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  1. I'm sorry this happened to you, Tinydance. I hope you will be repaid. I sense he doesn't have any intentions to repay you. Since messaging him repeatedly is futile, I would kiss the money goodbye, block and delete him permanently. Good riddance and consider him history. I hope in the future, this won't ever happen to you again. I'm sorry for your bad experience.
  2. I'm sorry, porenn. I hope your heart heals as time marches on. My background was rough. (Wife beater, alcoholic father who punched my mother's teeth out, chronic unemployment, chain smoker) and my mother's upbringing was straight out of a living nightmare from day one. She wears a lot of battle scars both mentally and physically. My siblings and I lived a poor, hand-to-mouth, hardscrabble existence. Unfortunately, my relationship with my mother is dicey. Granted, it's loving but it's not easy being her daughter. I'm always tip toeing on eggshells whether on the phone or in pe
  3. I wouldn't even go so far as feeling sorry for anybody. I don't care about anyone else except how my husband and I raise our sons and "the proof is in the pudding." Raising kids no matter where you live is never easy. Parenthood is hard work from birth to at least age 18. And then, your heart will forever be with your kids until your dying day. You will always fret about them or you're concerned for their welfare no matter where your children and grown adult children are. Regardless of who it is, family (relatives / in-laws), friends, neighbors or whomever, if you're uncomforta
  4. He doesn't sound like a good guy. I'm with others. He's not for you. Time to go your separate ways.
  5. I agree with others. Set boundaries for yourself. Cut phone conversations short, make your visits brief and infrequent. Pull back. I've heard it all from my mother, siblings and in-laws throughout my long marriage. I too am sick 'n tired of snide, inserted comments here and there regarding what type of mother I am and unsolicited advice through the years. You can't change people. I've learned this harsh lesson the hard way. You are the one who has to alter course with your dynamics with them, change and adapt with your new boundary settings. You don't have to like them but you
  6. I agree with others. Find another hiding place and make sure you hide your new safe as well. Or, don't get a new safe and hide your meds in a different, secret location. I agree with others, if you can hide them at work and you have to commute to work daily, this is a good idea. Make sure you have extra somewhere at the home front in another hiding place. For your current safe and pill bottles, replace them with tiny candies such as Skittles. I agree with others, don't live together anymore. Find another place and move if your BIL (brother-in-law) doesn't move out.
  7. I'm sorry for how you feel. I've felt the same way from some people in my life whether relatives or friends. Granted, I'm close to some friends and relatives but not all of them or as I would've preferred. I've since learned that you can't force people to show the same enthusiasm towards you as you have for them. Any time you have to work so hard at a relationship (or friendship), it's not working. It either exists or it doesn't. People have to click, be in lockstep and follow each others rhythms and mutual efforts in order to maintain an enduring momentum with interpersonal dynamics
  8. I'm sorry for your loss and pain. Try your best to remain civil and peaceful. No sense dredging up the past whether it's about your beloved dog or wrongs. If you do, all it will cause is more arguments and fighting. Everyone will become heated and defensive. For tense households, the best thing to do is to remain calm and peaceful even in difficult situations. In other words, exercise self control. Carry yourself with aplomb always. Possess decorum always. This is how you have class. In difficult situations, remain gracious and respectful even though it is challen
  9. I wouldn't go no contact until her birthday because this type of behavior screams "mind games" and being too extreme. Start by backing off, giving her space and if you text or chat, make it nice, brief and infrequent. Actions speak louder than words. Prove to her that you know how to behave graciously and properly. In other words, CHANGE for the better and CHANGE permanently. Become a better person. Start doing this NOW. If I were you, I would apologize to her and keep it brief. Preferably apologize in person or at least with a brief phone chat. Apologizing with a text is goo
  10. Accept the fact that he does not want children and continue being married to him or only you will know within your heart if you want to remain married to him and childless. Those are your two choices.
  11. Thank you for being wise and kind.
  12. I've known one person (a close one at that - actually a relative) who is extremely impulsive. The instant she is uncomfortable with certain subjects, it's either gaslighting tactics all over again or ghost and block immediately. At first, I was hurt, angry, bitter and resentful because this type of abrupt behavior lacks empathy, emotional maturity and emotional intelligence. (Google "emotional intelligence.") After I had some time to think for a while, I've since come to the conclusion that I don't need nor benefit from unacceptable and intolerable people in my life. In my case, we resume
  13. I've already said that many couples remain together despite burdens. I would remain in my marriage. My husband and I've survived several surgeries, financial close calls and various family crisis. I didn't go anywhere and neither did he. We took our wedding vows very seriously. Fortunately, for us, we were able to eventually succeed and prosper. Everyone doesn't have a blessed outcome. I've never said it was ok to divorce due to burdens of all sorts such as health woes, lack of employment, financial instabilities and the gamut. I've said that it is of no surprise that many relati
  14. From one dog lover to another, I'm very sorry for your loss. I had two great GSDs long ago, several GSDs growing up in my childhood home and my 14 year old beloved Golden Retriever passed away several years ago. I'm sorry for your bitterness, resentment and anger. It's perfectly natural to feel the way you do. I agree, your sister and family were negligent and very careless which is inexcusable. Neglect is abuse when a person is irresponsible and lacks vigilance for a life. You get over the anger by allowing TIME to help dull your pain. Your sadness and anger will always b
  15. You're not wrong. Your boyfriend revealed his true colors to you. Now you know his real unsavory character. Unfortunately, "love doesn't pay the rent." Many times, whenever money or lack thereof is involved, relationships are tested and unfortunately, relationships go down the drain. I'm sorry. You're better off without him.
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