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  1. Great to hear that you've got a plan! 🙂 I know that living at home is unbearable right now, but soon you'll be chasing your dream - the military. Focus on that. I'm sure there must be some training you've got to do, preparations, etc. Some posters here are military spouses and whatnot, so it's a good opportunity for you to get some tips / info.
  2. CrazyWife, that's great to hear! Wishing you all the best. 🙂
  3. You mentioned he's been like that even before the pandemic. Yikes! Living with someone so difficult doesn't sound easy. So here is my honest suggestion: Device a realistic plan and act on it - for example, get a job to save money and meanwhile apply to a college / university far away from home. The idea is for you to be able to leave home as soon as possible after you graduate. Does your mum have a say in all of this? What's her opinion? I'd like to know as well.
  4. Oh boy. Big hugs to you, Seraphim. I hope your mum is okay. SooSad, big hugs to you as well. I hope your mum is okay, too. ❤️
  5. Have you tried looking at your situation from a different angle? There's a reason she follows "tough love" that has nothing to do with you but her. Maybe 'tough love' is the way she grew up, maybe she's never really experienced empathy and therefore doesn't know how to show some, maybe 'tough love' is how she copes with life and thus expects others to follow suit, etc. And just because she claims that her marriage or whatever is blissful doesn't mean there aren't any hiccups. Being vulnerable and sharing what's really going on isn't easy for everyone. Have you spoken to her about how
  6. Stay safe, Capricorn! I heard about the flooding in NSW. Yikes!
  7. As other's have suggested, ask her out and make sure your crush knows it's a date (not just two friends hanging out). All the best! 🙂
  8. This is my guess, provided you've hang out with them or spoken to them for some time at a party, etc. - the women you meet aren't attracted to you. I'm not referring to the physical sense (though that is important to a degree as well), but personality or attitude wise something is missing for them to feel smitten by you. I remember, a long time ago this wonderful guy being totally into me. A good-looking gentleman who would've made a great boyfriend. But somehow something was missing. The best way I can explain that "something": connecting with someone on a similar level, like they '
  9. I need to ask this as it would give us a bit more insight. How many drinks do you usually have? You also mentioned that you've only been together for 5 months, how did you guys meet? Blackouts can be a sign of excessive drinking, spiked drinks or medical reasons, losing weight unexpectedly can happen due to medical reasons - but I'd rather not jump to conclusions and I'm not a doctor / specialist. It's certainly not normal. Having sex with an unconscious person is definitely not okay. It's actually quite worrisome! As others have suggested, going to a doctor for an evaluation would b
  10. It seems to me that you are both trying to force a deadline, in the sense that moving in together has to happen asap even if you haven't properly worked out some of the logistics yet. What I'm also sensing is that you'd be moving to his place (it's his furniture, etc.) rather than a home, where stuff belongs to the two of you and you've got equal decision making power. Does that make sense?
  11. From what you've described, you both seem to have different values. Do his values (overall) actually align with yours? Something to think about.
  12. It honestly would help if you were more specific, like how are you needy or annoying? My guess, and it's just a guess: Living during a pandemic can be exhausting and energy draining, especially since the pandemic adds another layer to whatever else we were facing before. So, having to deal with other stuff on top of it, on a regular basis - there's now less mental capacity to do that. Ideally, you'd want to be with someone who is going to make life more enjoyable and easier during this season.
  13. That's great! Why not give him your movie list with your number on it? 😉 I feel that giving an interested guy your phone number suggests him to call / text and set up a date, whereas exchanging social media tends to lead to endless likes and chit-chat. Even if he were really that passionate about food, I believe he's interested in getting to know you better. ETA: Obviously, with covid, lockdowns, etc this "date" wouldn't be like the traditional dates we're used to.
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