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  1. What is an AMP? It sounds like you'd just be happy with a sex doll. Why complicate things with a girlfriend?
  2. I hope not! Ugh.. Yeah, the lack of due diligence and all of those other open positions at Job#5 never quite sat right with me. At the same time, I was looking at Job#4 with its second interview, its design test, and its thorough investigation of my references like, Really? Is all of this necessary? Now that I think of it, none of the other companies that I've worked for have vetted me so thoroughly. And I've actually complained about this in the past, so it's ironic that I would have a moment of internal rebellion when it finally did happen. When all was said and done, that
  3. Less unwanted pregnancies lead to less unwanted marriages. Agreed. For example, spousal rape was completely legal in the US until the mid 70s. Then one state made it illegal. It didn't become fully illegal until the mid 90s. It wasn't considered rape. Domestic abuse wasn't considered grounds for divorce until the mid 60s, and that was only in New York--and only if the plaintiff could prove that the plaintiff must establish that a sufficient number of beatings had taken place. Stalking wasn't even considered a crime until the 90s. Actually, before 1990, judges weren't required to c
  4. If you're not the pushy type, then don't be pushy. Be who you are. You don't want to get stuck constantly pretending to be something or someone you're not, do you?
  5. I think that the way this came about is very odd. Two days of drinking without contacting you... Staying in bed all day, crying.... Does she have trouble with addiction? Does she have a mental illness? Is she on any new medication?
  6. Not necessarily. Ask her out. Show your bravery. Don't wait for her to hit on you again.
  7. Good for you! I'm so glad to see that you're successfully moving on.
  8. I know. Bill's reaction is a whole 'nother story that I'll tell one day. But he came around. My boyfriend was actually pretty miffed at Bill, because I had been totally forthcoming with him about everything I was thinking and doing. It's not like I blindsided him. I literally told him that I was up to my ears in interviews only two days before I got the first offer.
  9. Part of me wants to continue the timeline I posted on April 2, for the sake of thoroughness. But I just can't find the motivation. I'm too.... checked out. That's probably a good thing. But I also still have a lot to say. I guess I'd better do a partial summary, because as I'm writing this, I need some way to keep track of things: Job#1: (a.k.a. "Bill") He was pretty miffed when I took the position with Job#5. But, I waited for him for over two months, and he never made me an offer, not even after I told him about the offer I got from Job#5. Job#2: Pursued other candidates
  10. You make it sound like your girlfriend is the whole problem. You're writing this like you're a camera man, and not actually a participant in the relationship. Don't forget, you invited her to live with you. Your enthusiasm has since faded, but you even went through a "nesting" phase with her. You both rushed into this; it's unfair to blame her for misinterpreting the depth of your feelings. She' seems willing to put in the effort to make small talk with your friends. Why can't you reciprocate? And why do you exclude her and (worse) invite your friends to weigh in on the matter?
  11. That's what I'm thinking. Sometimes you need more than nine months to heal after a break up. Give yourself some time. I know that's probably easier said than done, especially when your feelings are so strong. But that very intensity is what points to the fact that you're still processing your last relationship.
  12. I scratched that itch this morning. Ordered online at 7:00 AM (LOL!!) from the same deli that used to be in my dad's hometown. It moved to a neighboring town at some point. Confirmed that with my cousin the other day. Guess this plan's been in the works for a while (subconsciously)--I just didn't realize it until the sandwich was in my hands this morning!
  13. Yes. I think "taciturn" is a fair word to describe me. My mom used to tell people that I was shy (I hated greeting people when they came over to our house. I'd hide behind her leg). So, for a long time I thought I was shy. Then one day, I described myself to a friend as shy. She literally guffawed and said, "You are not shy." I realized that she was right. I'm not nervous or timid. I just prefer not to talk to people lol. Especially strangers. Once I get to know someone, I can be a chatterbox. But not always. If I walk into a room full of strangers, I am instantly overwhelmed b
  14. No. It's pretty rotten for people to say they approve of you, and to subsequently remove that approval. Best not to to commit yourself and your future to people like this. Sorry this happened.
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