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  1. So around 2.5 yrs ago, I broke up with my girlfriend of a year. I went away to college and she was a HS senior. The relationship steadily started to decline. I was feeling like she wanted too much attention and was taking away from my studies (always wanted to FaceTime and communicate.) I also hated the highs and lows of coming back home but then having to leave her again. So I ended it. She was devastated and also quite upset with me as I had a hard time giving her a valid reason for breaking up. I think I told her I needed to focus on school and that I didnt feel the same about the relations
  2. So I went to college for a year, with the pandemic I transferred home. I am now transferring back to a college nearby my old one and posted about this move on my instagram. I won't be back in that town (that is about 6hrs away) until august. A girl that I went to the first school with reached out to me on instagram and told me that she thought that I was very cute and was excited that I was coming back to town. I am somewhat torn as she is very smart and pretty but just not really my type. I messaged back and said thank you and we said that we should get food once I'm back in town. initially I
  3. Im a 19 yr old guy, Ive been out of a relationship with my gf of about 1 year for a little over a year now. In that time, I've messed around on dating apps but never actually met up with anyone, especially being home from school with my family and having to be on lockdown due to the virus. Before I started my 1 year relationship, I was weighing options between two girls, one my age, the other a year younger. I ultimately decided to date the one a year younger than me and it went pretty well. throughout that relationship though, she teased me about this other girl calling her my secret girlfrie
  4. Hi all, I've been single for almost a year now, focusing on my second year of college but really missing having a girlfriend especially going into winter. The gym I go to recently opened back up so I started going again. I normally go in the early AM where there is really only older people, which is unfortunate for my dating dilemma but I guess is good as it allows me to focus on working out. I feel like girls and gyms are a slippery slope though, I see many posts online of women complaining about men at gyms always staring at them and trying to hit on them, with that in mind, I always go out
  5. although I haven't 100% committed to not having a relationship for the next two years, your advice makes a lot of sense for this particular situation. If it is meant to be, maybe our paths will cross again in the future. thanks
  6. Hi all, here's some backstory. I recently decided to start fresh with school after completing one year of college, I am now coming back home to a community college to play soccer for the school and switch majors essentially deeming myself a freshman again. with school and soccer as my main focus plus being back at home with no potential dates on my mind, I though I would end up spending the next two years working, playing, and doing school with no GF, which I was bummed about, but I figured it would be for the better as my last relationship took up the majority of my time and Money often dist
  7. Okay, so ill give some background info before I get into my question. My ex is a year younger than me, we went to the same high school and met at the place that we both worked. I had seen her around school and always thought she was pretty but never saw us together as she was younger and I didn't really like the people that she hung out with. I'm a more straight edge and reserved guy and she is outgoing and willing to try new things. While working together, I found it super easy to talk to her which isn't really normal for me. Long story short, we clicked really well and ended up hanging out a
  8. So I just got out of a year long relationship and one of the problems I ran into was making my girlfriend feel comfortable in her own skin while also looking good to me. My ex was very self conscious about her bad skin and her appearance and I worked really hard to try to make her feel beautiful and comfortable with or without makeup and regardless of what she was wearing. So after about a half year of dating she started getting more confident and comfortable wearing no make up and just basic sweats and casual clothes, which I was totally okay with I still loved her and thought she was super p
  9. About once a month. Winter break is a whole month though
  10. My girlfriend and I had been dating for a year, currently I’m a college freshman and she’s a high school senior. Everything was really good at the beginning of the relationship but at about month three I felt like I wasn’t getting out of the relationship what I was putting in, but I never told her and kinda fell out of love. Summer was good, we hung out everyday and my love grew a little, then I went away to college and we no longer had eachother. And at that moment I kind of realized that was the only thing we had in common. When we were apart, I didn’t really enjoy talking to her as it was a
  11. So I’ve been dating my gf for a little under a year now. For the past few months I have been losing feelings. She is a high school senior and I’m a college freshman. After I left for college her attention and desire for me comes in waves. She’ll go the whole day without texting and then wants to FaceTime for an entire day, then gets angry when I tell her I can’t because of how much homework I have. As I said though, I’ve sort of been losing feelings for her, we fight a lot and now that we can’t be together to go on dates/ be together, I feel like we actually have nothing in common. Last night
  12. She’s super attached in the aspect that she texts and calls all the time and gets her feelings hurt when I dont/ can’t talk because I’m studying or hanging out with friends, she then can go entire days with her friends and not respond to me (which I’m okay with it is just kinda hypocritical.) I still feel like she may leave me once she gets to college. As I said previously she is extremely social and tends to lead people on/ act really flirty without realizing it I guess? But her constant desire for attention and touch makes me feel like she might leave me once she finds a larger group of guys
  13. Ugh I don’t really know where to start with this. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now. I’m 18 and she’s 17 and we met through work last year. I never imagined things would work out between us but we started hanging out and we ended up dating. Early on, I had some issues because she liked to vape/smoke/ drink all of which I’m not really into and she kinda shamed me for it. Eventually she quite vaping but still talks about wanting to smoke and drink which I hate because she knows I hate it. She has become extremely attached and talks about our future together all the time, but
  14. I’m not exactly sure if this is the best place to ask for advice, but It’s one of the only places I know so I’ll just go for it. So to start off, I’m an 18 YO guy and I just started going to the gym about a month ago. At the moment, I’m pretty skinny and still figuring out the gym. While I was doing an exercise, a man who appeared to be about 40ish cane up to me and asked if he could show me a better one. I said of course and he even showed me a few more. He mentioned he could lift more back when he was serving in the army, with my dad being a vet, I decided to ask him a few more questions and
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