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  1. It's frustrating to have a friend who is a constant talker and doesn't let you finish a sentence before she runs down another rabbit hole of narrative. It's especially frustrating when you really like that person otherwise. People who are compulsive talkers are generally not aware that they are being annoying, and they generally don't take offense when you intrude upon THEM. I finally started saying in a loud voice, "Let me FINISH." That generally shuts her up for a minute.
  2. If you can't afford your own place to live, you shouldn't be thinking about having children. Children cost a lot of money. Where were you living before you moved into this bizarre arrangement? You should move out until you're both gainfully employed enough to have an independent lifestyle.
  3. We live in the Florida Panhandle, and nothing here is locked down. I haven't done anything for New Year's Eve in many years. We're usually asleep at midnight (until the neighbors' fireworks wake us up).
  4. It was creepy of him to ask you that. Are you kidding me? What did you say to him?
  5. Any chance of moving your parents to Florida as well? I think you should pursue your dream to move where you want, as long as you keep in close contact with your parents. Are they capable of skyping or facetiming?
  6. She avoids the discussion? Don't be a doormat. Tell her that she has 30 days to find a new place. People can't take advantage of you unless you allow it.
  7. Having your own space will be worth everything you have to sacrifice to have it. Trust me on this. It will improve your mental state and give you a new outlook on life. Go for it.
  8. It was a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. I don't know why it doesn't show up.
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11667[/ATTACH] Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
  10. Take the paint to Home Depot. Even if you have just a little bit, they can match it perfectly and give you a gallon of paint. Sheesh.
  11. I have two friends who found the loves of their lives on eharmony. I think the more you pay for a site, the more likely to get quality dates.
  12. After 6 months, I would expect you to have met his family. Why hasn't that happened yet? There's no point worrying about his sisters being friends with his ex. They have every right to interact with her and like her and think she's beautiful. That has nothing to do with you. Stop checking her page. If your boyfriend doesn't seem still attached to the ex, there's no reason for you to worry.
  13. I agree with catfeeder. What you perceive as 'passive' is actually not caring enough about you to pursue another date. Move on.
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