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  1. You make an excellent point and I appreciate the feedback. I think the way I typed it out came out wrong. What I meant to say was that after talking to someone for a little bit not in a bar setting, I would ask them if we could meet up at a later time to grab a drink or coffee. I don’t randomly approach people in a bar and say what I typed out verbatim. Like you said I agree it would be creepy and that would show desperation. Also just doesn’t sound right. My intention is to meet up with them to have a drink so I can get to know more about them. LOL!
  2. Yes I’m afraid you nailed it. I have made some mistakes in the past that I regret and were just stupid. Then recently every time I have asked someone if I could buy them a drink so I can get to know them they have turned me down. As far as what I’m doing to meet my needs. I think you pretty much know what I’m doing for that. LOL!
  3. Okay, this Saturday I’m going to try again. Going to a Meetup that will begin at a restaurant I’ve never been to and looks intriguing. Then afterwords it’s going to move to a pool hall nearby which I’ve also never been to. Going to apply some of the tips that you all have provided. Hopefully this will be much better than the last one I went to. Completely different group by the way.
  4. I’ve never heard of that game until now. Looks like a RPG game. Is that turn-based? I’ve been playing online tournaments with Pinball FX 3.
  5. Yes, however arcade gaming and pinball aren't really activities you do with other people. I did try swing dancing one time and the instructor wasn't great. Only other thing I can think of right now would be paranormal investigations.
  6. That's a great to way to look at it. At least you'll get some kind of enjoyment out of it and it not being a total bust. I've also heard others say go in with no expectations and you won't be disappointed.
  7. Well I hate to say it but nothing happened last week as far as meeting new people. Went out solo a couple of times to eat, however nobody was around to chat with other than the servers. Everyone else was coupled up or in groups. I did look at various Meetups and Facebook events, however nothing jumped out at me and said I have to check this out. Hate to bring Netflix back into this, but it feels the same way as when you're trying to find something to watch and get fatigued doing so. You want to make sure that what you're about to invest your time into is going to be worth it. I've been to many events where it turned out to be a bust and went home disappointed.
  8. I guess nobody games anymore?
  9. How about a meditation class? Is that the same as yoga?
  10. Tried something this past Friday night and had a setback. Ended up going to a Meetup with a singles group. However, I think I arrived too late and I didn't enjoy it at all. It was at a nightclub outdoors with very loud music as usual. Couldn't start any conversations with anyone. Everyone was also in their little cliques. Then finally there were some ladies competing to see who could dance the sexiest. I get the feeling that Meetups like that are a competition of sorts. Bunch of guys walking around like vultures waiting for another woman to walk in and then all attack at once like she's fresh meat. As you can imagine I didn't stay long. I think it was just a matter of bad timing and location for this one. Going to try again this week and have been looking for possible places to go. Like you said, it's going to take practice and perseverance.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/11/us/legend-of-zelda-auction-trnd/index.html
  12. Hi Southwest. I know what you're going through as I've been the third wheel to many friends who were coupled up. Was even a groomsman for a friend's wedding where I was one of the only single people there. Talk about an exercise of mind control. For those of your friends who you're still talking to, I would just say try to set up a meeting between the two of you to hang out once in a while. Keep the subjects on mutual interests such as music, sports, video games, etc. Try not to get into the topic of relationships. If they keep wanting to bring their significant other, hint to them that you were hoping to have a guys night out for a change.
  13. So basically I need to go where the women are. LOL! 😆
  14. Very well said! Especially the part about breaking the being stagnant. I know I need to push through the after work laziness.
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