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  1. I think it's totally normal. Changes are coming, you are mentally prepping fo them. I certainly did that as we got ready to move 5 yrs ago. I wanted to move for a really long time and as it was getting closer to happening, I was totally focused on the move, not anything else going on around me. As I checked off pre-move obligations I felt great! Finally I am able to move on!
  2. You really sound smothering and that is not becoming to you or anyone else. Back off, she needs time to herself, 2 days seems reasonable to me. Your desperation is showing.
  3. I had a friend for many years who ultimately beat me out of $100. She called one day begging me to loan her $100 as her cat was sick. I knew her cat wasn't healthy and I liked her so I sent her $100 I couldn't really afford to lose. But I did lose it. She promised to pay me back and I said 2 payments of $50 or 4 payments of $25 would be fine, and she lied and said she mailed me a cheque for $100 and the post office returned it saying they couldn't find me! That's BS as I lived in a rural area and the post office knew me! I have an odd first name, they knew me. She just didnt send it. T
  4. What do you want to happen if he goes on this trip with you?
  5. What's to be gained by telling her? I see no reason to tell her since you and he were so very young at the time.
  6. I would jump at the chance to live in another country, if covid didnt exist, and it was a good and safe country. I don't think he's abandoning you or that you aren't good enough. I think he's got a spirit of adventure that you dont have. You have not named this other country, will you tell us? What's wrong with going with him to check it out? How do you know you won't like it? He may hate it! I dont see giving up on your relationship because you dont want to move. A little flexibility could be beneficial to both of you.
  7. I think you should stop texting her and phone her! Congratulate her on getting engaged. Texting is so anonymous. If you want contact you need to try a bit harder. Maybe it won't work but it's worth a try.
  8. You've wasted a lot of time on a guy who isnt about to marry you. If you really want to get married you need to find someone else.
  9. Listen to the above advice as it is sound. You cant change the past, all you can do is learn from it which you seem to have done. His issues with it are his, not yours. If he cant get past it, then he is not the guy for you.
  10. Can you keep the meds elsewhere, not in the house, where you can access them easily as you need them but he doesn't know where they are? Maybe keep them at work? Put a day's worth in a container and keep it in your pocket?
  11. Boy you missed the point of this totally. You dumped him after 6 weeks saying you wanted to see another guy. So he moved on. What did you think he would do? Sit at home and wait for you? Nope, it was just X dates in 6 weeks. You dumped him. He figured it was over. End of story. There is no coming back from this.
  12. If he keeps calling you can always change your phone number!
  13. Do you want to stay in the same city or move to a smaller area? I live in a rural area where house prices have gone nuts. My house has tripled in value in 5 years. Never thought that would happen so fast. If I could afford the extra cost to move to a more suitable area, I'd move. As long as I can afford the monthly mortgage, I'd be gone. Doing what's best for the kids comes first. I have never had to deal with race issues and I came from the biggest city in Canada and moved out of there many years ago and would never go back. Rural/small town living is so much better in my o
  14. You should not have married him in hopes of him changing his mind. Either leave him and divorce and find another guy who does want kids or learn to accept not having kids with your husband. There aren't any other choices.
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