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  1. I know if he went and talked sexually or to hook-up with that Fake account, he will never mention it and that's why I don't want to confront him either. I just want a last chance proof to trust or not to trust and leave without any explanations needed.
  2. If I caught him I will not confront him at all. I will leave it as it is and I will confirm and leave him for good. I only need proof, not gut feeling only.
  3. I do trust him, but some things are unexplained. my instincts is confused right now....
  4. We meet every week and we stay for a week and so. its getting better actually but we discussed the open-relationship situation but he says he hates it and don't want it. what happened before is getting better, but I'm not sure anymore. its not him its me... trick and detective situation because he met up with his ex-hook up who he says they are only friends, he told me about him before and he was honest about it. but he didn't tell me he met up with him and went out until I sucked the information from him. I just wanna make sure is he honest or not.
  5. Lately, my boyfriend is acting weird, going out without telling me. he met up with his ex-hookup and went out with him. he came back with scratch marks in his back he answered it was from work, I knew about the met-up by accident. now I'm planning to do a trick to examine his loyalty, I'm gonna do another snapchat account (looks real from personal and snap-points) and try to talk to him for a hook-up or a one night stand and see how he responses. the question is do you think its a good idea to relief my thoughts??
  6. We met three months ago, we dated, and it was going very well, he is a Capricorn and I'm a Taurus, both male. we were so connected, and we planned so much for the future, even getting in a serious relationship and maybe marriage. but last week we had a fight that he wants to live the night-life (Nightclubs and partying) I wasn't welcomed because of his friends. I was looking after him from snapchat feeds on my friend's phone and I called him saying I hope you enjoy it. when he came back, I welcomed him with all love. next day, he started changing, he said I have to enj
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