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  1. Cherylyn's post in Please help me here was marked as the answer   
    No, you're not being too childish nor giving up too easily.  If your gut feelings and intuition are telling you to break up, then you're listening to the voice of reason.
    Any time one person in the relationship has goals such as graduating, it's the other person's responsibility to be supportive while staying out of the way!  I know because as a young mother of two little sons, I supported my husband through graduate school (several master's programs) not once but twice in a row.  I took care of everything so he could remain focused and concentrate on his end goals while knowing his success was my success, too.  I was never a nag.  I did what I did to ensure his achievements.  It paid off, too.  I had a baby on my lap and a preschooler sitting next to me in the audience as my husband received his diplomas.  No pain, no gain.
    Your boyfriend is a nag and a drag.  You need to dump him!  Only be with a man who morally supports you and never a burden. 
    I know plenty of couples married or not who were supportive of each other instead of hindering visions for their future. 
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