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  1. I’m not even sure who I am
  2. I did. I carried on with the couples therapy even though it was just me. I found it amazing. I left the building 2 kgs lighter every time. But I still have a ingrained part of me that just can’t let it go. And not only what he did behind my back, my disgust at what I did trying to hurt him back.
  3. Yeah we tried but he started pushing back. Saying he didn’t like or got anything positive about it. I think because the therapist was going in deep about why we were even there. He doesn’t really do personal stuff.
  4. I didn’t do anything until I found out about his infidelity, but I then lashed out and did things I regret. And yes 10 years ago and as far as I know no infidelity since. I’m not sure though, I’m always going to be suspicious.
  5. Thank you for your reply,sometimes I feel alone with my issues. What I didn’t put in my post was he did this to me over 10 years ago. But I’m made to feel bad if I ever bring it up. “Like get over it” im caught in a cycle of putting what is better for my ‘family’ or for me ? I hate what he has done to me and what his actions have made me feel like I should do. I was reckless and tried to make myself feel better by sleeping around. Of which I am totally disgusted by. i honestly don’t know what to do 😔
  6. I’ve already this to be glossed over, my husband cheated on me with a lot of people. Most were one night stands. One was him going to her house and, to what seems to me pretty much a relationship. Until one day I received a hand written letter telling me all about his activity. My life collapsed. I have so much more to say but, honestly. I just can’t. Can please someone else give me their opinion. Tia Lynsey xx
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