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  1. 🙂 Of course I have commitment issues, big time, but I don't really believe my case is that I want something I can't have. I am saying this because my brain does not function this way. Can I find other girls with similar personality if I start dating like it's a second job? Yes and no. Yes there are playful and witty people out there. No because I haven't met someone else who is as playful and witty. And it's not only this, she is a mathematician (big +), pretty (++), spent a lot of time in Greece and loves the culture(her parents had a house there), we worked together, I know ho
  2. If you forget your wallet on a bench in the park and you don't find it when you come back, who is to blame? you or the person who took it? In my opinion both. You can't change the world but you can change yourself and be less forgetful the next time. My point is, you need to take care of yourself because nobody else will and nobody else should, it's not their job. You can forget your wallet in the park every time and you can blame the thief every time but nothing will change. As for the "big fish eats small fish" mentality, I think you need to address your concerns to mother nature.
  3. The word “narcissist” is thrown a lot in this forum. I googled it to see what comes up because I always had a feeling what I picture as a narcissist is different than what most people think. The second link that came up on google is: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/am-i-dating-a-narcissist 1. They were charming AF… at first It started as a fairy tale. Maybe they texted you constantly, or told you they loved you within the first month — something experts refer to as “love bombing.”Maybe they tell you how smart you are or emphasize how compatible you are, even
  4. I am relocating to Norwich pretty soon, way sooner than I initially planned. A huge chapter of my life is coming to an end....
  5. Well, take a quick drive somewhere in the countryside and scream, let it out. Or smash some plates like a true Greek! It does help, I am not kidding. Be careful not to be the expensive crockery though.
  6. You are not the only one 😁 God didn't give me this joy. No girls glance at me and I barely finished elementary school but I do go to the church on Sundays, follow the Bible conscientiously and I am emotionally available for the partner I will never have.
  7. I was being sarcastic/facetious when I wrote "is there something that is not shallow?" Aside from some extreme cases like sadism, I don't pigeonhole personality traits/characteristics as good or bad, shallow or deep. I believe they are a double edge sword depending on how you use them. You can use a knife to cook, you can use a knife to kill, it’s your choice. First of all, what I perceive as charisma and charm (and the rest of these traits) is very different than what you and anybody else perceive as charisma and charm. This alone makes it very difficult to understand what Cherylyn
  8. Apparently Cherylyn addressed the wrong ENA member, especially with the "very moral character" hahahahahahahahahaha. I am wondering though why she cherry-picked charisma and charm only and not the rest. I will take a wild guess here; she considers herself good looking and intelligent, hence the cherry-picking. No judgment whatever the case, I just find it funny 🙂
  9. I am the youngest and the only non-British on the immediate team. I am the “diversity” lol. Half of the team is from Norwich and the other half is from Perth in Scotland (or areas nearby). I work mainly with the Scottish. I do like all of them, there is one a bit quirky but he is a good person. The rest of the team forewarned me about him, he suffers from a long-term health problem and some days he is in severe pain which makes him a bit abrupt and cranky during those days. Sometimes he is more chatty and funny, sometimes he is taciturn and abrupt with no patience. I don’t mind, I am
  10. Yes it is. I am not in your shoes to understand the situation completely and the dynamics in your family. From what you wrote your SIS seems to be too much on the taker side.... I guess I cherry-picked that particular sentence because it struck a chord. My mistake.
  11. Charisma is shallow, charm is shallow, appearance is shallow, IQ is shallow, talents are shallow... is there something that is not shallow? I think it's better not to obfuscate emotional unavailability with personality traits. In my opinion there is no correlation.
  12. Hmm I always thought letting your (generally speaking) kids stay with the grandparents is more like a favor for both the kids and the grandparents, not an obligation and certainly not slavery. Actually, I find it offensive offering to pay your parents to watch your kids (I mean from your parents' perspective). Again though, I am coming from a very different cultural background and the years I spent with my grandparents were the best years I had as a child. Idealistic you could say!
  13. Thanks Jib! I use two free software tools for editing. I guess I have to start using photoshop, the monthly subscription is not expensive, thing is, I am not consistent with photography, sometimes I don't take photos for months, it really depends on my workload/free time. But yeah, I need to start using photoshop to refine the pictures more. Also, I need to buy better lenses, I am hesitant though because they are more expensive than the camera itself................ 👀👀
  14. Random thought of the minute I feel pretty good these days, very happy with life in general. I dare say, I find life easy-peasy lol. I believe I know why, I will write about it another time 😊 On Tuesday the weather was amazing, it was sunny, good temperature, no wind…I went for a walk during the lunch break and after work. You can’t afford to miss these days in the UK, notably during the winter haha. As I have mentioned before, when the weather is good, Liverpool is glorious. During and after the sunset it is like being on a Greek island. The riverfront is absolutely beautifu
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