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I just wanted to thank everyone who commented with their wise words. I wanted to give an update on how the situation unfolded.

As many would have guessed, it turned out to be a bad decision. We ended up sleeping together after that a few times. The reason why i did it is because I confused

attraction and expected him to change or to appreciate me more. I ended up just being a baby sitter, mentor, at times cleaning his apartment. I thought he would

see everything I did for him and open up to me. It backfired, he gave me the cold shoulder in the end. This was strange for me because he reads the bible daily,

seemed to listen attentively to me when I spoke about things, and he didnt have any bad habits. It was more about what he wouldnt do. I can count on my fingers

the times he would say hello or thank you. When I spoke to him and told him how I felt I told him it was over he didnt care to express regret or anything.

Eventually i realized that after four children he seemed bitter and resentful toward his wife for not wanting to be in an unhappy union that was based solely on his

desire to fulfill his Christian vows of commitment.

I am going back work soon and plan to move after I sit my exam.
Sorry, their are no Christian vows of commitment -- because you were not married or engaged. He is some dude who got the sweet deal of a chickie who immediately moved in with him - he did not move in with you out of love or commitment. People are not perfect. If he reads the Bible it could be curiosity or he could be Christian, but again, it doesn't mean he is a perfect person. You moved in because you wanted more from him than a roomie. You put yourself out there, cleaned his house, gave him sex, etc and are now upset you have nothing back in return and he is offering exactly what he advertised - a living situation.

you are not a slave -- you are codependent because you expected if you acted like his live in house keeper/mother/sex on demand that you would get a relationship out of him.

This is all on you.
You might not be able to move if you are under stay at home orders, but please don't do anything like this again.