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  1. I got back together at least 6 times with my ex....but she always effing left time after time...mercifully for good finally in June of 2010 after five years of torture
  2. True codependents do things like buy drugs/booze for their addicted SO, lie for them to cover up and bail them out of jail. The whole codepency concept has been watered down and diluted to apply to anyone who longs for another person who used to love and appreciate them. We are all codependent in relationships to a degree, and its not a bad thing. Me (with the utmost humility)
  3. Is that a Charlie Sheen reference? In any case, good to see you on these boards. I always enjoy your intelligent perspective on things-
  4. Nicely put Sin...not always easy peasy lemon squeezy to pratice. Nine months tomorrow since the free up (breakup is banned form my vocab now)tomorrow. I met an incredible woman over the weekend...had drinks and saw some bands..and she is the most beautiful girl I've ever been with...and she is smart...and not snotty..and does good work in the world for the disabled and mentally challenged...and I guess I'm highjacking this thread..but it was like an honor to just sit next to her...(don't worry my pedestal days are over) So we shall see how it goes in the Bungalo Jungle this week. Did I mention she was gorgeous
  5. I can guarantee you that NO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP involves begging. If someone comes back because they were begged into it, they are retuning out of pity. Do you want someone to pity you? Indeed, there are breakups that are neither nasty nor cordial, but somewhere in between. In my case, I was shocked, and it was fairly quiet, but the tension was definitely in the air. Show them that you don't need them and move on and then they will see the mistake they made by breaking up with you. If you don't run in the same circles, how are they going to see that you don't need them? And, from many a dumpers viewpoint, maybe no matter what it wasn't a mistake for them to leave.
  6. It is win-win, getting yourself back. I do have to wonder about the "window of opportunity" with a recon though. It seems to me that no matter how much self-improvement the dumpee has done, at some point the dumper is just done. Although, I've thought this about my ex (2 times!) and we've reconed...only to split again...
  7. I have to say SuperX you absolutely made my day, and gave me the strength to make it thru another weekend. Bless you. I have a great weekend planned with a charity auction and a coffee date with a girl I met online..no matter what happens, I will stay positive-Bung
  8. Your post was very inspiring SuperX...Good for you for hanging in there, and putting yourself first with the last breakup, and winding up with a win-win. A year of NC sounds like a Decathalon, but as you said, the only reason you called the number back was because you didn't know it was him!
  9. You do realize the OP posted this eight years ago right? Still applies I'm sure, but he could be otherwise engaged by now////
  10. I have been back with the g/f for over a month now...and things are better than ever...including the sex..This was our second breakup..I am taking it one day at a time and not centering my whole life around her...also maintaining as high a level of consciousness and authenticity as I can muster. I really think that believing in your rel/ship is key. I struggled during our five months apart to discover if I really really loved her, or if I just hated being alone. I realized that I really really loved her. The turmoil I went through was excruciating, but I did grow in my awareness. So if you think he/she is truly the one for you, don't give up. Bung
  11. I thought it was completely hopeless after this our second breakup..it lasted 5 months...I gave up..she gave up..we both grew as individuals...met up 5 months to the day that we broke up..and realized we were still in love..so yes it really does happen. Thanks to ENA for all the loving support and advice-Bung
  12. Here I am. Posting instead of calling...temptation high..talked myself out of it...
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