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Found 6 results

  1. I (24F) am in a relationship with a 24M of which I am unsure where I stand at the moment. I'm sorry in advance if the following is a little all over the place, just in desperate need of advice/outside perspective. We kept breaking up briefly (few days) past couple months due to me being worried about other girls and him being worried about another guy. Last week I was unsure where I stood with him, I had seen him earlier that week, a couple days later he said he felt single and that he didn't want to be in a relationship. He said this multiple times in the past few weeks, only to come back to me saying he wants to be with me and marry me but that we need to sort through the insecurities in the relationship. He went out of town this past weekend, during which time I found a hotel reservation under his name from the day after he told me he felt single (my laptop was logged into his email). I had spoken to him that day over the phone, because I knew he did not want things to be over (2 days later he said he wanted to marry me). He told me he was on the way to meet a photographer. This was obviously a lie, I confronted him about it, he completely denied it for 2 days and then told me he would explain everything. Since he was out of town and had plans, he dragged out having this conversation until last night. Between me finding the reservation and finally being able to have a conversation with him about it, he went out for drinks with another girl ( a friend I know). This made me a little uneasy, because I was already on edge with everything going on and felt like I'm just not a priority to him at all, as long as he has other girls around him. I know if the tables were turned, I would priorities having this conversation with him first, so not to trigger his anxiety and keep him assuming and overthinking. Last night once I finally got a hold of him, he told me he went on a double date that evening he lied, and that it wasn't really a date but that him, his cousin and 2 girls went to get food and then he booked a hotel for all four of them to have drinks in the room. I feel betrayed, I had tried blocking him off of everything a couple days after he went to that hotel, before I knew anything, only for him to spam call me from another number telling me that it's me he wants and all the other girls that I am worried about mean nothing to him. When I spoke to him last night about this, he left the conversation unfinished and said that he would speak to me about it today, because he was drunk from having drinks with that other girl. Today, I had been trying to reach him for hours, as my anxiety keeps sky rocketing, not knowing what's going to happen between me and him. After trying for hours he finally picks up and tells me he's out having lunch with this girl he met through social media. I broke down. I've known about this girl, and he tells me they are just friends, but I still feel hurt. I feel like he keeps going on "dates" with girls he claims to just be friends. He did the same thing about 2 weeks ago now with another girl whom he met over social media, but they went out for drinks together, all in the name of "net-working". Maybe I have a very old fashioned way of thinking, but I have not felt comfortable going out for drinks or food with other guys I barely know, and I know for a fact he would be mad if I did the same, but he knows I wouldn't, because I feel uncomfortable doing that myself. I know my rational self tells me to just not be in this relationship but I have seriously struggled getting out of it, and my mental health is at a all time at the moment. I guess I am just wanting opinions about not only the whole situation but right now the thing that is bugging me the most is if I am overreacting by the way I feel when he goes out for drinks or food with girls he met through social media. Side note- because of everything going on between me and him, we haven't even gone out for drinks or food ourselves since COVID restrictions have been lifted, and I guess this makes me even more jealous that these girls are getting to spend time with him and I haven't been.
  2. I wish I was pretty. At school all my friends are drop dead gorgeous. Everyone has changed their look coming back prettier than ever, while I have looked the same for basically all my life. Sometimes my friends say that I'm pretty when I self-doubt myself. But I don't think it's true. Every morning I look into the mirror and see all the things wrong with my face. My face is too long, my nose has a huge bump on it, my eyes are to far apart, I have too much acne. I hate everything about it. My cousin is extremely pretty and I always wish I looked like her. My sister is so pretty and always gets compliments. I'm a person who always preaches self love and confidence when I actually have none. I'm always wearing a sweater even on the hottest summer days because I dislike the way my arms look. I want to pretty like the others. I wish I had enough confidence to post on instagram. I wish I didn't always delete every photo I took of myself.
  3. So, for the past 3 weeks - 1 month, I've been talking more and more with a girl I developed a crush on. We've been talking nonstop for the last week, 24/7, and we share so many things in common. Our likes and dislikes, our future, our past, basically 90% of everything we share in common. We talk about the most weird things, and even in that we share something in common. She also ended a 2 year relationship around the same time we started talking more, so that's probably the main factor that's holding me back: She is not ready for another one. Then you also have me, a person who was never in a relationship and has absolutely no experience with dating and all. Everytime we talk I flirt here and there, tell her how her smile is beautiful, how she is smart, and how I value her for that. Things that make me wanna do it: - The agony of my feelings being stuck - The things we share in common, and how I can live an happy life with it Things that hold me back: - She recently ended a relationship and she might be recovering from it - We could talk for a bit more time (though only via social network since school will soon close, and my family is restrict about me leaving home and going around visiting places and similar things) What's your opinion on this people?
  4. I was giving my partner oral sex, he was moaning as if he was into it, and then he pauses and starts talking about a female we both know, he noticed wasn’t at an occasion we were just at. he first said i don’t think it’s the right time to say this, then proceeded to say it anyway. I stopped oral and got quiet. took a while to process everything. is my partner just not into me? why is my partner stopping oral pleasure to mention this? am i in the wrong for being uncomfortable? should i just let it go?
  5. The gist: Male and Female, mid to late 20's and 30's. We’ve started our long-distance relationship 2 months ago - We spend a lot of time playing online games. In the past week, we’ve spoken about two guys that bug me in one way or another. And this morning I woke up with a heavy heart and clouded mind. I thought and hoped we closed this matter last night… Should I, How do I drop this? forget this? ? guy1 who flirts with her while I’m in the same game lobby. I noticed when we play with him, her signs of affection for me disappear. I’ve expressed that I wish her signs of affection wouldn’t lessen when he enters the lobby. She expressed that she only did that because she thought he wouldn’t like it. I translated it like this… Affection towards her from guy1 is ok. Affection FOR me in front of him - is not. In her defense, she says she loves me and would be more expressive next time we play with him. Then the other guy… A parasite. guy2 who whispers into her ear of his failed marriage while confessing romantic emotions to her. He disparages her in game… And she goes back. I’ve expressed my concerns and feel he’s attempting to manipulate her. My girlfriends solution to my heavy mind and heart is… well… She’ll “distance” herself from him. In my minds eye I see myself in a similar situation… her concern expressed as she typed and spoke would not be ignored nor would I wait aforementioned concerns to fester. Cutting ties with individuals that would bring her such discomfort would be easy for me. Should I wait for her to “slowly and politely" let them fade away? What can I do to not feel this way? Be brutal. Really lay it into me… Feel free to judge me.
  6. I can’t go into too much detail as I know the person in question uses this website, he actually recommended it to me a couple of years ago, not that he would remember because he was always on drugs when we would meet up. I’ve never posted on here but I’ve always read other people’s stories and got advice for myself, I have come across what I believe to be the person in question and I have just read his posts talking about his ex girlfriend that he was so in love with, before we met up and after we had met up, slept together, and continued doing so! I’m totally over all of that, it’s just hurtful to know you were used, especially when things happened during that time, like a pregnancy scare, I was only 19 / 20 at the time, so obviously a big deal to me. To be honest i shouldn’t have put up with how he treated me, we weren’t anything but ‘friends’ with benefits, minus the friends part, so I suppose he didn’t owe me anything. But his behaviour was disgusting, and I just hope it was only me he treated that way, and that no other girl had to feel so hurt and frustrated. Every girl has that one person that makes them go a bit psycho and he was mine, I was infatuated with him and in reality he was just off his face, sleeping with me and probably not even remembering in the morning, he would never talk to me sober, when I thought I was pregnant all he did was talk about an abortion, he answered the phone to one of his ex’s whilst I sat naked in his bed once! He wouldn’t even see me to the door in the morning he’d say ‘you know where the door is’ let alone offer me a lift home! - that’s just a handful of the awfulness. Since reading the posts, all I keep thinking is that I’m worthless. Like I said I’m over what happened and I have no feelings for this person, I never really did I just thought I did. I have a family now and i couldn’t ask for anything more, but I can’t get this out of my head, it’s making me feel really insecure! I feel guilty for it bothering me because I shouldn’t be thinking about him or anything that happened, but I can’t help it when I have seen posts I believe to be his! I hope one day he or someone else like him comes across this and it makes them realise that it isn’t ok to treat someone like that! It’s so damaging to someone’s self esteem even years on when they’re over the person!
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