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  1. Yes. I’m not very naive. It’s not like I’m in high school and getting these crushes. I’m in my 30s now. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others. I’m not saying I’m an expert at reading people cause there’s still always some mystery (which makes it more fun). I’ve also been into some girls where I can tell it’s not fully reciprocated. Honestly those attractions don’t last as long because it’s best when it’s mutual and that’s what this was. Appreciate the encouragement and advice.
  2. I mean I’m just so happy she wants to hang out right now. So we’ll see. Even if it’s friends at the moment I’ll take it. Being ignored was really making me upset so I’m happy she replied.
  3. Great post! And it makes sense. I honestly didn’t wanna argue with people here cause I know they were maybe trying to help but it was driving me a little crazy with the “she’s just being nice” “she’s not interested in you” “this isn’t a meant to be situation”. I couldn’t really convey the vibe and connection over a thread and if I tried to I dont think it would have gotten across. My female friend who was at the event even came up to me afterwards and said “who was that girl? She’s clearly into you” So I really thought I wasn’t going crazy. But I agree with everything you said. And who knows. Maybe she still doesn’t fully want to date yet. But there’s a clear connection. The energy is so undeniable.
  4. Hey all! Great update! She texted me today! She apologized a lot how long she took. She said she’d love to hang out and that she’s been a fool for holding back. She said she rarely dates and has guilt saying no which is why she doesn’t respond to texts. But she knows that’s a flaw and wants to work on it. However she’d still love to hang out with me as she always has fun talking and getting to know me. So happy ending. So far. Haha. Of course well have to see. But I’m so happy to get the chance to take her out and get to know her better.
  5. I’ll have to think about that. I hate to call her and put her on the spot. That might turn her off completely and come across very aggressive. Id rather let it go for now and if the opportunity happens to present itself I can address it then. I’ve become pretty spiritual lately so I feel like God is telling me to let it go for now. If it’s right for me it will present itself again. 😊
  6. Thanks. But you keep forgetting I’m not even sure if/when I’m gonna see her again. By then it might be too late.
  7. It’s certainly possible. But that would be a little unfair. She should remember I asked her out once already and that maybe I was a little hesitant to do it again. I didn’t wait a week. It was the next day. There were times I texted her and she took a day to respond as well. It’s possible but if she were truly interested one day shouldn’t put her off that much. Especially for someone she knows was interested in her at one point and she turned down. But these are things that would be great to hash out in person. Maybe our communication is a little off.
  8. Thank you for the reply. It all makes sense. I was just surprised cause she honestly seems sooo nice and innocent that I never expected her to just do something cause she likes the attention. Of course you never know and i don’t know her THAT well but the little I do know her it just didn’t really seem like that. You’re totally right though that I’m overlooking her not even replying as being rude. Others on this forum think that’s ok to just ignore someone instead of replying which i think is strange. I think in certain circumstances it’s fine but not with someone who is sort of a friend, you’ve had quite a few convos with and have exchanged numbers with and texted with (I didn’t even ask for her number. She gave it to me). Even if she wants to give me a no that’s a soft way of doing it like “I’m too busy right now” or “I’m not really in dating mood” I can take the hint. But straight up ignoring I think is a little rude.
  9. You are so right about this. I’m not just flat out assuming. I’m not that arrogant!! Haha. There’s a vibe, energy. You both sense it! That’s what I thought this was.
  10. Other than her not replying to text, nothing explicitly. I will take your advice. Problem is who knows if/when I’ll see her again.
  11. Yea. I’d also say it’s a little different for men than it is women. Like I said I’ve never been wrong (until now maybe) that a woman wanted to date me or at least wanted to hook up with me based on signs.
  12. Yea. I usually sense it by body language and the way they talk, smile at me. When I catch them looking at me while I’m not paying attention. There are usually signs and those were all there. Not to mention the conversation was very good and the fact that there are plenty of other men to talk to at these things. She’s always by me. I’ve seen other men hit on her when I’m not around and she usually gives them the cold shoulder. So the feeling was strong. Which is why I got confused.
  13. You’re right. It’s typically mutual and I’m very rarely wrong when I feel it the other way. Actually this may be the first time it’s happened. Haha. So that’s why I’m a little stunned, sad and writing on this forum for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever had the sense someone liked me and been wrong before. And now that it’s happened I’m taken aback. Oh well. And like I said yah never know. Maybe I’m not wrong. But I’m not gonna dwell on it. I’m dating 2 other women right now (don’t worry. It’s early on and we are feeling each other out). So I don’t have trouble meeting women and feel I’ll be fine. And I like both of them so we’ll see where it goes. But neither of them hit me like this other one. But sometimes with time more feelings can develop. We’ll see.
  14. Maybe it’s easier for you. I don’t fall for girls easy. I fell for this one hard and was smitten. I’m allowed to be sad for a little while. I’m not saying I’m never gonna date again. I won’t lock myself in my room and cry for days. But it’s ok to feel a little sad. It’s part of life.
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