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  1. I started looking in early February and got the next job offer two months later, in April. I started the first week of May. Here is the timeline that I put together from that thread:
  2. I don't think so with my bio-mom. She has actually friended her duplicate profiles.
  3. Here's a good rule: ANY time someone tells you they are selfish and inconsiderate, believe them. She knows she's hurting you. She's selfish. Don't make excuses and try to minimize that ugliness. You're only hurting yourself. People like her will never change.
  4. Back when I was in the hell of my last job, my boyfriend said to me, "Why don't you just quit? We'll be ok." He said it a couple of times. I thought about it a lot. It was so tempting. Soooo tempting. One day, I even mentioned it to my mom. She said, "That's not you. You don't quit." I found that annoying. But she was right. As much as I dreamed of quitting, I didn't have it in me. I'm a terribly stubborn person. My boyfriend teases me that "Fck you I won't do what you tell me" is my personal motto. Anyway, I'm very glad I didn't quit, even though that job was horrible torture, and even though balancing a job search and job interviews on top of that horrible job felt like death. Because I didn't quit, I was able to interview from a position of power. If I had quit, I probably would have stumbled over simple interview questions like, "Are you currently employed?" More importantly, I would have felt uneasy about being unemployed, and (not being a sociopath) that anxiety would have shone through. __________________________ *That's a catchy lyric from Rage Against the Machine. He sings it to me. I sing it to myself, to be honest.
  5. You DEFINITELY will. It may not seem like it now, but you will. You got demoted in this relationship and you (understandably) didn't like it. His "stress" excuse sounds like a bunch of nonsense. I think he was starting to move on from this relationship and wanted to keep you as a fallback plan. You sensed that on some level, and you confronted him. But you did something else that wasn't too smart: you cried wolf one time too many about breaking up. Honestly, he probably liked that drama in the past, which is why it worked. But now that he's disengaging he saw it as an opportunity. Suddenly, you're clingy and he's some kind of rock star. Is this the kind of relationship that you picture when you think about 'happily ever after?' I hope not. I think you handled the interaction with the other guy just fine. But the ground fell out from beneath you when you tried to fling it in your boyfriend's face. Drama works sometimes, but then it doesn't. Think about that, and steer yourself towards a partner that you don't have to manipulate. Use this as a learning opportunity.
  6. What you describe is really bad. So bad, that I also wondered if you were a troll. The fact that you think this is normal behavior is going to be a big obstacle for you in life.
  7. Ooh. I just remembered: I don't think it's a technological problem because she has friended some of her own profiles! I wonder what the heck that's all about.
  8. I thought of those things, too. Could my progenitor really be a technologically challenged keyboard warrior?!?
  9. I would even cross out this last sentence. She shouldn't be strategizing about ways to impress him when he's making zero effort to impress her. Frankly, I think she should close the door on this. But if she's curious, I get it.
  10. I think I mentioned before that I've mapped out my immediate biological family to near completion. I've identified my biological father, his children, his grandchildren, his siblings, his siblings' children, and his siblings' grandchildren. It's similar with my biological mother. I've identified her, her siblings, her siblings' children, and her siblings' grandchildren. I did know my bio-mom's name going in, though. My mom (adoptive mom) flung it at me when I was a teenager, after an argument, and with some caveat of uncertainty. So, I always felt uncertain and I doubted that she gave me the correct name. But, it turns out that she did. It doesn't look like my bio-mom had any other children. For some reason, bio-mom has four--yes four--facebook profiles. All are private, and only one has a photo and it is of her dog. One profile has 23 friends, a second has 72, the third has 21 friends, and the fourth has 57..... I think this calls for an analysis lol. Her description says she "Works at I am disabled and I do not currently work," which motivates me to keep my distance a little bit. A couple months ago, my half-sister made contact with some cousins on our bio-dad's side, and their mother, his sister. My half-sister told me that our aunt may know my mom, and that she was willing to talk to me about her, and about family tree stuff. I contacted the aunt and she replied, but I haven't followed up. Any idea why someone would have four different facebook profiles?
  11. I wouldn't. That's very private. Just recently, my boyfriend started to experience a problem with his eyes that has us pretty worried. We saw my family the week that we discovered it. I thought about mentioning it to them, but something held me back. My boyfriend never told me not to mention it; I just didn't. So, I was surprised on our way home, when my boyfriend said, "Thank you for not bringing it up to your family." I felt glad that I didn't say anything! So, different strokes for different folks, as they say. This is a separate issue, and much more important. You should be getting support from your partner during your illness.
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