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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, here it is: my boyfriend masturbates every day in front of porn when I am right next to him, for some reason it deeply hurts me. I am cool with the fact that he masturbate or watch porn on his own time. But when I am around it hurts. When he start to watch porn and masturbate I sometimes try to participate or have sex with him. But he imediately turns the screen of his computer away so that the content of what he is watching is out of my sight and asks me to turn around. What hurts the most is that he chooses porn over having sex with me ( I am a 25 yo attractive girl). I talked to him
  2. I posted a few weeks ago about a 23 year old male who was pursuing me, begging for sexy photos, even masterbating on FaceTime in front of me. I haven’t been dating for a while so just wanted to know if this was normal. So last night I went out to bar and met a nice lawyer. He had a table with bottle service and was fun but professional. At the end of the evening and today he has bombarded me with requests for sexy photos. SO OK, the 23 year old restaurant employee is young and virile, but the 2nd guy is at least 10 to 15 years older and is a professional. I do not get what is beh
  3. My fiancé and I just started using condoms bc I got off of birth control. He bought a 24 pack. We've only used one. I noticed about two weeks ago that the box only had 22 condoms left. I figured he probably used one to masterbate. Maybe to get used to the feeling of using a condom again? Anyways, last night I noticed there were only 14 left! We only had sex one time since he bought the box. Why are there only 14 now? Is he using them all the time now to masterbate? Or should I be worried!? Help please
  4. I've had a masterbation addiction since I was a teenager. It's been affecting my relationships and it affected my last relationship. Can someone give me some tips on how I can overcome this addiction. I would greatly appreciate your help..
  5. Me and my g/f have been dating for a couple of months now and at this point we both like to masterbate each other but to the lowest extent, she doesnt feel like getting naked to do it yet, so i usually just stimulate her through her clothes. Although i feel like i could do a better job in getting her excited, and practically finding the right spots to do this, her upper half is pretty easy to discover its just the vagina i would like to get some advice on the best spots to hit through the clothing, if anyone has any techniques they'd like to share please tell me, thanx in advance.
  6. Ok so i previously posted awhile back about my boyfriends porn viewing and how bad it has bothered me. Since then weve had many fight and convos about the situation. He always said hed quit and kept doing it and lying about it hardcore. Last time he lied about it i screen captured his search history for the day and sent it to him. He txted me and said that it wasnt him. Bold face lie. He then went to say i cornered him into lying. Impossible. You either self choose to lie or tell the truth. After that day he quit for 2 weeks. Couple days later I asked him if hed watched anything recentl
  7. My girlfriend and I have been going out for 2 years and have been doing oral for a few months. Were both 20 and virgins, I dont know if this is helpful but she has never masterbated, nor has had the desire to, and before we went out she says she never had any sexual desire. I guess my question is, is it common for a woman to stop or want to push away right before she reaches orgasm? Does anyone else have an experience like this? Its not a problem with me, I know she likes what I do but I really would like to take her to the next level. It's like we get a great mood going and she really en
  8. I'm 25 and female. I have been in a relationship for 3 years and only ever been with guys. My boyfriend I don't see for like 7 months in a year as he works away, beginning of this year, a couple of weeks before I was due to see him I started feeling like maybe I didn't care if he cheated on me (because that was always a fear of mine while he was away) but I know for sure I would be hurt if he did. It was a strange feeling. I started fantasising about girls a lot while masterbating, and then it became more and more and I started to worry if I was actually a lesbian. I don't find girls attracti
  9. Im in a (new) relationship with a guy I have considered to be very open and honest. We both related to each other in that our last rel's were with people who refused to have sex with us. He described his ex gf of several years as overly religious, controlling, cold who refused sex and much of anything beyond kissing for a multitude of reasons. I flat out asked him how he coped with this and if he masterbated and watched alot of porn. He admitted he did these things but more masterbating (which his gf also prohibited but he did without telling her, cant say I blame him). Now, I didnt think much
  10. So I've been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. We are madly in love with each other. This is my first girlfriend so I used to watch a lot of porn and masterbate, when we first started dating we tried having sex and I couldn't stay hard enough to actually have sex. Spoke to a guy at a supplement shop and he gave me a natural testosterone booster and it seemed to work for a couple months. About a month to two months ago I stopped taking them and everything was fine I was having sex like a champ. Last week I did watch porn and masterbate again for the first time in a while. A couple days
  11. My man, about 10 yrs ago had a year long relationship with a tranny, he didn't tell me, i found out. Fast forward, lately he's been watching tranny sites, masterbating to tranny videos, watching extreme anal sex porn. I want a true honest opinion on my future with him. Should i let him go or stick it out. I love him, but i feel he will always have fantasies about trannys.
  12. Been with my partner for 4 and half years and recently just walked in on him masterbating to porn. It completely shocked me because I didnt think he had to do anything like that very often. He didnt see it being a problem and told me he does it 1-3 times a week. I feel we have a good sex life so shocked he has to do this on a weekly basis aswell. I really didnt want to be the jealous type but I looked on his internet history and he deletes it daily. I cant stop thinking about him masterbating whilst watching other people (usually un-attractive) and its doing my head in!!! Is this normal for t
  13. Hello All, Me and my partner have been having issues with out sex life for over a year and a half now. Previously to this our sex life was amazing. We would have sex on average 4 times a day 6 days a week. I have a very high sex drive and so did he. We were very adventurous and It was one of the few things that made me feel sexy and confident. However about a year and a half ago he mentioned that it's starting to feel like a chore and on several occasions he found it hard to maintain an erection. I'm sure this is related to him putting pressure on himself to have sex with me even when he does
  14. A few months ago I started noticing that my husband was in the bed with me in it and the bed was moving and he moan but he swears he wasn't and it keeps happening like everyday he says he's not but I truly believe he is and a couple times I'd touch him and he have a erection each time. Its causing. Real problems with us and our marriage he swears he's not doing it I believe he is I don't. Understand why he don't. Want me. Help
  15. I flat out miss sex. I long for the connection and the great sex I had with my ex.. Advice? masterbation doesn't help. Male (22 years old) --------------------- **(This is not the only reason I miss my ex)** --------------------- I miss sex in general.
  16. Okaii, so I'm nearly 17, virgin, had my periods for a while, quite regular (due in around 2 weeks ??) and I masterbate around 2 times a week maybe? Sometimes tho I dont masterbate at all it just depends, but I did about 2 days ago and I noticed that after I had gone for a wee when I finnished, there was blood in my knickers. I used fingers and I don't think my nails are that long. I then tried it again tonight but I didn't use fingers, I just like dry humped, but then when I went for a wee afterwards I found blood on the toilet roll. Both times were the first times bleedings ever happened and
  17. Hi all, long time reader first time poster here so go easy on me, So me and my girlfriend have been together 3 years and living together for most of that time. When we first got together we couldn't keep our hands of each other, sex was interesting and exciting, Anyway after a few weeks she accidentally got pregnant, and as we both agreed it was far to early we both agreed a termination was best. This resulted in complications. Ever since this date she has never initiated sex, has never shown any interest, and we've only averaged 10 minutes of missionary maybe once a month at the
  18. I keep catching my boyfriend masterbating when I'm downstairs either watching TV or cleaning. We have a house together and he works very long hours. Is this normal or does it mean he's not attracted to me anymore?
  19. I have a? I been with my girl for 3 and a half years we have a son together we had a great sexual relationship before and all of a sudden she said she is celibate n she don't want to have sex before marriage so I ask her can u masterbate me and she said no I don't want to leave her cause I do love her but it seems as though we communicated and hang out we relax together but it seems pointless without sex she said she want to get right with God I am to but I have urges I don't know what to do anymore
  20. I am a petite 28 year old woman with small breasts. my husband is 25 and we've been married a year, together for six years. My problem is with my boobs and self image. I've been told by many people including my husband that i have great breasts and that they are a perfect size for my body type. However, my husband is obsessed with big breasts and it makes me feel inadequate as his partner. He has mentioned several times that i would be much sexier to him with big breasts, although he's since taken back this opinion and claims he no longer feels this way. Except, just last night he told me
  21. I haven't seen my boyfriend in weeks, and we haven't had sex since his early July. We both went on trips (him for work, me for pleasure), and have had big deadlines during the month of August. He had a huge test this past Thursday and couldn't risk getting distracted... Now I can't see him until September because he also has a temporary job until then that will take loads of time. I miss him terribly, we have been dating for a year and are wonderful together... At the moment however, I am also SUPER SUPER horny. I fantasize about other people when I masterbate now, and 2 weeks ago I f
  22. I have been with my girlfriend for over a year now. I love being with her and can say she is one of the few things in life that make me feel truly happy. I have thought about marrying her already because I feel so in love with her. However, with her being my first girlfriend, I feel like my feelings are not mature yet. This is another story in itself, but since I'm at the sex and romance forum, I'll get to my point. I love sex. Before we became a couple, i would masterbate daily. Ideally, I would like to have sex daily. However I would be satisfied with sex every other day. I start getting
  23. Im 14 and i would like to know how to masterbate. also i was reading that u can get pleasure by anal mastbation is this true and how. thanks
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