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  1. Well dude you really dodged a bullet there! Only a bad person would repeatedly cheat and lie, and above all else blame you for it all. If she wanted to break up and be with that guy then she should have had the guts to actually tell you! Instead she kept saying everything was your fault! It's her problem if she can't handle that people on YouTube like you and she was clearly jealous. She sounds very insecure. Even if she actually thought you don't love her, that's because she's in her own head. She's the one that has issues. After five years she just went and did this to you behind your back.
  2. Why is it laughable? You are in the US. I'm in Australia. Here we have only 21 million people in the whole actual country. Australia population wise is a very small country. Actually I am very much in the dating scene and I will agree with you that it's not going well. However I won't comment fully yet because I've only really been single for 1.5 years and I haven't been dating constantly which was due to the COVID pandemic lockdown that lasted nearly a year. I have been going on quite a few dates pre lockdown and since as well, which has been since last November. During lockdown I actually wa
  3. Well I think if someone wants a child, they should do it. I just imagine it ends up being a huge regret once it really is too late. E.g. If the woman is pre menopausal or man is too old by that point. Altguy I think you can still have a biological child so if you want one then do it. IF you want to of course. I'm 36 and really want kids, but struggling to find anyone. I'm beginning to get very stressed and I think I might just end up having one with my close male friend who also wants a child. My friend is 37. He's polyamorous and doesn't want marriage at all. But he wants to be a father.
  4. I think the main problem here just in general is not even that she's from the Ukraine, so different culture and language. But it's the fact that you're considering marriage with someone that you'd spent only three weeks with in person. I know you've been video calling and all that for a year and a half but you've barely had a relationship in person. I don't think you can really know someone well on video calls because you don't actually see all of that person's life at all. You don't see how they are at work, with family and friends, even how she is with her son all the time. You don't see how
  5. I don't think people are trying take you feel bad. Except maybe that some people made you feel bad that you do acid. I don't judge so I think as long as you're not actually addicted to drugs, it's not the end of the world that you do acid. I mean, everyone did it in the 50's and 60's lol I tried acid only once and I had the worst trip ever! I was absolutely terrified and paranoid and no amount of friends trying to soothe me or taking Valium helped. I was sitting in my lounge room at like 4 a.m. eating toast, when I put down the plate of toast and the plate was sliding along the table all on it
  6. I basically agree with everyone else...Also you mentioned you want a family. You are happy to be a stepfather and not have children of your own? I'm not sure how plausible this plan is for you, but I think you should move to a very big city and look for friends and a girlfriend/wife there. Why have you been living somewhere that you don't fit in and you have no opportunity to meet women either? I mean, I am actually genuinely curious why you've been living there. I'm not just having a dig at you. I understand you divorced 12 years ago but why did that mean your chance at finding a real relatio
  7. We are not worried what you do but you are the one posting here asking if your boyfriend's friend is flirting with you. Yes, he probably is, but you are also flirting with him and acting inappropriately. You are encouraging him. Sorry you didn't like that we picked up on that.
  8. Well it's not a crime to want your own biological child though. She doesn't have to want to adopt just because you want to. She may be running out of time to actually meet a man but a woman can have a child from a donor anytime. In fact I'm leaning towards using a donor myself. I think she still has that option. With assistance from IVF she may be able to have a baby. If you decide not to have one then of course she'll need to make a choice if to stay with you or not. It's your choice if you don't want a baby but then she can choose to stay or leave. Although you have actually lied to her beca
  9. Well I'm not sure if it could be published because I don't play any musical instruments myself and have zero experience in the music industry. But I like the lyrics so I can say that much! Do you write a lot of poetry and lyrics? I've always loved writing poetry too, since I was a kid.
  10. I know you love your wife and above all she accepts your daughter. But you said to her that you would want to have kids and she agreed to marry you based on that promise you made. If you changed your mind then that is your choice, but you should then leave your wife and let her meet another man or have a baby on her own. You promised her a child and she came to America and married you thinking that was going to happen. As you said, she left a good job and all her family and friends behind in the Phillippines. She had been a good stepmother to your special needs daughter. She doesn't deserve no
  11. Well I'm a 36-year-old woman with no kids and it's been really difficult for me too. I think dating is just very hard in general. If you think that having your daughter may be the issue, have you tried dating guys that also have kids? I mean, they can't reject you for having a child if they have kids of their own. Unfortunately yes maybe some men who don't have kids either want to meet a childless woman and have kids of their own, or maybe they don't want kids at all, so don't want to be a step parent. But some childless men may still be fine with it.
  12. Yes I think unfortunately you're friend zoned. She could be a lesbian or she did have some sexual assault trauma and she doesn't feel comfortable to become intimate. Regardless I don't think she's interested in dating you. There is nothing you can do because if you push her, you'll just be acting kind of creepy. It's her choice if she wants to date you or not. And she said that she doesn't. She knows you like her so she has been leading you on and playing games with you. If she was your true friend then she wouldn't have you sleep over and cuddle you. She would have boundaries and wouldn't be
  13. Wow this is so horrible! I am so sorry that all this has happened to you! What your partner has done to you is really unfair and selfish. However you have also played a role in this and that role is that you actually decided to stay in a relationship where your partner didn't want to have sex with you for ten years. I understand that you didn't know the real reason and he had deceived you. But what you did know is that he didn't want to have sex with you, that information you did have. You then had a choice if to stay in a relationship with no sex and you made the choice to stay. So that was a
  14. Well I'm not sure if maybe he's just looking for something casual? If it's more of a casual sex thing then he's not really required to text you all the time. So that might explain why you haven't heard from him in two days. To be honest though it doesn't really sound like he's that into you for dating. I'm just thinking if that was me on a date with someone I really liked, but I didn't feel well and cut it short, I'd be messaging them straight away. I wouldn't want them to feel offended and lose interest. So I'd probably text straight away or the next day and say something like: "So sorry I ha
  15. Well I also think you're acting inappropriate. You have a boyfriend and R had a girlfriend. I don't think you should keep going to the bar and hanging out with him and doing shots with him on your own. You shouldn't be letting him drive you home so much and be alone with him in the car. He's your boyfriend's friend so why are you alone with him so much? You're acting inappropriate. If he is flirting with you, that's because you actually encourage him. Whether that's because you actually secretly like him a bit too, or you have poor boundaries. You didn't let him sleep next to your friend becau
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