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  1. Good! I think there may have been yet another person in the back seat that you could not see.
  2. CBC I read every word you wrote. I think he's hiding something from you and he didnt like you touching his car door handle. There could have been more than a sleeping kid in the car. He's up to something, you may never know what it is. I hope you come to realize you are better off without him.
  3. I wonder if he's married or living with a woman since you aren't supposed to go to his house and havent met his kids. I think he viewed you as too pushy and definitely nervy for showing up at his house. All in all you are better off to move on from this guy. Something is wrong somewhere, there's a lot of possibilities.
  4. You even need to ask what to do? Tell him to hit the f***ing road! He is absolutely disgusting. Why would you believe anything he says? Anyone who tells anyone they stink, on a regular basis, should be told to be gone. Block and delete him now!
  5. I have someone like that in my life and when that happens I distract myself any way I can and make myself focus on something else. It all takes time!
  6. Go to HR and tell t hem about this person. Do not ever yell back or get loud, you want her to look the fool not yourself.
  7. Daughter and family need to contact social services for some help in getting a place of their own to live in. Your GF could make the initial phone call and get the ball rolling if daughter won't. If it's as bad as you say the children's aid may end up involved because of the kids.
  8. OMG this is easy to figure out when you are at a distance like we are. Buddy wanted to get laid and you obliged. That's all it was. You should not have been so eager to have sex with a total stranger. How do you know he doesn't have any social diseases? You dont. So he got what he wanted and he's moved on. Block and delete him and learn from this.
  9. WAY too soon to contemplate marriage! I think he's up to something, lots of red flags with this guy. Personally, I'd be gone.
  10. I think she is possibly jealous that you have gone on to marry again, have a child, got a good job and live in a new area. She may also have the"grass is greener" feeling. She wanted to get away from you, finished her medical schooling and now it isn't quite what she had in mind, but you look like you've got it made in the shade compared to her.e I do agree you need to end this "friendship." It serves no purpose for you that you mention. If I was your wife I would not be too pleased you kept inn contact with her.
  11. You said in your original post that you see each other once a month! Which is it?
  12. A company won't be loyal to you, so you need to be loyal to yourself which means looking for a new job.
  13. All people named Karen and their friends and families will thank you if you don't ever say that again. It's unfortunate someone thought the was a good way to slam someone they didnt like.
  14. What Dancing Fool said! Block and delete in all possible ways. Never respond to him again.
  15. My daughter's name is Karen so I wish people would not call mean/negattive people Karen. Dust off your resume and start looking for a new job.
  16. If your current therapist is not helping, find another one. Do NOT marry someone you don't trust, it will never work.
  17. I hope now that you found the sauce you apologize to your friend and that he accepts it. I really hope you have learned to not jump to conclusions as this was such a waste of time and emotion in the end. As for the sandwich the whole thing was very juvenile and should not have ended with people yelling at each other to the point you had to leave. That is 9 year old behaviour. You can make your point about the au jus quietly and firmly.
  18. I have trouble believing this post is for real. You all sound like immature 12 year olds. Such fuss over a missing sauce. If it was that valuable you should have locked it in a safe somewhere. You don't sound ready or mature enough to move in with a roommate, you need to simmer down, grow up, and then maybe you will be able to share a home with someone else. For now, stay with your parents. Seriously you are 25?
  19. I believe anytime something is bothering you, you need to talk about it!
  20. I love our little guy could mean the mother and her partner, who is NOT your bf, love their child. It could mean they have a puppy or kitten and love him. My son's gf calls her dog Little Guy. If you cant be with a guy with a kid, then you need to do what you need to do if you plan to leave him.
  21. He should see his doctor first. If it was me I'd get a big laundry bag with a tie at the top and put my dirty clothes in it and tie the top and put a note on it saying Do Not Wash.
  22. melancholy123


    So text him and ask! That's the best way to find out. It sounds to me like your imagination is running wild with no reason.
  23. My daughter is 38 and a registered m massage therapist with her own busy clinic with other RMTs on staff. She has a husband and 2 young kids. She is taking an online university class working towards a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Your guy is lazy! He can do his class if he wants to plus work. It's a bad excuse. You two are so not on the same page, you have plans and goals, he has none. I have a friend who is almost 60 and calls himself a day trader, spending the day watching stocks go up and down. He is gambling his retirement fund on this! Sometimes he makes money, sometimes he doesn't. If you dont have deep pockets and nerves of steel and a bucket of knowledge, you can lose your money pretty fast. I dont see this working out for you, too many strikes against it.
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