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  1. Oh brother have you ever been used by this piece of work. She is surely involved with another guy in some way. Why have you put up with this for so long? Dont tell me you love her, you know that's not love. Then she turns it around on you and blames you for the issues? I hope you told her to F off and then blocked and deleted her from your phone and social medial. You can do so much better.
  2. Why are you letting an unmedicated bi polar person make such big demands on you for no valid reason? An investment can make you money, if it's a good one. Keep it and ditch her. She's trying to control your life. You know you dont really want to sell your investment and you should not be bullied into doing so.
  3. Yes I think you need therapy. You are far too anxious about everything to do with this girl and you need to lean how to calm yourself. Also you are far too co-dependent with her. Take that 1 week beak for now but over all I think you need to sort yourself out and then find someone who lives near you. LDR is the hardest way possible to have a relationship.
  4. Yes I did that a few times! I had general crew I hung with and there ws usually something going on somewhere and we'd go to whatever it was! So glad to be past that stuff!
  5. Change your phone number and be careful who you give it to.
  6. Oh buddy, you need to lighten up! You will indeed chase her away if you dont learn to chill out. It's only a week that she will be away! You need to hang out with friends, go to work if you have a job, go to the gym etc do things that you like. Dont be apologizing for anything, as you didnt do anything wrong - yet. But you will if you dont get a handle on your emotions.
  7. When I was a teen it was vital for me to be in the middle of everything and everyone like many teens are. I was so afraid of missing out on something! Now, I dont give a rat's patootie! I have enough acquaintances and not many actual friends and that is ok. I dont need to see or know or deal with all that goes on around me. I am content with me. I love my big property in the woods and am very happy here. I dont feel a need to get out there all that much. I am very sociable but I am fine with my own company.
  8. She's been asked this at least once, haven't seen a response yet.
  9. Hard to say, but maybe he's got some mental issues if he thinks it's ok to knock on a neighbour's door and complain about his bills. Why do you think he's asking for a date? I didnt get that out of your post at all. I'd have said I gotta go too, after about a minute. Your train of thought on this escapes me.
  10. I see two possible things here, one is that he is breaking up with you due to all of the issues on his plate at the moment and the vast distance between you two. The other is he is telling you the truth and you need to cut him some slack. For now leave him be, concentrate on yourself and your own needs.
  11. My husband wanted us to be married because we had a baby on the way after living together for about 7 years. He thinks parents should be married, for the security of the child. Kind of an old fashioned view now. I was content to live with him but I truly love him and had no problem agreeing to marry him. Back in the olden days my great grandparents lived together. Gr grandma had 3 kids from a previous marriage where that man had died. The gr grandparents lived together for a long time, raising the kids, until they discovered if he died, gr grandma would get no money or anything else as she was not his legal wife. So they got married and she got his estate when he died. Life is different now so it's not necessary to be married to inherit someone's things and money. If I found myself single again I wouldn't to get. married, because, why? I'm not having anymore kids, my kids are grown. I could live with someone but see no need to get married. Also, you dont need to spend $20K on a wedding! City Hall is cheap! Whatever you decide to do, see a lawyer and have a plan.
  12. Stop trying to contact this person as they clearly are not interested. You are only hurting yourself with your persistence. Develop new hobbies, friends etc. Dont let yourself dwell on this guy. Stop crying.
  13. Putting his hands down your pants on the 2nd date - well that would have been the last date if that happened to me. Why is this ok with you? It is just plain creepy. If you stick with this guy you better be prepared for anal sex...I'd tell him to hit the road.
  14. At the moment seems like you are indeed a placeholder. Is this ok with you?
  15. OMG I sure hope you have vowed to yourself that you will never, ever, get that hammered again. I also hope you have blocked and deleted this guy from ever contacting you again. Sounds like date rape to me but I am not a cop or lawyer. Did you call the police? Go to the ER? If you were that drunk, how did you manage to get in a cab, go to his place, attempt to do work on a computer? Did it not occur to you that if you lay on his bed beside him, that he might want to have sex with you?
  16. What is it you want from this relationship, such as it is? Do you think he's your bf or do you want him to be? You really need to have a talk with him.
  17. I think you need to go back to counselling, this has gone on far too long for you.
  18. Good! I think there may have been yet another person in the back seat that you could not see.
  19. CBC I read every word you wrote. I think he's hiding something from you and he didnt like you touching his car door handle. There could have been more than a sleeping kid in the car. He's up to something, you may never know what it is. I hope you come to realize you are better off without him.
  20. I wonder if he's married or living with a woman since you aren't supposed to go to his house and havent met his kids. I think he viewed you as too pushy and definitely nervy for showing up at his house. All in all you are better off to move on from this guy. Something is wrong somewhere, there's a lot of possibilities.
  21. You even need to ask what to do? Tell him to hit the f***ing road! He is absolutely disgusting. Why would you believe anything he says? Anyone who tells anyone they stink, on a regular basis, should be told to be gone. Block and delete him now!
  22. I have someone like that in my life and when that happens I distract myself any way I can and make myself focus on something else. It all takes time!
  23. Go to HR and tell t hem about this person. Do not ever yell back or get loud, you want her to look the fool not yourself.
  24. Daughter and family need to contact social services for some help in getting a place of their own to live in. Your GF could make the initial phone call and get the ball rolling if daughter won't. If it's as bad as you say the children's aid may end up involved because of the kids.
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