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  1. This sounds like an episode of 90 Day Fiance. You married a stranger. You made a mistake and as much as that sucks, you need to send her back with her kid. Get the marriage annuled. Next time find a girl in your own area and take your time getting to know her.
  2. I think you need to learn how to control your emotions or you will chase this guy away with your suspicious mind. Who knows why that woman draws smiley faces. It doesn't mean she "wants" him. I bet she does that on other paperwork too. If you think you cant trust him then you need to move on.
  3. Why are you still there? Dont tell me you love hi, this isn't love and you know it. He is an abusive jerk and bully. You need to pack your stuff and move out. Dont tell him where you are going. Change your phone #.
  4. I wonder if you are being a a pain in the butt to her and s he just doesn't want to talk to you. Why do you need to be able to reach her every time you try? Batteries go dead, cell service sometimes stinks. I have no trouble ever with WhatsApp, and service is sometimes not great in my area, but it's not my phone with the problem. Saying you get anxious when you cant reach her could be a red flag to her, like it is to me.
  5. You should never hang on her settle for someone who doesn't make you happy. Time to end this as it's not working for you. You likely cant be friends once you break up. Find the guts to tell him it's not working for you and it needs to end.
  6. You need to end this. FWB is not going to wrk for you as you are still hung up on him. He wants to use you for sex and that is so not fair to you. It's totally wrong. You need to develop new friends, join groups at school, and distance yourself from him. Being each others first doesn't mean you have hang onto a relationship that is not going to work.
  7. No. Just no. He's already lied to you and lead you on. He's also in a gay relationship with another man he's had sex with. I hope you didnt have sex with him and if you did you better get checked for STDs. He lives much too far away. Find a guy in your own area and dont jump into anything too fast.
  8. I think you are worrying too. much. She did agree to another date and she has other commitments so if she cant make it for 2 weeks it's not that big of a deal. Dont make it a big deal. If she didnt want to go out with you again, she would have said no to another date. You need to learn to laugh at the car towing experience, things happen, things go wrong. Fretting about it won't get you anywhere.
  9. I lived with my husband as my bf for years before we got married and being engaged didnt matter before we moved in together. I think the bigger issue here is talking about moving in together after dating for just five months. Holy cow that's way too fast. You need to date for at least a year before you think about sharing a place. Having sex with him before being engaged is your choice, it's not for us to tell you what to do about that.
  10. Excellent! I'm glad to hear that! Remember to charge it up! I'm glad I married a mechanic and if my car broke he'd ask appropriate questions and then he'd be on the way to help me. There's been a few times I've had to help him when we was away from home and something went wrong. It's what you do, it's not gender based.
  11. Too soon for a phone cal? What would you have done in the Olden Days before texting existed? If you want a conversation with someone, phone them! I'm wondering if you are being pushy as you do sound it. Not all guys are good at texting and maybe he's one of them.
  12. I'd likely be PO'd if that happened to me but my husband would have come to my rescue right away. An idea for you and anyone else is you can get a battery booster pack to keep in your car that is already charged up at home and you attach it to the battery terminals and then you can start your car immediately. No looking for a friendly face to ask or look for a cop. You are able to take care of yourself. We have one of these and put it in whatever car we are taking that day and haven't needed it yet but good to know its there if we did. You can get them at any auto supply or Amazon etc.
  13. I agree too. Start packing. You will kick yourself forever if you stay and miss this big opportunity. Life is short, go for it!
  14. My husband would say - why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?
  15. What a great way to lose your job if you try to start something romantic with your boss. It's not going to work, you will end up unemployed You need to either work on your relationship with your partner or break up I think the bigger issue here is your relationship with your partner and your boss is a distraction.
  16. I'm having trouble believing this is a serious post. You are twice her age! You start dating in April and engaged by August? What are you thinking? Yeah you blew it, sober up, smarten up, give her her stuff back and then look for a woman your own age.
  17. This is my thought, just do it yourself then you dont have to explain it to your parents. I was grounded once, not sure for how long, maybe a week, maybe less. I do think it's an odd thing to want to try.
  18. Human leech and energy vampire re good words to describe her. Why do you still have her in your life? She wants everything her way, what you want doesn't seem to matter. Time to move on from this person. Stop being available to. her, she's not worth the stress she causes.
  19. Stop talking to this guy! We all know he should not be telling you who you can or cannot have lunch with. Block and delete him. When you meet up in a social setting, be polite but move on. You can stop this if you really want to.
  20. Why are you bothering with this guy? An ex is an ex and for a reason. You cant go back. Move forward in your life, not back.
  21. I think it was all too much too fast for her, she is only 23. You also sound rather needy to me and an over the top kind of guy with all of the things you did for her. I too think she has one foot out the door.
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