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  1. Why "gals" in quotes? I don't get what you are saying. Yes the psychology is different. It's like going to a job interview for a job you really want vs going to an interview for a job you dislike or you are lukewarm about it out of necessity. That simple. Just for my own curiosity, are you a man, a woman or a couple using this account?
  2. One of the best matches in boxing history! Legendary fight. Holyfield was a beast. I think I would prefer taking a bullet than an uppercut from these guys.
  3. I have a pretty bad cough since Monday. I think I caught it on the dance lesson on Monday. Plenty of people were recovering from being sick. It also rains heavily this week. Not my best days. She did in fact reach out. I forgot I gave her my phone number. I deleted my Tinder account as I got fed up but she texted me on my phone number on Wednesday evening. We texted back and forth and exchanged some voice messages. For some reason I don't believe she is interested but on the other hand she did reach out. Maybe she just want to expand her social circle or make friends and whatnot or wants a penpal or free therapy...I don't understand really. Funnily enough, the bartender from Barcelona texted me yesterday. Almost 2 months later. She asked me if I am still there....we texted back and forth this morning, exhanged a couple of voice messages too. I would be lying if I said that hearing her voice didn't make me smile. Her voice made me feel pleasant unlike the gal from tinder where her voice makes me cringe for some unknown reason. I texted her it's a pity we didn't get to know each other better when I was there, I really liked her. She told me she is so busy with the job hunting that she doesn't have time to even meet friends. She also said I didn't know if I liked her since I didn't know her. I replied chatting some hours in a bar is enough to gauge if there is attraction and there was from my side. She replied yes, it's enough to understand. She said if I visit Barcelona again to let her know. Most likely it will never happen. But damn, completely different psychology when you talk to a gal you like with one you at best pass the time or have sex.
  4. I noticed something recently. When I drink beer I am fine, I become a lot less uptight, more giddy and funny. When I drink whiskey it has the same effect at first but later I noticed an underlying aggressiveness. I am more tensed, more in the mood to start a fight (I never have this feeling when sober) and I am getting angry quite fast. It's the only time I would gladly engage in a brawl in the street/bar (which is stupid). Not good when you are on a date or with women in general. Need to remember not to drink whiskey again on a date.
  5. It was a good day yesterday, I only did relaxing things. Went to the shooting range, hit the gym, walked on the beach (with a coffee of course lol), visited the dance school to chat a bit, went on a date with a woman from tinder. Unfortunately, she wasn't what I am looking for, no chemistry or physical attraction (I think from both sides), it was like talking to a friend. Not that I gained anything from the conversation but I guess it was better than staying home alone. All the girls I have met through dating apps all those years, none would be someone who would approach in real life. These dating apps are pointless for something serious. As a my childhood friend told me the other day, someone who has probably f*cked half of Athens so far from dating apps, the chances of finding a girl who you truly like from apps are pretty slim. Anyway, it wasn't that bad, at least she wasn't a nutcase or anything. She mentioned something of visiting my neighborhood once she is back from her trip. I don't know if she meant it because I didn't get any vibes she liked me. Go figure. Not that I care to meet her again. Unless she sends me first and I am horny that day lol God, please mate, let me meet a girl like the Mexican girl and I promise, I truly promise, I will donate to the church and start attending the service on Sundays. I would even go to the church choir. But first the girl! Amen!
  6. You need to overcome your nervousness if you would like to be more approachable.
  7. The CTO of a middle size company in Germany (Irish CEO) pinged me on LinkedIn. I have to say I am flattered if CTOs try to recruit me, it feels good being wanted hehehe. However, I wouldn't even consider it at this point. For the next two years I have to stay at my current company, I need to see how things would pan out with the US transfer. I have to say, the youtube channel was the best thing I ever did career-wise. You start something for fun and for yourself and in the end this is your best card. That's why all my decisions right now are based on what my heart wants and not what logic dictates. I feel all these hobbies I started recently will eventually lead to something pretty good in the long term. Should have done this years ago. What can you do......you do better when you know better.
  8. No but I am not going to ask because every time I asked they brought girls I didn't like whatsoever. Which makes sense since they don't know my taste (and I am not easy at all). Then they say I am difficult and "ungrateful" implicitly. I can find a girl I don't like this is not the problem, the thing is to find a girl I like and the only person who knows what I want is me so I have to do it.
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha thank you itsallgrand! Views coming from you count as double for me 🙂
  10. I see the teacher doing these moves and although they look easy there are not. I mean to do it with style. When the teacher does it it's cool, when I try it's like a handicapped trying to dance lol
  11. Yes I do interact of course, chat in between and a bit after the lessons etc. But this is the extent, it didn't happen to find someone yet that I could get closer. However, it's not that I don't socialize, it's that all those interactions are superficial. I want something deeper, and to be frank, I believe the only way to find it is on a girlfriend. A girlfriend that I like and I find interesting apparently, not the ones in the dating apps or the ones I have met through friends because those don't cut it.....Who knows...Maybe someday the planets will align.
  12. I agree about the lying part which is a red flag. But dude, from the title "shocking truth" I thought we were talking about a murderer lol. In most cases, you need to add from 3 to 20 in whatever number a girl tells you. Not that it matters in the end and I think it's dumb to talk about numbers but hey everyone is different.
  13. On another subject, I don't think I can keep up with so many different activities (dancing, shooting, youtube, training and work) for very long. I will continue doing it for a year or so but then something needs to be dropped. The thing is, in whatever I do, I want to get better. So it's not only 1,5 hours of dance lesson once a week because I spend another 2 hours during the week to practice alone. It's not only going to the shooting range once a week, I educate myself about shooting during the week. Youtube videos of course could take from 5 to 20 hours per week from start to finish. Don't get me wrong I love all those activities, I wouldn't do them otherwise. I like many many different things. When I am on the beach and I see people sailing, I really want to try that too. It's sad we don't live long, I would need 20 lives to experience all the things I want. Paradoxically, my work is one of the few things in this world I don't like. Ain't life funny. But man, some days like yesterday I feel so lonely. I do chat with people etc but this does not feel the void. I don't have these days often but it hits me from time to time.
  14. My manager asked me to create a teaser for promoting the online workshop we hold next month. I went to the office yesterday to have a nice/professional background and made it. I posted it on my youtube channel. Initially he told me there is a dedicated marketing team which will help you etc etc. Where is it? lol I did everything alone again. Better this way though, I do it my way. At first he asked me if I can post it on my channel and I was hesitant because I didn't want my channel to get affiliated with any company. The company has an official youtube channel with technical tutorials but it's not popular so they wanted to get viewers from my channel. On the inside, I was thinking, that's sneaky, they want to use my personal channel for their benefit. Then I thought, if I get noticed inside the corporation it would be easier to have a reference to transfer to the US. I don't care much about promotion or petty pay-raises but I do care about moving to the US. I hope the presentation will fare well, I am starting to prepare. And also hopefully they won't forget using me to become more popular. I want something in return too.
  15. Bought a vlog camera and did my first video. I am telling you, I will do everything I wanted that I couldn't do so many years due to chasing jobs lol
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