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  1. Same. I very much enjoyed the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Temperatures were freezing and we had no power and no heat for two weeks. We couldn't even shower because there was no hot water! I had a grand old time. Most of the people around me were not very happy, though. (I was born in Texas but was then adopted and grew up in NJ)
  2. I am the same way. After learning about my ancestry, and the fact that literally all of my relatives were out West well before Texas was a republic, I think it must be in my genes.
  3. I think you must be under some illusion of hope if you believe there are two options here. He's had every opportunity to make things work, but instead has chosen to find fault in you and pick fights with you. Everything about this relationship is about him. Like MissCanuck said, he wants to make sure that he can be happy being single before he ships you off. You don't factor. Start mentally checking yourself out of this relationship. Stop with the illusion of reconciliation. Focus on your departure from this relationship and be methodical about it. Don't rush. Do consult a lawyer.
  4. Yes. Ironically, they often have a high level of emotional intelligence. This is what allows them to blend in and deceive so effectively.
  5. Of course it hurts. But yes, you will heal. I know you want happiness, but he is making you miserable. You can't be happy when you are miserable. I agree with others that you should speak to a lawyer. Just to be sure that you don't inadvertently short yourself.
  6. True. I shouldn't have said, "the effect is essentially the same." The appearance is essentially the same, but the effect of a sociopath can be much worse.
  7. This changes my perspective somewhat. I didn't realize that you would not have a supportive environment if you returned to Australia. However, I do still think that you should cut from your husband sooner, rather than later. Your husband is an astonishingly self-centered person, and I think you would be better off without him for a partner. Can you live in the same house with him as just a roommate? I think it would be difficult. But at least you could save up money, and focus on developing a solid plan forward.
  8. A blackout is defined as a period of unconsciousness. She found out after the fact, which means she did not give consent. Many of the date rape drugs do not show up in toxicology reports. If this happened to me, you can bet your ass I'd be going to the cops. They will decide whether it is a crime or not. If the cops choose to do nothing, that's their call. But it will be on record in case it happens to somebody else.
  9. Yes, but this is beyond 'tough.' He's literally told you that he wants to dissolve the marriage, and that he doesn't love you. As you say, both of you fall into opposite sides of the relationship equation. It's one thing to fight for a relationship, but it's quite another to fight your partner for the relationship.
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