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  1. I don't doubt it's nice to be a good looking woman. Don't get me wrong, if I had the choice of gender selection before I was born, I would pick to be born a guy every single time. Although dating is much more difficult as a man, in every other part of life it's awesome to be a guy. How is life from your side Jib ? life must be pretty awesome as a good looking woman especially when it comes to relationships, you don't have to do anything, you can just wave in the street and get a hot guy lol You don't have to chase, you don't need to get rejected one million times (if ever), you don't need to pay for anything, you don't need to have a good job, you don't need to be funny or anything, you have the whole world lol it must certainly feel good hahaha
  2. A woman around mid 40s honked the horn and waved at me with a smile whilst she was waiting in the traffic light (I go everywhere shirtless of course 😎), what a shame she didn't stop to get to know each other. She wasn't good looking but we are not picky if it's only sex 😎 Women really get rowdy when they are 2+ in a group. A car with firefighters (all women) drove past me when I was running and they started whistling. Next time I will ask to throw me money as well, how can I make money when I am giving everything for free, I am too generous and people take advantage of it 😎 This is how women feel when they get attention? I bet they secretly love it lol I like it for sure, the more the better, and if they pay for dates I would love it even more hahahahahaha
  3. It's a cruel, cruel summer!!!! I am kidding hahahahaha
  4. This is me with my father, he has this very typical 80s & 90s nerdy look lol Again with my father when I got my BSc. This is mom when she joined the Navy around mid 80s
  5. It's so hot here, 42 Celsius today. It's difficult to sleep, you need to have the air conditioner on all the time. I spent half the day on the beach, I am waiting now for the sun to go down so I can go out again, yes, it's so freakin hot lol Not that I have a problem, I am absorbing as much vitamin D as I can before I return to the UK. I have to find a place in Leeds until the end of August and I haven't searched much yet.... I am looking at some family photos until I go out ... This is my maternal grandpa (the one I write letters to in my journal, I loved him dearly, my favourite person in the whole world). The only merchant in the family, at least someone inherited his passion and ambition, he would be so proud. He is with bro here This baby looking questioningly is bro when he was 1 or 2. He was blonde but then his hair colour changed, strange huh?
  6. From some comments on FB I think the girl from my previous work got engaged indeed and it seems marriage is also in the near future. It's wrong. It's one of these (many) times HE f*cked up. This girl should have been with me. It's a mistake, I don't get it. When we walked together it felt right. I can't really describe the feeling, it just felt right. It's the only time I felt like this for a girl......
  7. Ts ts ts language. This is how ladies talk:
  8. Never got it either. Let's wait for people to reply. I am curious as well. Good to know that!
  9. Yes they are good hours especially when I am in Greece. In the UK, I prefer to start at 8am and finish earlier but when I am somewhere warm it's ideal because I can go for a swim or exercise for a few hours before I start work. I go for a run on the mountain hill and then for a swim I do have a hard time working though, I want to be outside all day and exercise, I don't care about databases, I don't care about bugs in production, I just want to be outside all day long...
  10. Finally weekend!!!!! Due to time difference, I start work at 11am here so I have a bit of time to swim in the sea or workout before work but it's not enough because I finish at 9pm and I don't have time for anything else. Today, I lifted weights for an hour and a half, went for a 45 minutes run, went to the beach with a friend, swam 1 hour, came back to eat watermelon and then went for 1,5 hours run again in the mountain. I got an awesome tan, I have the abs and the looks, now we are talking😎 Actually no, let's wait for next Friday which is the pay day, then we will be talking for real 😎 I got burned of course and I will get skin cancer but who cares, I love the sea and the sun, and the hot girls in bikinis lol😎 Can't wait for tomorrow to repeat the same. Ahhh, I needed that πŸ™‚
  11. Cocaine and girls pole dancing
  12. I read up to this, why would you even want to converse with a person who says things like that?
  13. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ legend
  14. I fail to understand the point here, is that a bad thing? I would take it as a compliment. I understand what the writer wants to say but he/she used a wrong example to illustrate his/her point. It's offensive to my 3.3% Italian blood lol.
  15. I need a yacht man, I big freaking yacht. Anything decent starts from 200 milllion+. https://www.superyachtsmonaco.com/sales/project-galileo-105 I have a very long way to go. I want a yacht, I want a yacht, I want a yacht.
  16. The property manager invited a couple of her childhood friends (mid 30s) to stay for the weekend. One of them stayed with her in the studio next door and the other one in the room next to mine. There is an issue with the toilet flush valve and it's a bit tricky to make it work. You have to try many many times if you don't know the trick. She used the toilet during the night but she couldn't flush it so when I went to the toilet the next morning, the toilet seat was closed and there was a note written in a toilet paper "It won't flush!!!!!". Damn, I laughed a lot. I met her downstairs later, she told me she wanted to use the toilet but she saw the note and she didn't use it. She asked me if it was me that left the note, I told her no (I was laughing on inside lol), she told me it must have been the other guy (my roommate). Lol. My roommate knows how to make it work, besides, there is no guy on this earth who would leave a note; and not only a note but a note with 5 exclamation marks hahahahahahaha I found it so funny she was embarrassed. If you are a guest in a house it's kind of embarrassing, I get it. For me it was funny, I know women poop too, and poop smells, it's ok hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. But again I am the easiest person on the planet with that sort of stuff.
  17. I haven't received the covid test results yet. They told me within 48 hours (but usually it's within 24 hours) which is tomorrow at 2pm. My flight is at 2:30pm. Come on now.............I don't need extra stress in my life. I have already paid 440 pounds so far and it's only for the one-way flight. Funny thing, yesterday and today were two of the hottest days of the summer. Murphy's law lol. I got a good tan today, it was nice. It's not enough, I need to swim in the sea. It's difficult to understand unless you were born by the sea. Don't get me wrong I like mountains but the sea is something else, it's magic.... I don't have to go to the islands (although I so much want to visit Santorini) because you can find equally beautiful beaches in Athens or nearby. Plus, I can keep my money and days off for international travelling. This is where I spend my mornings when I am in Athens. 15 minutes drive from my house. It's where the newly rich live, it's really beautiful, quite expensive, at least 500K euros for an average apartment I need to lose 2 kilos, time to get my abs back, I got complacent lately. By the way, yes, you can (and will) get bored even in the paradise lol
  18. Sleep is so important. When I sleep well the next morning (after the coffee) I am like "let's conquer the world", when I get less than 6 hours for 2 or 3 days consecutively I am like "life is so difficult". There are so many things I want to do in this life, so many places and countries to visit, so many achievements to pursue, so many skills to develop...Unfortunately, one lifetime, even without family, is not enough. So I only pursue the most important goals (for me). I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. The best part of my life is that I've structured my lifestyle in such a way where I can follow and satisfy my natural curiosity. I roll the dice and I have absolutely no idea about the results. Many times the outcome is not what I want, sometimes it is, the cool thing though is that I never know how things will turn out. It's like the chocolate Easter egg, there is always a surprise gift but you don't know what. Curiosity... is what moves the world forward.
  19. I am not saying she is a good person, it's very obvious she isn't. I am trying to understand from his side why he kept contact after the divorce.
  20. Or he still has some feelings for her or he enjoys the ego boost due to her jealousy.
  21. Funny you asked this. I used to workout 6 or 7 days per week and now I can barely do 4. The last two weeks were more relaxed with normal workload, still long hours but without the intensity since I am getting better. I can't complain, I like the job, I am satisfied on every level, I am learning new stuff, it has potential, it pays well, colleagues are good....I am just mentally tired. I managed to sleep 8 hours yesterday which is great but I still feel mentally tired. I took a day off today because I have to take the covid test which takes place in a small village two hours from Norwich. Under normal circumstances, a trip to Athens costs 150 pounds (200 max), now with the tests and the high flight demand it will cost 600+. It's crazy.
  22. Who wrote this? There is a mistake here. Greece should have been one age range before. And where is Italy?
  23. The team leader told me I work too fast and he can't keep up with me lol. Truth be told, except for one thing, I do execute fast lol It's getting easier as I am getting better but I am tired, very tired, I can't sleep well most days. I have to study for the Cloud certificate in my free time but I don't have the energy to concentrate which annoys me a lot. I am annoyed with my low energy levels, it's not good enough. It's also difficult to find a place in Leeds. I can't find anything decent close to the city centre. And now that I have the deposit and the salary for a nice house, I lost any interest in buying a house. I don't know why, it's strange. Anyway, I will try to work from Athens for a month and when I come back I will see what to do. My lease expires mid September so I need to have found a place by then. Given of course they will not track my IP and still have a job.
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