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  1. Ooppps so sorry I only just saw your comment for some reason! Well I've been doing online dating the last three months but it's really not going well. Some dates/people online have legitimately been a bit of a disaster lol I'm leaning towards using my friend as a donor because he's been talking about it a lot and now actually seems to want a child. He seems to want to co-parent. The problem is I think I need to hurry if I want to do it with him because he said he wants to start dating soon and doing online dating. So if he finds a woman who has an issue with this he might change his mind. He
  2. So what about this guy actually seems appealing? He sounds like an all around terrible human being!
  3. Well I still think you'll get more of a result actually trying than not trying at all.
  4. Well do the dudes have any sisters or female friends? Do they throw any parties or go to any events with female friends? I think you need to network more! Most of my friends are female as well but I still met guys through them. One ex of two years was actually my friend's son because my friend was a 60-year-old woman (I was 23). She was my classmate at university. Yes, super weird but just shows you can meet people anywhere. Another ex, one of my female acquaintances set me up with him. Basically the rule of thumb to meet the opposite sex is to really put yourself out there. This might s
  5. Well I definitely wouldn't think you'd stop meeting other people only after a couple of dates. You really need time to get to know a person and be sure how you feel about them. I wouldn't necessarily say that just because he updated his profile, he doesn't like you. He doesn't know you much yet so he probably still wants to get to know you, but he's open to meeting other people too. I know some people might just focus going on dates with one person at a time. But I think most people don't actually do that.
  6. Yes, personally I'm a desperate 36-year-old single woman so if you were my age you'd be a total catch to me 😂
  7. OK so what are you planning to do differently this time? Maybe you made some mistakes, maybe you didn't, but that's in the past now. Don't keep being angry at yourself and try to forgive yourself. Also the right person who loved you would have allowed you a bit more time to open up and improve. So it's not all just on you. It's not the end of the world. You still have another fifty years to live provided you don't chug wine at the same rate as I do 😂 This guy wasn't: "The one that got away". He's "A" guy that got away. That's what dating is, you date people and you see how it goes. Of course y
  8. I'm sorry, I know you don't want to hear it, but unfortunately because we're not your therapist and no we are not getting paid, people on this forum will be blunt about things as they see them. Remember too that we don't know you or anything about you and it's actually you telling us your story. And it's from that story that we get the impression we get. The way I see it is that it's not 100% possible that you were totally closed off and not showing your ex how much he meant to you. Because you were crazy about him and excited to be with him. I'm sure he could see that. You have to rememb
  9. Well to be honest I find it kind of weird that she met up with her ex a few times just to say she's not interested. Especially considering she's been dating you exclusively for at least a month and overall dating three months. So especially as she's not single then why is she meeting her ex? I think she could have told him she's not interested by text or phone. And even if she thought it's kinder to do it in person then it wasn't necessary to meet him more than once. Why does she need a few meetings just to say she's not interested? I'm guessing maybe she still had some feelings for her e
  10. Well I actually think if after two years your girlfriend has legitimately started to avoid hanging out with you then you're not over thinking. You're in a long-term relationship so it's not really normal that she doesn't want to spend time with you anymore. If nothing is wrong with her life otherwise and she's still the same person and socialising with others then something is up. I think you should talk to her about it directly and ask what's going on. You deserve to be with a girl who is invested in your relationship and wants to be with you and spend time with you. If she's drifting off fro
  11. Well I'm not sure if my response will be helpful because I'm a 36-year-old woman and I had my first boyfriend and did some sexual stuff when I was 16 and pretty sure I had sex when I was about 17-18. But honestly just because some people have sex or date when they're younger doesn't mean that there's something wrong if you haven't done it. My ex fiance lost his virginity at 20 and some other male friends I have said they lost it in their early 20's as well. You are still young so it's not like you're a "40 year old virgin" like in that movie with Steve Carrell lol I know it's hard to be
  12. Well I think after two years maybe you should finally make a move and see what happens! You can message her and ask her to go on a date when she comes to your city. Then see how it goes and try to kiss her. But as I mentioned don't get your hopes up because you've never been on any dates at all and never kissed or done anything romantic. I think before getting invested you really should just take it slow and see how it goes. Just because you think each other is cute doesn't always mean it'll eventuate. But I think you should give it a go and in the very least see if you should pursue it or if
  13. I understand how you feel because I get into these negative thinking patterns too. It's hard to think about things logically when you're hurting and emotional. You say you haven't found anyone else. YET. You will find someone else! You broke up during a worldwide coronavirus pandemic where we've been in some kind of quarantine/lock down for basically a year now. I don't know about you but I find it pretty hard to find anyone when I just have to stay home 24/7 and the highlight of my day is walking to the supermarket wearing a face mask lol It's been a very hard year and in lockdown I fou
  14. I understand, "love is blind" and all that! Been there! But honestly it seems to me like you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. In other words you are just too different on too many important life goals and values. The goals, beliefs and values are actually the most important part of a relationship. In your case they really don't actually match. When people talk about compromise in relationships it's not about the really big things. The stuff a couple would be compromising on would be only small, like little everyday things. Nobody should have to actually change who they rea
  15. After you got all that previous advice and he was hiding you, you got back together with him for another year??!! I'm not judging you but PLEASE don't think so lowly of yourself and your self worth that you stay with guys like this! It seemed pretty obvious there was something really dodgy going on and you ignored it for two years! I really hope you won't have such low standards again and you'll be with a guy who actually wants to be in a real relationship with you.
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