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  1. I think you should talk to a therapist about this.
  2. This really is not your problem or your business. I'd tell him we are done and I'd move to the apt. that she owns since it's cheap enough she should be able to pay the costs by herself or maybe find a roommate if there's enough room there. He's taking advantage of her and she is being stupid to pay his travel costs when she has no job and very little money.
  3. His definition of love is different from yours. He is not ready to commit to you or anyone else. You think you want to settle down with someone, he isn't that guy. If he was he wouldn't be wanting to take breaks to "think." I think you'd be further ahead to break up with him and find someone more on your wavelength.
  4. Wow that was one long run on sentence! This guy wants nothing to do with you and you need to understand that and accept that. Leave him alone.
  5. If he'll do it with you, he'll do it to you. Think about this. This guy is a louse and a player and you are being a fool to be messing round with him when he has no intention of laving his wife and is also fooling around with yet another woman. You need to wake up.
  6. Are you able to retire yet? If so you might ant to really consider it. If not, maybe you need a new job. Have you considered starting your own business? I have been self employed for years and wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. My comment is about sending nudes to anyone. Such a bad idea. Once they are out there, they are out there forever. You have no idea of where they will end up and who will see them. I think discretion is a much better idea.
  8. She sounds super competitive and is pushing herself very hard to be faster than you. Do your best to ignore her and just focus on yourself and your time. Sooner or later school will end and you'll likely never see her again.
  9. I think this was a one time hook up. Be glad you didnt get hurt and hopefully not pregnant or get any STDs. Learn from this and dont be so fast to jump in bed with a stranger, which is what he was.
  10. You need to get out of there. Now. This isn't going to get better, only worse. Yes talk to the landlord then pack your stuff and leave. Change your phone # so he cant contact you. Alcoholics make the worst partners.
  11. Get some counselling so you can learn to be a stronger person. Glad to hear you blocked him.
  12. Can one of you buy the other out of the house and thus put an end to this? Have you tried couples' counselling?
  13. I wonder if guy #1 is really separated from his wife. Perhaps he still lives with her? That's why he has so little time for you.
  14. A drunk makes the worst kind of partner or husband. Dump their sorry ass. They have to hit rock bottom before they even think about possibly, just maybe, joining AA.
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