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  1. Some men just stink when it comes to giving comfort and being supportive when their partner is sick and covid is another kettle of fish. I think maybe he is worried that he will get sick too.
  2. Maybe she is as bad as he is! Maybe she's got a boyfriend. It's not your job to be an informant.
  3. Why are you messing around with this married man who has no morals? Who cares about that other woman. You are a meddler to tell his wife and involve their child. You need to block and delete this guy.
  4. You should have clarified that you didnt have a job in your first post.
  5. What makes you so special that you should not be on an equal footing with this bf of yours? You should be working on a half and half financial plan and pay your fair share. Did you not discuss money and how to handle bills and expenses? Doing laundry is not doing half of the family chores. Assuming you have a job, you should buy dinner one time, he buys it the next time. He is not the cheapskate! You are.
  6. I have 2 kids almost 5 yrs apart. The first one was easy, a real joy, and not difficult in any way. Baby 2 was 3 weeks early and had colic from Day One. Crying, screaming, fussy, and honestly really annoying al lot of the time. I often said if he was first born he'd have been last born as I would not want to go thru that a second time. They are now adults and he is actually the more delightful of the 2! So you never know how it will be. I wasn't sick either time, so have no comments on that. I always felt a person would have 2 kids if they can, so there isn't an only child. I have cousins who are only children and they are spoiled rotten and feel entitled to whatever they want.
  7. Sorry, she is just not into you. She is backing off as a way to break up with you. There is no space to give her, she is over you. Time to move on and when you do that, work on your own issues.
  8. Have you tried telling him NO? NO is a complete sentence. Assuming you dont want to do this and it sounds like you dont. Some people are into 3somes and some aren't.
  9. Stop with feeling guilty, it's a waste of emotion and your time. You did the right thing. This guy is a bum and a freeloader. As long as the govt gives him pogey he won't get a job, why should he? When pogey runs out he. may wake up thenn. Be glad you freed yourself from this guy.
  10. Of course it's ok to bring it up! It's on your mind, it bothers you,, so speak up. No point in wondering when a conversation may tell you what you want to know. Maybe he doesn't even realize he is doing it or that it bothers you.
  11. Is it really constant comments or now and again? My husband sometimes will say someone lady on tv looks pretty or has nice hair or whatever and I dont care. It shows me he's alive and his eyes are working! I think it comes down to context, how the guy says it and what you think he means when he says it. A casual comment is no big deal. Drooling over himself at a pretty face is too much! Again, have you talked to him about this since it seems to be bothering you.
  12. Does it bother you when he says that? Does he say it in a way that makes you think he wants to have sex with her? Or is it a casual comment? Have you talked to him about this? How old are you two?
  13. This guy is so full of sh1t that his eyes must be brown. He's lying to you.
  14. I'm Canadian too and I think this guy ism wanting to evade the tax man by dealing in cash. Would he give you a receipt for the cash? If not, you have nothing to back you up if things go wrong. I don't think it's a good idea to do this.
  15. Why by a cow when you can get the milk for free? This guy is a mooch and you are an enabler, It's that simple. He's taking advantage of you because you let him. I doubt he's looking for a job, he could get a job at McDonalds or similar at the very least. He needs help for his mental health. Time to stop being his mommy and tell him he's moving out in X weeks if he doesn't get some kind of job, and be firm when the time frame is up. You can do better. This is not love.
  16. I think you need a new friend, this woman sounds awful. She could take down the Christmas tree if it bothers her, but I guess she doesn't care. It's not your job to rent a trailer for her, she can figure out how to get the rocks she wants. If I was you I would back away from this lousy alleged friendship. You can block and delete her as well.
  17. If that is true, then why are you so bent out of shape about telling him what happened? You claim it was an accident, so where is the problem? I too think you are really insecure in yourself and with this guy.
  18. Goode grief, girl, calm down! You made a mistake and when you think about it, he's the guy who accessed his fb acct thru your phone! You didnt go looking for this to happen, he started it! You are being over the top worried about a mistake.
  19. Absolutely! Every driver should know how to change a tire. I learned before I got my license. I have CAA which is like the US AAA. Everyone should have that too or something similar.
  20. What the hell? Why do you call this person they and them? What's wrong with he or him or she and her? I am assuming they are a male and one who is acting like a big baby. You gave him the safety glasses, what more could he possibly want? I fail to see any reason for the childish reaction.
  21. I think the bf didnt like that he was having trouble changing the tires and that he wanted to be the Big Man and do this job for his gf. Having Daddy come along would make him feel like a jerk for not knowing how to change a tire. Most of the problem is this guy is just 21.
  22. I posed about my friend who has been single all her life and lived alone for about 40 yrs and this is what someone replied. I don't think she secretly wanted to be single, I think it just never worked out for her to find a guy she wanted. I believe she really did want to have a steady guy, possibly get married, maybe have kids and a house. But she is so used to being single and she lives her life her way, so it's not an issue for her anymore. Not everyone ends up married.
  23. As usual Wiseman is right. Your gut is telling you to be careful. What do you want to happen? What has he said he wants to happen?
  24. You need to kick h is sorry ass to the curb today. He doesn't care about you.
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