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  1. You are doing a great deal for your family, that's commendable! 🙂 I understand wanting to please your mum, but at the end of the day - either our parents accept us for who we are or they don't (as much as it really hurts us). Sometimes parents behave a certain way because of the way they were brought up, their past, or their circumstances, etc. That doesn't make the behaviour okay but it gives us a bit of clarity as to why they are who they are. So whilst you love her even if she doesn't show appreciation, you don't have to tolerate her behaviour. Leave the room if she starts to put
  2. Twolost, wishing you peace and strength during this time. Please keep writing here if it helps as Seraphim suggested.
  3. Question: Do you really want to be with a woman who doesn't trust you? Imagine being married to someone like that for the rest of your life. You'd have to show her proof every time she didn't trust you. Do you really believe this is a great way to live?
  4. I have a question for you. Is he treating you respectfully after breaking up with you? He blocked you from social media, doesn't want to be with you yet sleeps with you. Is he treating you respectfully?
  5. How about giving her some space and taking a different route to work some mornings? That way you get to distance yourself from this situation (you get to work on yourself) whilst maintaining the connection, but she also gets to miss you. Great that she was being honest with you about not being able to date. But she also needs to see through actions that whilst you are there for her, you aren't waiting for her and you aren't her therapist either. If she wants the full package, she will eventually need to step up (when she's ready).
  6. Actually, if temporarily blocking or unfriending him will help you heal and move forward, why not do it.
  7. Sweet about the video call. Does he refer to you as a girlfriend? Usually a boyfriend mentions his (serious) girlfriend to loved ones (whether family or friends) and finds a way to introduce her to them somehow.
  8. I'll be honest, unless him and his brother don't get along, you'd tell your sibling about a girlfriend you've been dating for one year. Have you seen pictures of him? Seen him on video? Spoken to any of his family members / friends? Has he met yours?
  9. She didn't say only friends, according to what you've told us it's friends first and then she'll see. So, you do have a shot. 🙂 She wants to get to know you first. Also, I think calling you handsome is flirty. I genuinely think this girl is open to the idea if the connection is right. How are you guys connecting at the moment? Like hanging out, phone calls, etc? (I'm aware COVID makes things difficult.) I kind of understand you as I over-think a lot too.
  10. I'm no expert but I hope this helps: I remember having expectations in my mind of how a date should behave like (e.g. sharing food, paying on the first date, etc.). Well, I found out that this affected the vibe I was giving and I was pushing men (subconsciously) to act a certain way, which is a huge turn-off. I figured that because men are different, I better learn how to ditch those expectations and enjoy the ride. Basically, my sole expectation should be getting to know whoever I'm dating. Obviously, easier said than done but worth trying. Note: I'm still learning... Maybe he didn't
  11. In my experience, generally calling someone 'bro' or 'mate' signals that both of you are just 'buddies'. In fact, I use this when speaking to men I'm not romantically interested in, so they know where they stand. So, IDK. Anyhow, wanting to take you out again is a good sign. I hope it works out for you!
  12. Trimmer, why don't you feel compatible with this world? You're more than welcome to create a new post regarding your situation. We're here to listen and help you in any way we can. 🙂
  13. So sorry, Seraphim. A big hug to you and Shay.
  14. You do the right thing and then you get scolded for it. Excuse me for believing in social distancing in midst of a pandemic.
  15. As a lover of novels and the occasional self-help book (I am quite picky about those), this topic is very much my cup of tea! Awesome, Batya! 😁 I believe that any appropriate novel can incite you to a fabulous journey of self-discovery. Siddharta comes to mind. It certainly challenged the way I view the world and humanity. So did The Great Gatsby - absolutely enjoyed both books! Whether a novel or self-help book, I feel that you have to find a suitable one that speaks to you personally, that you are able to connect with, defies you yet brings you joy. Whilst some peeps might unearth
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