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  1. I am however not comfortable being in this girl's body .... im basically stuck
  2. I have my siblings but as i said my family is homophobic i haven't came out to them i only came out here and to my bf and online friends vrchat the game has made me feel more comfortable being trans
  3. My boyfriend is very supportive but he can't get me to the US yet so we have to wait....
  4. My name is Ryn, I'm a transgender guy I haven't started T yet I'm age 18 My Trans Life I was basically born as a female never felt like I was in the right body looking in the mirror is still hard I am not comfortable I have dysphoria so it's ofc a lot of discomfort. I plan to get T and Fully transition in the future It's been a tough ride and I am saying this for all trans ppl don't let ppl drag u down. I was body shamed by my own mom ofc i haven't come out to her btw i'm gay and transgender male so yeah... haven't came out to anyone but my bf but now ig now the world knows
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