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  1. What Andrina said. There will be lots of new guys to meet at uni who won't want to use you just for sex.
  2. She dumped you. Just block and delete her, no need to respond to her. You seem to be moving on with your life, so continue to do that.
  3. But you are not happy! You need to get away from him. How old are you and he? I think you need some therapy.
  4. If you think you could learn something and are willing to go, then go. It cant hurt to go once and see how you feel afterwards. I was given the option to join a grief group for mothers of stillborn babies but I didnt want to do that. I had to work thru it. myself in my own way in my own time so I didnt go. I don't regret not going.
  5. I think it's time to plan on moving to somewhere far away from him. Too much drama and many red flags.
  6. Stop reading them! Block and delete then there is nothing to read.
  7. Too much drama and too many problems. Two months in, you need to move on.
  8. I think he was rude and his comment was unnecessary. Whether or not they were good doesn't matter, he should have thanked you and if he was to pay you back, he should have done it. I'd be annoyed too.
  9. Your therapist as totally right. I felt much like you do with the way my mother treated me vs how she treated my older bro. He could do no wrong, I could do no right. I had that figured out by the time I was 5. I moved out at 18, I'd had enough. Armed with a high school diploma, I got a job and was gone. I'd had enough and wasnt going to take her controlling ways any longer. My dad was a nice man, so it was hard to leave him, but not mother, that was actually very freeing. You will have to work thru this, talk to your therapist if you find her useful. Make your life how you want it to be, not how others think you need to live it. I doubt I ever did anything my mother approved of, and that's ok, as I approve of me and who I became. You can get there too, it just takes time.
  10. Sounds nice but do you have a question or a problem?
  11. It's very possible he just never got around to deleting the app and that he doesn't actually use it. I have stuff on my phone that I haven't looked at in a long time and some people in my WhatsApp I haven't talked to in a couple of years. That doesn't mean I am up to something! I just never deleted them. Now if you think he's running around on you, that's another story.
  12. Because you seem too wrapped up in this guy and not wanting to lose him.
  13. i agree, end this now. Dont get married. You can find another girl to love who will want kids. It will not end well if you marry her and don't have the kids you really want.
  14. I think you need to enlarge your social circle and not spend so much time thinking about this guy. There are lots of other guys in the world, you need to look for a new bf. FWB is not a good situation for you. Get out there, meet new people, take up a hobby, join a group etc. Your world sounds too small.
  15. Why are you worried after just a few hours? There's no reason for a sensible person to get offended by another person making hotel reservations and paying for things.
  16. Really! Why didnt you take precautions? Based on her track record, could it be yet another guy's kid and not yours? You helped create this mess by talking about past sexual partners. Those discussions often end badly. If I was you I'd go see a lawyer and find out your legal obligations and what's involved with paternity payments you will need to make if the child is indeed yours. Then I'd be gone. You dont trust her and she doesn't seem trustworthy anyway.
  17. Kim have you considered that some of these people who think you should be married by now, have a house etc. are jealous of you? You are the one free to live your life as you see fit and they are the ones saddled with a mortgage and a spouse and often kids. You have freedom that they no longer have.
  18. About your neck, go see a chiropractor! I have a great chiro and he's adjusted my neck (and other areas) several times with success. You dont have to blow your husband every day unless you want to. He can take care of things himself. I think your stance on masturbation is part of your problem.
  19. I've always been my own person and what others think of me or expect me to do means nothing to me. So I honestly can't say I. understand how you feel because i dont. I do know you should work at your own speed, your own timetable, your own plan. Who is it making you feel pressured to do certain things as you approach 30? I'd love to be 30 again! You sound like you have done well so far in your life and you should keep on keeping on, do what works for you in your own way. There is nothing wrong with you and there is a ton that is right!
  20. Why don't you phone her and talk to her about it?
  21. if it was me, I'd have said, sorry I can't help you. Then I'd move on. I dont engage with creepy guys with a hard on in a grocery store. Or you can tell him to ask someone who works there. I wouldn't get angry, I'd be laughing to myself.
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