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  1. Gosh, this is terrible news. Well, there are appetite stimulants. An elderly family members of mine has been taking one when needed, so I know they work. But she would need to check with a doctor first, find one that is suitable for her. https://www.healthline.com/health/appetite-stimulant Taking supplements might be another option. Again, she would need to check with a doctor first to ensure she takes some that are right for her and don't interfere with any medicine she might be taking.
  2. Definitely agree with you here. Marriage means much more to me as well. Officially, it's a legal document. I pointed that out questioning whether the legal aspect is the only thing that's stopping him from crossing the threshold. Only he knows.
  3. I agree with you there for sure. Definitely, and as you pointed out, unfortunately, there isn't much of a middle ground. She wants marriage and he doesn't seem to. Certainly, though spot to be in.
  4. Any way you see it as, marriage is a legally binding arrangement. (https://www.family-lawfirm.co.uk/blog/what-does-marriage-mean-legally/) Yup, he has stated that he is worried about marriage. But she isn't. She wants to marry. Now, he claims to want to be forever with her. Marriage is that "forever" except in legal form. A bit of a crossroad. The way I see it, for this relationship to work in the long-term someone will have to concede or both will have to find a middle ground. 🙂
  5. My point is that if you are claiming to genuinely want "to be with someone forever", well that's marriage - only in legal writing. Marriage is binding and "forever" isn't, it's just a mere word. So, what's actually stopping him from having a binding life-time commitment? I'm not saying that he needs to get married. No, not at all. But if it's that important to her, and he's supposedly willing to be with her for life - well, then why not make it legally official?
  6. What's the big deal about making your life-time relationship legally official if it doesn't make any difference to you whatsoever? It's basically what you claim to want, just in writing. You're planning to get into a serious legal long-term binding contract with her, by purchasing a place together. But signing some legal marriage papers is too much? What's really holding you back? 🙂
  7. On one hand, you comment that you're very happy to stay with this girl forever. On the other hand, when you're asked to have it in writing, e.g. legal marriage, you run. If you're happy to stay with this girl forever, then why not make it legally official? Something to think about, I'd say.
  8. You're just going to hang out with a woman at your church convention. Talk to her, get to know her, show interest in who she is and what she does, have a great time and see if you guys connect in person. If you feel you click, ask her out for coffee / tea. One step at a time. 🙂
  9. This is good news! As others have said please keep going. 🙂
  10. Tinydance, I'm so glad that this worked out for you and that you both are moving forward together! I am, however, concerned about you. Like plenty of other posters are. It saddens me to hear that you were about to lose a wonderful opportunity with a guy. All because one drunken evening, you made the decision to have sex with your friends due to being wasted from drinking coffee flavoured rum. Alcohol isn't helping you. I'm not passing judgement. I just want what's best for you.
  11. How did she say this to you? There's a difference between saying that and adding a cheeky wink after that sentence or saying that and going into a lengthy rant about why. Or saying that simply because you asked her. Ultimately, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." My recommendation, put yourself out there and ask her out for coffee. Make her laugh, have a great time. (Obviously if she's crying her eyes out about this break up that's another story.) Honestly, the worst thing you could do is wait... because you might be waiting forever. There's never going to be the right time or the perfect time. Plus, coffee is just that, coffee. See how it goes. Then, you take it from there. 🙂 Just to add, I'd follow catfeeder's advice. You want to be seen as 'dateable', not a therapist who listens to her break-up woes.
  12. So sorry, Seraphim. Thinking of you and your family. ❤️
  13. When someone doesn't care about you, they generally act indifferent. She isn't being indifferent towards you, so she surely likes you. How much? Once you ask her out on a date, you'll find out. 🙂
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