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  1. I was in therapy for many years—seven total. I was a willing participant and fully embraced the experience. I am very familiar with the process and the benefits. This is not the kind of issue that I would bring to a therapist. Yes, I am affected more than id like to be. But my coping skills are healthy and I’m generally anxiety-free. There’s nothing a therapist is going to tell me in this situation that I don’t already know. In some ways this is just a residual microcosm of my prior experiences and I know how to process through. It does help to vent here and receive input from e
  2. Yes, totally! I'm unattached to the projects, actually. I enjoy them, find them interesting and challenging, and that is it. What's hard for me to deal with is the unfairness of some of the situations that have arisen out of circumstances that could have and should have been avoided. It really makes me angry to get pinned for a problem I didn't cause, especially when I did everything I could do to avoid it. That's what I have trouble with, the anger.
  3. They've already started the lead-in. I've been procrastinating. Mainly because the expectations keep shifting. I can't make a good case until I figure out what they expect from me.
  4. I will. The timing's a little awkward though because of what I've been going through with them. I don't feel completely confident.
  5. I do this. But there are several problems: 1) they often ignore emails/texts asking for clarifications altogether--I mean, it's astounding!, 2) one of them in particular--the main owner, Simon--minimizes every concern, and 3) ultimately it's not helpful to throw the bosses' errors back in their faces. Last month, I tried several times to get Simon to recognize a concern that I had with the information we were presenting in a report, and said that we should really delay so that we could properly QC it. I texted him and called him because he completely ignores his emails. His response to bo
  6. It's really not, though. And I think that may be part of the problem I'm having. For 11 of the last 25 years, I worked for world-class managers who knew how to run a tight ship. No BS. Just fabulous, fabulous business management skill. I think that good life has made me very impatient with inefficiency and incompetence. It's also my natural disposition to prefer meticulousness and mastery. I don't mind when someone gets something wrong. But I hate when they deny it and try to pass the blame. And when the owners won't be accountable, it infuriates me. Not exactly sure why that is. Ju
  7. Yeah... I can. Part of me suspects that they complain so that they don't have to give raises--I don't want to find out lol!
  8. This is the power that I desire! Where is it?! Why can't I stop fighting back? Absolutely. I've been working from home, so I try to be especially mindful because my boyfriend's here too, and I don't want to take it out on him. I actually say to him, "Listen, I'm really pissed off, so give me a wide berth today." That basically means, ignore me. No hugs or kisses. Pretend I'm not here. And he's really good about it. But I feel bad for doing that, even though I'm not actually rejecting him. There's this archaic phrase, "high dudgeon," which basically means "deeply offended" or
  9. I vent all the time in my journal. It's pretty helpful--especially since I can go back and see what I wrote at other points in time. It helps me to reassure myself that I'm not crazy!
  10. Thanks. Part of the problem is that my goals are in the order that I want them to be, and the level of responsibility that I have at this job is in alignment with my goals. If I can stick it out here for a couple of years, my resume will be awesome. I'm definitely willing to put up with crap in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish. But maybe I can be more effective in making things easier for myself. I'm just sick of being frustrated.
  11. Funny you say that, because just this morning, I started looking! If I had my druthers, I'd prefer to slug it out for at least two years. But I got so mad this morning that the job hunt just felt good. Self-soothing 😂 I also updated my resume, lol! But I'm always doing that because my career requires it. You make a good point about submitting it now... This morning, I looked up the top firms in my industry and created a spreadsheet. Some of these are large companies with an arduous online application process. Probably a good idea to get a jump on that. It does make me feel b
  12. In June, I took a job with a company that started out small, but which is in the process of growing rapidly. It's an exciting opportunity for me, career-wise. But I have had a lot of frustrations along the way. And I am not the only one. Since I've been hear, at least two people have quit out of sheer frustration from the way the owners are running things. I know what they were going through because I was on the job with them when it was happening. Now, I am in a different position within the company and facing new frustrations. The owners emphasize communication, but they the
  13. First of all, these feelings are not rare. They may be new to you, but people go through this all the time. It's infatuation, and believe me, it's meaningless. Really. Secondly, even though you have a lot of affection for your boyfriend, it is clear that he is not meeting your needs sexually. The feelings of infatuation that you have for your coworker are intensifying this problem. Be very careful here. You are starting to leap off into nonsensical directions, like "my coworker will give me kids!" I'm sure you know when you look at this statement that it's a ridiculous thought. Yet i
  14. Ok... Just thought it might be something to consider, since you said a lot of the women that you dated had unhealthy ways of dealing with things.
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