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  1. Tell me... What are different kinds of ways for girls to masterbate? What ways work best for you other girls?
  2. i know there have been alot of forums like this one but i really want to know how girls masterbate...... like i've trried i guess but i can't seem to get much pleasure if any at all from it so i think i ma doing somemthing wrong...... and it really hurts me to try to finger myself and i can't put a tampon in because it hurtss too much (and yes i know which is the right hole)..... so any advice...... and don't comment on any age please!!!
  3. Hi i am a women and I have never learned how to masterbate. When ever i've tryed it i dont get nice feeling i should get. so i think i might be doing it wrong cna someone out there please help me!! thanks
  4. ok, i masterbate in the shower all the time, and i was just wondering if anyone knew of anything else to use besides the showerhead or the faucet.
  5. Have any guys had trouble with condoms? My biggest issue is that one, too tight, two, can't really feel anything. I use these lamb skin ones and they are the only ones where I can actually feel something. If you have been reading my posts, its not like I have had sex recently cause of relationship issues. But I have had this problem sometimes where we are all hot and heavy and she makes me go get a condom. When I come back and ready to put it on, I loose my erection. Sometimes I have to masterbate to get it back up. Also I feel really ashamed cause she is laying there ready to go, but I have no erection cause it kills the mood. She won't go on birth control for various reasons, I have thought of getting snipped, but not really sure. Most women I have been with have been unprotected. I have been tested and thank god I am clean, but I am soo used to it. Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, how do you get over it and just not let it bother you. I'm sure it must be common. Thanks
  6. lol, I feel really weird asking this question but I need to know...since I do want to have a fulfilling sex life someday. Can gay men and women have powerful orgasms? When I was 18 I had sex with a girl. To make a long story short it sucked. I kept having to imagine myself being with a man to have any kind of arousal(which is why I still consider myself a virgin. That time did not count). So, since I know I could not be sexually compatible with a woman I need to know whether or not you can still have orgasms sans vaginal penetration? Like with masterbation and nocturnal emissions(wet dreams) you get a great sensation of relief, pleasure, and relaxtion. But I wonder since gays and lesbians don't have sex in the "traditional" way, can you still get full on intense sensation? Do you have to practice at having gay sex to achieve orgasm? I've made out, heavily, with a guy before but we didn't go all the way(like masterbating or anal sex) or anything. But I could already tell I liked it way more than with a female. I am thinking of ordering manuals for gay sex off the net because I only know so much. I've seen gay and lesbian couples that look sexually fulfilled, and I just wonder how it goes...Because I do want to have an orgasm, even though I can't really achieve it with a woman. Foxlocke
  7. hey theres somthing really stressing my at the moment, during sex i somtimes have problems keeping my erection up im 18 and i ve FINALLY met a girl who loves me back, during foreplay i have no problem what so ever. but sometimes it is like i have no sex drive at all. i masterbate usally daily could this be it? im not going to anymore see if it helps but its really stressful im only 18! and when i do get a sex drive i have no problems at all i can last as long as i wont. its really strange. any advice? thanks.
  8. I am 20 years old and have been sexually active for 4 years now. I broke up with my girlfriend that i was dating for 3 years about 8 months ago. I never had a problem lasting long with her or any other girls ,but i have been sexually active with a new girl now and sometimes i wont last 2 mins. when we first had sex 3 months back i lasted a good 15 mins. The only thing i can think of why this is happening is because i am stressed cause of school,but also over masterbating because i am away at college and not able to see her. I have heard theres ways to reverse over mastbertaing ,but not sure how to go about it. I found a link that looks to be very good and i took a test online that classified me as a level one. recovery-center.cc Has anyone ever heard or used this site before. Any advice i would appreciate. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am an 18 year old girl who is masterbating at least once per day, and mostly 2-3-4 times per day. I think I might be suffering from depression and that's why I do it. I do it especially when I am sad, depressed, or angry. I even do it when I cry and sometimes I am not even in the mood. I have been masterbating since I was 14 years old and have masterbated alot then, but not compared to this past year. I even replaced the simple enjoyments of the outside life with excessive masterbation. What should I do?
  10. Hi, two nights ago my b/f and i had sex and it was excellent. He wanted me to cum on his penis while he was inside of me and I was trying to but I couldn't. Unless I did and didn't know which I find is hard to do. Me not being stimulated enough was not the problem because I felt the pressure building up as though I was going to explode but I just couldn't cum. My question or issue is: Is it possible for me to have cum and we both not know and why is it that when I masterbate I know that I came because of the way I feel and stuff. Im so confused on all of this. Can any one please help me? Thanks in advance.
  11. Im 14 and i would like to know how to masterbate. also i was reading that u can get pleasure by anal mastbation is this true and how. thanks
  12. Me and my g/f have been dating for a couple of months now and at this point we both like to masterbate each other but to the lowest extent, she doesnt feel like getting naked to do it yet, so i usually just stimulate her through her clothes. Although i feel like i could do a better job in getting her excited, and practically finding the right spots to do this, her upper half is pretty easy to discover its just the vagina i would like to get some advice on the best spots to hit through the clothing, if anyone has any techniques they'd like to share please tell me, thanx in advance.
  13. My girlfriend and I have been going out for 2 years and have been doing oral for a few months. Were both 20 and virgins, I dont know if this is helpful but she has never masterbated, nor has had the desire to, and before we went out she says she never had any sexual desire. I guess my question is, is it common for a woman to stop or want to push away right before she reaches orgasm? Does anyone else have an experience like this? Its not a problem with me, I know she likes what I do but I really would like to take her to the next level. It's like we get a great mood going and she really enjoys it, but then just as it gets intense she pushes me away. She tells me she doesnt know why she wants to stop...sometimes she just doesnt want to continue, other times the feeling becomes too much and sometimes it gets ticklish. What do you guys think? Is there anything we could try differently or are there any techniques any of you guys have used to overcome this problem? It this common moreso among sexual newbies? Thanks in advanced for the responses!
  14. I never had sex yet and just wondering is having sex the same pleasere and feeling when you masterbate? Or is having sex much more pleasure than masterbation? Or is both about the same?
  15. ok fairly standard problem i guess, but none of the searches seem to match my problem breifly, 17 year old, used to masterbate maybe 2-3 times a day since i started. had sexual experiecnes many a time but mainly when drunk. now have girlfriend, and almost as soon as i enter i come, as in we re looking at 30 seconds most of the time. i supposedly have this rep as good in bed but its kinda false seein as i was always drunk. maybe its the anxiety of wantin to please her? worst thing is i'm already using the durex performa condoms and it still happens? occasionally happeneds during dry sex too! what can i do! is it the masturbating? i ve now stopped in an attempt to cure me but im getin pretty desperate
  16. I think Im sex obessed, yet Im a virgin! I feel like im always um... 'turned on'. I always think about having sex and there have been times where I have watched porn!! Im so embrassed, I havent told anyone becuase everyone thinks Im a sweet innocent 20yr old girl. I masterbate nearly everyday, yet Im still horney... any ideas on what I can do? I want to have sex with my boyfriend but Im not comfortable being naked nor am I ready to go on the pill. Im a medical student and I know that the pill isnt good for a woman, its way too early for me to go on it, I rather wait til I get married than go on it so im not on it for too long before deciding to have children.
  17. I am currently 18 and I have been masturbating since I was 13, and lately I have noticed that the colour of my cum has changed. It is no longer the white that it used to be, it is now a yellow colour. I masterbate at least once a week. Should I be worried about this?
  18. I won't go into too much detail since I feel pretty uncomfortable mentioning this, but a girl I have a pseudo-LDR with has trouble climaxing by herself, and I've offered to help by being in a voice conversation with her the next time she tries, except I have no idea at all what I should say or do I could really do with some advice about this, I can get very shy when talking to people voice-to-voice too, which certainly isn't going to help.
  19. Hi, Not sure where to start but I am a 24 year old male with a very humiliating problem (at least to me). My penis farts. This is what my current girlfriend calls it. Although she says its the cutest and sexiest thing she has ever seen, I cant begin to express how embarrassing this is to me. Hard to describe but it can be anything from a soft wet whistling, squeaking sound to a louder air escaping quickly sound. Almost like a regular fart but at a higher pitch (coming out of a smaller hole, I guess). It only happens when Im erect and when it throbs-it will literally whistle and squeak. During a typical handjob or when I masterbate my penis can fart up to 30 times and can be quite loud to the point of hearing it in the next room.. When she holds or stimulates it in the right way it can actually go into these little uncontrollable farting frenzys. My girlfriend seems to love it but I just want to cry. (sorry if I was too graphic but Im trying to finially open up with this). This is really not a health issue at all as I have been doing it all my life. No actual problem except the embarrassment. I believe the reason is that the diameter of my urethra is slightly larger at the base than at the tip. Most women dont say anything, some laugh, but every girl who has witnessed this seems to be mesmerized by it. I know women like confident men but I just cannot feel comfortable with this and I believe it is hurting my life. Even with my girlfriend of 4 mths I cant relax. Girls talk and sometimes I feel like the talk of the town. High school was a nightmare. So, my question is: Has anyone ever encountered this phenomenon (lol); a talking penis. DIRECT experience? Also How should I feel about this? Do I really need to feel so embarrased? I really, really need your opinions. Thank god for anonomous forums! Best wishes to all G11
  20. I do masterbate everynight but it just doesnt make me orgasm or anything, what is wrong with me? does it mean i am not doing it right
  21. hello im 13. when i masterbate, sperm doesnt come out.( im a boy) when im masterbating it hurts but it feels good at first. i do this like 4 times a day.
  22. While my wife's sister was staying with us she walked in on me masterbating. I didn't know she was home. It was MORTIFYING!!! I was laying on my back buck naked and really going at it. She scurried out and we didn't say anything about it. Should I tell my wife?
  23. I've been living in this rented house for a long time now on my own. Now everyone else is who is mean to be living here is slowly doing so now. My love interest with who i shared something special, but things didn't end well (on the fact that he was straight, and only wanted sex with no strings attached) Has returned. I guess with the fact that i'm beginning to feel more lonely, My mind goes over the time i shared with him intimately and I know its driving me insane. Even now i'm sure his watching porn and 'enjoying' himself with it but i could be wrong. And thats something that yearn for at the moment. At least some physcial attention is wanted by me at the moment, but I know i'm not going to get it. I feel angry at myself for feeling this way, because things didn't end very well and i don't want to get it to a situation like that again and i know i have no right to feel this way either. He has his own life, and he can do whatever he wants with it. I just wish i could forget everything and start with a new slate. I just know i'm going to go crazy this year, knowing his just next door doing gods knows what, and i dont get any affection in my life without having to masterbate to feel good about myself (which i don't anyway) I know this may make me seem to be sex crazed, but i guess its something i had grown use to with him, and now its ended i don't feel worth anything. sorry, my post must be confusing, so i'll end my rant I just wanted to vent Thanx
  24. well here's the story, im in 9th grade and i have a g/f that i love very much. she means everything to me and we have been together for a while. the problem is that there's this girl in my science class that keeps flirting with me and its so obvious. not to be mean but she's a real ho she wears really skimpy clothes and flashes people and all that crap. recently she told me while i was walkin to class that she masterbated to me the night before i just walked away because im not intrested in her. my g/f doesnt know and i dont want our relationship to end because of this girl. I NEED HELP
  25. Rather than seek advice as to what us men should do to make the sparks fly, I'm going to approach this differently. When you ladies masterbate, what is it you do to yourselves? Aside from the mental stimulations which obviously we can't imitate, what do you do PHYSICALLY when masturbating that makes you orgasm? I understand with women there is a lot more to it than the physical, i ask this because all men know we need to do far more than just the good old intercourse, but how long do you want us to stimulate the clitoris, how much pressure do you want, where do you 'imagine' being kissed when you masterbate, how fast do you want us to penetrate. Essentially what do you IMAGINE a man is doing to you when you masterbate, so we can actually do this in reality?
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