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  1. Do this: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ See your above quote. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Be gracious and yield. Now is not the time to create discord and strife. Maintain a calm atmosphere for your father and everyone. No sense fighting. Pick your battles. It's not worth the extra tension in the household. Do what you can and if this is your sister's show, then so be it. My sister monopolizes my mother's time and attention. At first I, felt jealous and resentful. I don't anymore. I let her wear herself out while I expend the least amount of energy, time and effort. Change the way you think
  2. I appreciate your clarifying. I've been in similar situations as yours. Granted, our stories are not the same but I understand how you feel. I too, wanted a clean break. Once dynamics change for whatever reason, it's extremely difficult if not impossible to revert and resume to how the relationship was prior to the fallout. Something is lost. I too, have said "NO" even if if was to myself regarding picking up right where we left off. In my case, some people are still in my sphere even though I don't see them frequently. While I'm polite and peaceful, I can't give anymore of m
  3. You don't have to completely understand forgiveness. Just try to understand human nature which is universal. Regarding friendship, even friendship is "too much" and some people just want a clean break ~ completely and permanently. Many people don't wish to be half way in and half way out. It's all or nothing which are strong, enforced boundaries. I've tried to be friends with people after a falling out to no avail. Trust isn't completely there anymore. When I say, "trust," I mean that I don't trust people after they've demonstrated their true, real characters to me. I fear get
  4. I don't want you to feel hurt but I do want to tell you about human nature regarding forgiveness. Many times as hard as it is, people truly and really work on forgiving others. However, here's the deal: Once a person is forgiven and people try their best to move on, former trust in those who've wronged them is basically dead, I'm sad to say. Trust is permanently and irrevocably broken. I've been wronged by several close people in my life. My memory is quite vivid regarding their viciously mad gasligting tirades and the whole ugly past. Sure, the dust has since settled, everyone reco
  5. Speak up! Tell him that you'd like a place to store your belongings or continue living out of your suitcase. Or, bring a container so you can place your items in it. You're both in your 40s and set in your ways including his communication style. Discuss your concerns with him; not here on this forum. You should be speaking with him; not with us. He's the guy who needs to listen to your concerns. I agree with others. Have him stay at your house more often so it's fair.
  6. Perhaps she wishes to remain professional with you; no more no less. If she continues to make you wait for a reply and obviously ignores your text, there is your answer. Don't bother her, don't pester her nor hound her. She is obviously not interested in you so take the hint and message. Back off. It won't be awkward at work as long as you act natural, be kind in a non-weird way, keep a safe, polite distance, remain professional and leave it at that.
  7. Don't meddle nor get involved in other people's lives. Mind your own business. This is not your problem. Let your girlfriend and her boyfriend figure out how to live and what to do. This is none of your concern. Have boundaries with people and stay in your lane. Remain silent and keep your friendship with her light, polite, brief and play it safe.
  8. You're not married so it's easier to dissolve the relationship with your girlfriend and besides, if you're having issues with her about health and lifestyle at only 6 months in, she is not your long term partner. Regarding professional couples counseling and therapy, this is your and your girlfriend's discussion and decision. Only you and your girlfriend get to decide if making an appointment is the direction you two want to go. If seeking professional help seems futile, then don't do it. Your girlfriend shouldn't tell you nor expect you to contort to her daily health regimen nor
  9. Perhaps he intuitively trusts you and wants a good listener. Since he's your brethren, you could tell him that you'll pray for him and he'll appreciate it. If you wish to keep your distance, then you still can be compassionate and listen to him without saying anything. Or, if you're really uncomfortable with him getting personal with you, tell him that you're uncomfortable with hearing about the details of his personal life. You have every right to enforce healthy boundaries. If you wish to maintain a safe distance and remain acquaintances, don't make yourself available as a sou
  10. If you two do not agree upon healthy lifestyle choices and if you're uncomfortable with having to change for her and not yourself, then she's not the one for you. Both of you have conversation style differences. Subjects change and trail off into another direction AND you forget what she told you. Be with a woman who doesn't mind changed subjects and your forgetting what she told you. This won't be an issue then. If you wish to salvage this relationship of 6 months, then seek a professional couples counselor or therapist. If you realize that you two have too many fundamental di
  11. Keep in mind, many times, sleep apnea and needing a CPAP machine is due to weight gain. Weight gain often times results in hypertension (narrowing of the arteries), debilitating arthritic pain (such as joint pain from extra poundage at only age 33 which will only grow worse over time), diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease. Not maintaining fitness and a diet regimen will catch up with you eventually if not now. You can't undo damage. You'll have to rely on prescription medications and play catch up if you're serious about changing to a healthy lifestyle, that is. Good heal
  12. If you have doubts and have to question the relationship, it wasn't meant to be for a reason. Staying true to yourself means you have convictions which are unwavering, steadfast and absolute. You don't compromise your values and principles. Whenever you think of incompatibility, values and character differences, it helps lessen the sting of parting of ways.
  13. "Unhealthy" is self explanatory. It means just that: Unhealthy. There is no fancy way to say it. An unhealthy person doesn't have to eat junk all day and remain a couch potato in order to have a habitual, unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy person can be chunky while not prioritizing the importance of consistent goal-oriented health, weight loss or maintenance, improved blood test results and a conscientious lifestyle. A lackadaisical lifestyle will catch up with a "I couldn't care less" attitude sooner or later. Metabolism can be constantly revved up and physique will remain toned i
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