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  1. Okay a lot to unpack here. If you are not on the house, it may be a blessing in disguise. If you decide to leave him, you don't owe a penny on the house and you can more easily walk away in that regard. You made some very adult decisions before you were fully launched yourself as an adult. You are on your father's insurance. Why? You aren't going to school, you have a good job. Walmart offers a lot of benefits. You are not a little girl, yet you decided to bring a baby into the world with a dude you are not married to. If you really wanted to marry him, you would have - without the
  2. If she was three and took a nap with an aunt or uncle -- no big deal. If she were 2 years old and regularly streaked, well ripping a piece of clothing off and running around the house sometimes happens at 2. I can't tell you how many times my sister has said "WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS??" after getting him dressed and turning arund for one second to my nephew when he was 2-3 (he often would have underwear but sometimes that would come off too. He is 9 now and is completely embarrassed if anyone talked about what he did at that age. She is 10 - her body is changing - she needs someone to
  3. Honestly, i doubt that. it sounds like misunderstood sarcasm - not a threat.
  4. You know, this whole cycle this year of being home due to stay at home orders, unemployment, etc - sometimes households have been a bit tense because of it all. The kids being home with unemployed or working at home adults, etc, with no end in sight doesn't help. Instead of this being about her and how sometimes her patience is short - she works full time, then comes home and is immediately required to parent, etc, and now has to worry about everything she says or does, what about approaching it another way. Is there any way you could find a part time job or volunteer op even if its
  5. OK - if she is walking around nude at this age -- sound the alarm bells if the whole family aren't nudist. I would be mortified if anyone saw me naked - even my own mother who birthed me at that age where my body was starting to change. Where is her mother??? She needs to address this. Because she is walking around naked and "doesn't want to dress alone" i wonder if she has been molested at some point - i am not saying your boyfriend did it -- but someone did. Unless she has the mentality of a 4 year old - a more common age to not be phased about their own undressing and tossing their clo
  6. This sounds sooo familiar. Didn't you write about this some months back or does another poster have the same issue? This is inappropriate. Its not an occasional camping trip where everyone sleeps together. She clearly has some attachment issues. And its crazy he doesn't see this as a problem. When a little 2 year old crawls into your bed because they are scared is different than what is going on here. Honestly, its WAY inappropriate. If she is 9.5, some girls start getting their first periods between 10-12. Sleeping with a grown man who only wears his undies is just not good for her.
  7. ok the title is about blocking, now you are asking if you should date her, This might be an unpopular opinion, but blocking is for people that you have already broken things off with, and based on the behavior after that you decide to set the boundary and inform them that you don't wish to hear from them AND they persist --- then ok, block them, But if you are talking to someone one day and then the next day block them without first setting a boundary/ending things or whatever - there is no personal growth on your part. being able to assert your NO is something that will empo
  8. I think because they are having sex, its confusing things for her. I say let him go so he can meet a woman who wants to have kids (if he's 40, dating a 32-36 year old who wants kids and can have them is not icky or too young). If you are not interested in getting married, sharing your children and adopting or going through IVF, i would let him go. its not fair for him to tell you he wants a family and then for you to stay silent but not want more kids. Be VERY clear to him that you are looking for different things.
  9. It boggles me how people can do something really intimate, such as sex, but are not comfortable with speaking their mind. The time to figure out where this is going was before you jumped in the sack, not later. At 8 weeks i would never after the fact ask someone to be exclusive. I would have stated what you were looking for up front (if you were set up together, met online, that's much easier than if you just struck up a conversation out in public). With my guy, by the third date we were talking about what we were looking for. The first date was just to get to know eachother/see if we w
  10. If you cannot handle being a cashier, find another job you can handle -- do they need an overnight stocker where you would not have to deal with many people? Something else? Or allow you to "split" your hours between the two? Sorry, if a company offers benefits, you have to meet the requirements to get them. Otherwise everyone should be offered fulltime benefits at part time. Challenge yourself to find a position that you thrive at instead of trying to get disability because you don't feel you are equipped for the job you have.
  11. I took the "crazy" reference as not mentally ill. If i told someone i wanted to bungee jump, they could tell me i am crazy. It doesn't mean they think i am mentally ill. If i told someone i never was dating ever again (if i was single) and someone told me that i was crazy, its that they don't believe me - not that i am mentally ill. Sorry, you are being unreasonable. An invite for a meal is an invite to talk. But you don't want someone to listen, which is what that gesture was so what exactly DO you want? Do you want someone to come swoop you up and rescue you? Overall,
  12. its whatever time the parents agree to. I would stay out of it. They have to consider the child's school schedule, and the work schedules of the parents. Seems like this is a consistent schedule for the child so they feel like they aren't just being carted around. I know someone who has kids that have a different schedule every other week and its very hard (leaving school projects at the wrong house, etc, since they might be dropped off at sschool by one parent, and then go home with the other after school to stay a few nights. Its terrible for the kids. They don't know if they are c
  13. i know this is a very late reply -- but my cousin has allergies and fell in love with someone with a 15 year old cat. He felt she was like no one else. Guess what? He went to an allergist and takes medication. its 6 years later - they are now happily married with a baby. The cat died last year. They agreed when they had the baby that they would not get any other pets if the cat died until the child was a few years old/they knew what they were allergic to. Methinks the boyfriend is not completely smitten
  14. I have a feeling there was more to the story - you say you are just hanging out, but I bet you are venting or dumping on him about how much you do for others, volunteering etc, and these aren't lighthearted meetups where you do something fun. you should just be getting to know eachother. A lot of times, guys have the mindset that if you talk about a problem they should "fix" it or you are looking for a solution. My guy will ask on occasion if my intent is for him to help me work whatever problem out or if i want an ear (in a kind way, so he knows what i want from him if i frequently ta
  15. There are sometimes bad apples. The difference is: The family that sets boundaries with the bad apple/recognizes a bad apple before the boyfriend/girlfriend comes on the scene. I would not dump someone for having a crazy relative. But if the rest of the family is not united about the relative, then THAT is the problem. If other family always plays damage control, know their limits, etc that is different than when the one apple is viewed as the golden child. Remember - these folks will be the grandparents and aunts/uncles of your kids. Can you live with that? No, its
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