have like girl friends and stuff and i dont know what im doing wrong in life, i dont see the point of me being here right now. yeah i know killing myself is the worst thing i could do to my parents and it makes me cry thinking about it but thats just how i feel.
  12. I have posted a topic here before and people replied mostly saying things will get better well they haven't. I don't want to kill myself but I just feel like it all the time and I think i am going to do something stupid, like I drink loads even till i am sick. I guess it's the only thing that takes my mind off it and when i am drinking I just keep drinking more and more. Don't tell me I should get counseling it's not as easy as that in England, the only things we have is a child line. I feel even worst because like I really was trying for this girl I like and it's like all girls are pathetic at my college, they only like guys who act hard. You think you know a person then that happens and it's not just her happened loads of times, ive never had a serious relationship no matter how hard I tried, i am not an ugly person either (well im not sure). And now I was just told my mum is going to move city so I have to choose between her or my dad. HOW THE **** CAN I CHOOSE THAT. I hate this world.
  13. i sort of have a depressing life right now but theres this girl i like, i dont even know her, havent spoken to her once but like i sortof like her, my friends says she has a good personality as well. but i dont know how to like start speaking to her, i cant just ask her out i dont even know her, im not sure if she likes me. she like looks at me and stuff, she isnt in any of my classes i just see her around school. she doesnt like inorge me when i walk past even its not like im not there if you no what i mean . please help i would love to talk to her even if it doesnt go well. and like i see this as somthing good may happen in my life if it go's well. help pleaseeeee.
  14. that isnt always true mate. not everyone gets that easy way.
  15. lol ok its starting to anoy me how people call me silentlife my names jack. anyway, yeah how people say hang around with my mates i try and ask them and stuff but they just use like the same exuces. then some people would say of find new mates but its not as easy as that in college. i like try to think postive but everything just gets to ya. i know tha killing myself wont solve problems but its just how i feel all the time for about 2 years now. i guess gettinga hobbie is a good idea and that bodybuilding i used to do that but kindof spotted, spose i dont have alot of time at the weekends. cheers for repling anyway.
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