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  1. well my b/f loves spanking my * * * during sex and the more intense it gets the harder the spank, i love it. I find it really sexy, he says its kinda like a reflex, he sees all this sexy flesh bouncin everywhere, he's feelin it, and he gets all excited and........spanks! ehehhehe i find it quiet sexy actually....mmm.... dont worry he's just reeeeeeeeeally feelin you! LOL
  2. yeah i agree its utter wrong for people to do that other people, it ruins peoples self asteem and confuses them dizzy! you dont know whats right and wrong nemore!
  3. Honestly faith is a VERY personal thing and shouldnt be invloved in your conflicts, if someone had to ask me to chose between them and God i'd chose God over and over!!!! How could she even say that? all she can do is to respect your faithal chose and you hers. Its about imposing eachcothers beliefs here! Yes relationships can work with people having two different beliefs, its all about respect.
  4. Have you ever been in a relationship where you dont know where you stand? half the time you feel like you're about to do something wrong? You are scared to make them angry or disappointed coz you'll spend the next full day or so with a sulking cold person? Then you feel bad and try to make up all the time? Have you ever felt that no matter how much you put in someone is never satisfied? No matter what you do or say, its not good enough? You argue all the time and when you are happy its almost fake? Yet love eachother and cant let go? I feel he's become my bad habit. i cant shake it off but its bad for me. You try and try and try...it doesnt work....you lose yourself in the process....you lose your beliefs and your morals and you try SO much to make them happy that 4get about making yourself happy....does anyone know what im talking about here? ](*,) its quiet emotionally draining..................
  5. Its unfortunate you didnt mention the reasons 4 your breakup so we are beta informed to help you make your decisions. Its hard enough breaking up with someone and worse off if you still have 2 see that person more often than you'd like. The truth is, you have no one else in town to turn to so i guess you're from a diff town/country? Making matters for you b/c you feel SO alone and i actualy think that she's being a bit selfish by leaving alone knowing very well that you've no one else. yes i understand that u've broken up but then again i think that at some point you did share something special. Dont "try" to be out her way or "act" a certain way just so that you convey a certain message to her, just be. look for your new place, chat to eachother and get along when in company. Then when you move out things will be okay enough to know that you are moving on with no tension, hatred, regreted words etc. Just be and feel whatever way you feel, its okay. all the best....
  6. i dont think your friend is doing this becuase its the hottest new trend, there must be a really good reason for doing something so shallow. Its not like she lied to you, she just probably knows the type of person you are, she knew that you may disown her as a friend and a person. We have no right to judge people and honestly i dont think that its right what she's doing either but she could be in more trouble than anything else, try talking about it without acting disgusted.
  7. teardrops i guess you write, there are a lot of issues that contribute to the way we let people treat us. I never thought about it until recently, i too was bullied at school and that abuse affected me more than i realised or let on. Its true that u subject to abuse and it carry's on throughout ones life. I dont value myself much, i dont think im capable of doing much. I dont see myself being someone big in the community or just being me and being happy. I KNOW that im intelligent, people say im gorgeous all the time but i dont see it. I think my low self esteem also contributes to tolerance of emotional abuse. Your story help me so much.
  8. Ahhhh...the strange thing is i ask....why do millions of the most intelligent beautiful sexy woman from all over the world out there fall for jerks that abuse us verbally, emotionaly and physically? What happens to reasoning? what happens to our judge of character? Do we like punishing ourselves in these destructive relationships?! we go around acting and looking like complete fools b/c we tolerate all the bullS he says and does! It makes me so angry!!!!!!! How can we sit there asking stupid questions like,"he cheated on me once, will he do it again!" He says he'll never do it again, should i trust him, he did it to me three times already should i trust him this time?" or " He hits me all the time calls me bad names, should i leave?" or "im scared to leave because i still love him" Im just like these woman, stuck in a rut and getting deeper and deeper in frustration!!! Its insane!!!!!!!!! obviously these men are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do we not value ourselves? What i want know from you guys is why do you settle 4 someone's BS? why do we let them take a piss on us? what is wrong with me? why cant i just pack my s*** and leave? Why cant YOU? ](*,)
  9. scaredtodeath is absolulety correct, why worry abt someone who doesnt really wanna b with u? Doesnt care enough to spare you the hurt and pain! Im in a very destructive relationship right now and a major reason for it being this way is because of being insecure, jeolouse and or possesive. which will always lead to Its not a healthy situation to catch yoruself in. Its actually quiet terrible and can eat you up badly!!! I've been cheated on by this guy and now i cant even handle a telephone converstaion he has with any female! Like yesterday i fliped out coz he was talking all softly in the corner mumbling under his breath, and i hit the roof! Its completely insane. It can drive a person to insanity. The minute you start acting like that its a sure sign to hit the road or you'll end up tied up in a knot gone koo-koo.](*,)
  10. my doctor is on holiday and will be back 20 march so im seeing her then.I cant see another doctor bc she knows my history so she needs to monitor it from then. I'll keep you updated and let you know what she has to say about this one! Thanks 4 the advise both of you. LOL
  11. Last year 2nd September i gave birth to a baby girl who was born 28 weeks into my pregnancy (actualy due in November). I had no amniotic fluid left when i went 4 my regular check-up and had to have an immediate emergency ceasar. She managed two weeks and passed away after that. It was a terrible time of healing with my operation, mourning my baby. I felt really very cheated! You are left with this scar, milk is still leaking from your breasts, nursery is ready and you have nothing to hold. Then i just found out that im pregnant again! Im very excited but more so very worried it might happen again. Then i keep thinking that maybe my op hasnt healed internally properly to carry thru this preg. Any advise? is it too soon? Should i be worried?
  12. Gee hun...i understand how you feel. Porn for men isnt about what we woman think it is. Men arent all emotional and sentimental (to an extent) as woman are. When he looks at porn, it has nothng to do with you, honeslty. He's not thinking about her when he's doing you. I'd hate to think men bring their porn movie expectations to the bedroom, ok ok men...do you? This i'd want to knw from a man. Dont make him feel like he's murdered someone abt it though. Porn isnt all bad and can make sex more fun and experimental, e.g: thats how i learnt to give the best BJ. He's 18, its normal. Its got nothing to do with you hun., dont take it personal.
  13. I actually knw exacly how you feel! Its gotta thee worst thing a person could ever go through. You start having all these mad thoughts playing in your head all the time to the point where you think you going insane! I hate it so much!! I knw all abt the "i knw i shudnt b lukin bt i will", what i learnt is that by snooping, you find and ultimately hurt us even more! Its mad painful! Your wife should never be chillin wit some man who lives alone and has no life! Where are his male buddies to keep him company? Most of all, why is your wife making so many/regular house calls? the sms thing? its an old game,damn u should read one of my threads! The phone goes on silent suddenly? Why? Busy fiddling on the fone all da tym! Why? Listen you not paranoid or controlling. But the behaviour Can drive them to do it further. Be straight and honest with your wife, set ultimatums and stick to them!
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