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  1. Hi 🙂 Yeah, it would be very shallow and hypocritical thinking imo. Has he asked you out on the last two dates? If yes I see nothing wrong with you contacting him and asking him out. If he rejects you, well then you have your answer and can move on. And if he agrees, even better 🙂
  2. I mean if he doesn't want to continue with you because you had sex on the first date that tells you a lot about him, right? After all he had sex with you too and from what you write, you are not a big fan of these double standards. Then he is just not the right person for you. I had quiet a few relationships start with sex on the first date. The only reason to have sex with someone you need is because you want to have sex with them. No matter if date no1 or 100. What happens after that you can not control. Also no matter if date no1 or 100.
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