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  1. My experiences with men has been clingy, narcissistic, overbearing, fast moving, propose in 3 months kinda guys. I’ve also experienced a lot abuse and manipulation in these past relationships which means I’ve been really struggling to myself back out there, even though I’m quite confident and secure in myself. I get triggered quite easily. I’ve been seeing this guy for about 3 months and I really like him. And this guy is the complete opposite to anything I have ever dated. But I’m so scared that I’m misreading signals because I’ve never experienced someone who is, potentially, genuinely down
  2. Yes we did! After I saw him a couple more times he did let it slip how he was glad I had reaffirmed we should just be friends as he was thinking about going into this with other intentions in mind (even though he still stole a kiss!) You’re quite wise! Thankyou for your advice!! It actually really helped. I can see how he’d find how I’m acting off putting. I’m definitely acting a little off to how I normally would, trying to balance the boundaries and the feelings. i care about the first guy a lot but it’s moving way to fast and I just can’t see it working out right now. We have gre
  3. Thankyou for replying! Yes you’re so right! I feel so stupid not being able to sort through these emotions. I’m normally quite good at ending things when needed but in this case, they are both so lovely. Can’t help but feel fomo even though I know so clearly what I want. The second guy, I can feel feelings of wanting to spend more time with him, so ive just been so torn on how to reach out again, casually, after a couple days of messaging. too many emotions ahhh!!
  4. So I’m seeing two boys. They both know of each other. After just turning 22, I realised I want to get out there and meet lots of new people. After a year of Qurantine and the year before being stuck in an extremely toxic relationship, fun is what I need. The first boy I met through my house mate. I told him straight away for the foreseeable future, I can’t find room in my life for anything serious. He vehemently agreed that he was in the same place, in fact encouraging we see other people. The second boy was an old friend from years ago that I always had a big cr
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