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  1. My mistake. Thank you for the clarification. 😀
  2. I agree with some of the profiles online being BS and they don't you about themselves. Tells me they aren't serious about meeting anyone. One time I tried the route of asking a friend to assist me with putting a girl he was friends with and myself in the same room after she became single again. He did nothing about it and didn't seem to care. I've thought about trying again to meet people through friends or coworkers. However, I've hesitated as my mind thinks it shows weakness or desperation. Like I can't do it on my own. How would you deal with that monkey chatter?
  3. Yes I have noticed that a lot of the interest groups on Meetup have gone to virtual meetings. *knocking on wood* I do have a great personal life going for me right now. Working a job that I love in addition to having hobbies to partake in. Eventually I’d like to have that special person to enhance the quality of life.
  4. This is exactly where I am right now being in my early 40s. It has been very difficult to find people to date. Then I’ve probably mentioned this on another thread, but I can’t stand the whole swiping game. The pandemic just made things even worse.
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses. I agree it's definitely a challenging time for that right now. Even if you go out to someplace like a bar or restaurant, you can't even get up and move around to mingle. They want you to stay put unless you are using the restroom. Then it's hard to get a vibe for someone when both of you are wearing a mask when you're out and about other places. Bolt, I'm sorry to hear that you got Covid. Hopefully you are feeling better. Upsets me when I hear that someone got it because of the ignorance of others in not wearing masks. Also hope you're able
  6. Happy New Year to you too Sherry!
  7. Has anyone on here been able to find a date the old fashioned or organic way since the pandemic started?
  8. Getting some takeout and staying in. Especially with what's going on right now with the pandemic rising. Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing evening.
  9. Thank you Seraphim! Same to you and hope your 2021 is healthy and prosperous.
  10. Laying in bed with the window open and listening to the rain bouncing off the metallic parking covers. Didn’t happen today, however it’s one of my favorite things in life.
  11. I used to be an Apple Music fan. However now I use Spotify as I can listen to it on all of my devices and not just my Apple products. Plus I have found some other stuff on Spotify that Apple Music never got by bands I like. Only drawback is that sometimes I have trouble using Siri with Spotify.
  12. 100 degrees. Washed my car recently but could still use some rain. As long as it's under my apartment parking cover.
  13. The stupidity of some people here that refuse to wear a mask while out in public. Recently there was even a rally nearby in Scottsdale to protest being told to wear masks. Getting tired of hearing the whole "violates my freedom" excuse.
  14. I'm with all of you. Things are tough already and the pandemic just added to it. In the last month, I tried Match again which was a waste of time. I can't remember exactly how many messages I sent but it was in the double digits. However, I didn't get a reply to any of them. Let alone a profile view. These messages were not just a "Hey", "Hi", or "What's up". I asked them how their week was treating them followed by a question unique to their profile to start a conversation. The lack of reciprocation made me wonder if my messages were actually getting to them. Then last night I
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