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  1. I met this guy at work. We got along very well like we known each other for a long time. We started flirting through text for about 8 months. He eventually invited me to have drinks, we had a good time and we had sex that night. The next day we both agreed that we should do it again. The problem is I am married and he's in a relationship. But we agreed is our little private thing. We continue to meet up and have sex and texting each other. We had really good sex each other and really enjoy our time together. He is very nice, sweet and affectionate in person and in text. He will text me if not every day but every other day. He wanted to do all the things that I wanted to do or haven't done enough during sex. Lately, he's been acting weird, not in sense of we just had sex now it's weird. It's more so he's not flirty as much but we still have sex and he is still affectionate. I'm so confused because why would he stop flirting and still text me everyday? Is it because I'm falling for this guy and it's driving me crazy and confusing the *** out of me? Is he at a point that he's comfortable because he got me? We recently had anal sex and our intimacy went to another level. I'm just wondering if he is catching feelings for me or anything? We are good friends and open with each other but I don't think feelings will be the topic to speak about. I just want to understand from a guy's stand point. please help
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