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  1. You're welcome. Reflecting on my own life experiences, being upbeat and happy (smiling, laughing, enjoying the workout) is attractive. So, whilst you're backing off, still keep that positive vibe. Should he be truly interested in you, he'll be drawn to that vibe and seek you.
  2. A few things pop into my mind: - Not everyone who has a social media account, uses it regularly and some people are selective about who they add onto their social media account. - People who don't want to chat with you will find a way to cut conversation short by not asking you questions or saying things like "I've got to go", "See you tomorrow". - Not everyone who is interested in talking to you will volunteer information, but someone is more likely to do so if interested. - Someone who is genuinely keen on you is more likely to treat you differently than everyone else. - When someone is really interested in you, they are enthusiastic. Like very happy to see you, wanting to hear more from you, etc. As for body language, they say the direction of the feet show where someone's interest is. So, when he's talking to you where are his feet pointing at? The nearest exit, someone else or you? It seems that at the moment you're just gym acquaintances.
  3. This. Happiness, I find, is a choice. I may not always feel joyful but, as Lambert mentioned, still be happy in life. I choose to smile, even when circumstances around me are dire. Lambert said it brilliantly: My story is an ongoing one - life doesn't have a pause button - , where one day I learnt to accept that I'm a constant work in progress and took it from there. I can assure you that right now I'm facing stuff that you could write an almost harrowing blockbuster about. My decision is to keep smiling whilst I work on what I can control and let go of what I can't. Am I always upbeat and cheery? No, I'm only human. Still, despite rubbish hitting the fan, my choice is to keep on smiling. So, how do I go about it in practical terms? I make it a point to 'nourish' myself with positivity, anything that brings joy and enriches my life, like watching positive movies, engaging with good friends and activities that are relaxing. I also find things to smile about. For example, the sun is shining, a bird is chirping, reading a really good book, enjoying a cup of coffee, etc.
  4. Bolt, sorry to hear about your senior kitty. Thinking of you.
  5. Even the most guarded individual is likely to open up more than usual in an appropriate environment with the right person. Some people have that incredible personality that is conducive to elicit deep conversations. It's like the way they interact with you, it puts you so much at ease that you feel comfortable and safe sharing stuff with them. Do you follow me? How comfortable do you feel about opening up to him, when you're together?
  6. I feel like she felt pressure when you asked her why you don't meet more often. You're not in sync as you're going at different speeds. Thus, she pulls back. I'd say respect her space, take it easy, yet keep flirting and doing fun stuff with her. You could win her over if she notices through actions that you understand her. Definitely show interest and ask her out again, but respect her wishes of going at her speed. Show her that you've listened to what she said. She'll surely respect that. By the way, not everyone is keen on texting. So don't fret if she's not into it. Spending time together is more valuable than receiving constant texts anyway. You're not officially dating or anything, so you're able to meet other women as well.
  7. Right, so there may not be an actual 'love' triangle, but the idea is still the same. You're drawn into an already complex situation. Moreover, you seem to desire a woman who plays games, when there are so many attractive quality women available on the planet. What's so appealing to you about this whole situation? I recommend you mull over that question, do a bit of self-reflection. There might be valuable insight for you. 🙂
  8. Look, I'm honestly not here to judge you. For some reason you're really intrigued by her, which is fair enough. It's just that my instinct would be to flight, after hearing what you shared about Becky and Steve. I tend to run away from those situations, simply because 'love triangles' and people who play games aren't for me. Why not focus on attractive available quality women? A much better way to spend time in my opinion. 🙂
  9. Honestly, that world you're describing screams havoc. By reacting, you're making her the protagonist and giving this situation more importance than necessary. Why? What's the appeal to be part of such a toxic environment? My advice, extricate yourself and best to not give her or her cronies any more thought.
  10. I see. I know it hurts when the other person doesn't want the same reality as you right now, but you will get through this. 🙂
  11. I see. 🙂 So, let me get it right. She handled it well, you don't want to be a place holder, you're not looking for validation. Ok. Then, you talk about solving it via a conversation. What specifically would you have liked (or would like) to solve via a conversation?
  12. Honestly, my initial impression after reading everything you wrote is that she is confused. It may be a BS excuse or a 100% genuine one. That's where it's at, unfortunately. Remind yourself that it's not you, it's her inability at the moment to give you a logical reason (that clicks in your brain) as to why she suddenly switched gears. I'm talking about that 'aha moment', where suddenly everything makes sense. So, therefore take it easy on yourself. Plus, it takes to two tango. Also, the way I see it is that slip ups are part of life. We all slip up. And whilst it's surely easier to get along and connect when things are flowing nicely, I feel that when we find ourselves in quicksand that's when we discover whether we're truly suitable for each other. Ultimately, how do you feel about the way she handled this situation?
  13. Doing some artsy stuff sounds like fun. However, I'd recommend you omit the "if you want", "I'm not sure" and any expression that doesn't exude confidence. In other words, be confident when asking her out. I hope it goes well for you! 🙂
  14. A like is just a like, a follow is nothing more than a follow. As to whether you'd like to contact her, I'd question why I'd like to get in touch with her, whether I'd benefit from it or not and then decide.
  15. How do you know for certain that she isn't interesting in dating you? She may be going through a lot, but maybe dating you would be a pleasant change. All I'm saying is, ask her out for coffee and see whether she might be interested in dating you. As for her moving overseas one day, nothing has been set in stone until she has the airline tickets. All the best! 🙂
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