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  1. The idea of arranged marriages seems so alien. Can you imagine your parents picking your partner? It's laughable in my case. I can't imagine my parents finding me someone. They are both against marriage so the idea is preposterous in the first place, however, it would be fun to see what my parents would pick for me. I wouldn't trust my mother apparently, but I would trust my father, as a womanizer he knows his stuff lol. I wouldn't object to the idea though as long the bride is rich or very hot or take awesome blowjobs I am all in hahaha with emphasis on the last one, damn, it's mo
  2. This is true, opportunists are opportunists no matter how much money they have already. I know people like that. I guess you could say it's good survival instinct, it could be considered an advantage in many occasions. Well, I didn't have characters from James Bond movies on my mind when I wrote that lol. Now I am intrigued, I would like to meet her myself hahahaha
  3. Dude, do your thing, we are random people here giving opinions . Do what you think it's right for you.
  4. Something does not add up here. Very rich people buy green cards, they don't get married for visas, this is the procedure for poor opportunist lol. She must have been a very good con artist to sell this story so well. I never really understood these men who go to Eastern Europe or Asia or wherever for the sole purpose of finding a woman to bring to their home country like the dude in this thread. This is how generalizations are created. OP's story is the quintessential story of this kind. Let's put things into perspective. A guy who can't find local women for whatever reason thinks
  5. Appears is the key word here. The reality is the exact opposite. He will end up deferring to her. OP, I am not saying what you are doing is a bad idea. Bear in mind though, this is a transaction. Nothing wrong with that, if it's a win-win transaction then great, however, don't complain (or start making generalizations about Ukrainian women) if you think you got duped down the road because it's your choice. I wish you enjoy your life with her.
  6. I need to focus. My priorities in life are changing, no more adventures first, now money first. I need to get a couple of certificates for cloud technologies. If I were working on the latest technologies at work it wouldn't be necessary but now I have to work after work to cover what I should have been learning at work. I mean, it's so silly but this is how it works in software engineering, or you know the latest technologies or you are out of the game and you spent 5-6 years studying for nothing (let alone the debt and the negative ROI). They really make a lot of fuss about always keepi
  7. Me swashbuckler? You are making me blush my dear Yeah, life is always like this....ebbs and flows. I am sorry you are going through a rough patch. Not not worry, nothing lasts forever, ups or downs. Life is like swinging; ups and downs, ups and downs, almost never stagnant. Just remember, after the rain there is a rainbow 🙂 Running a successful business is difficult and your husband managed to do it very well, a temporary dip in sales due to covid won't change something in the long term, as we are returning back to normality sales will start picking up. The important
  8. Me or her or both you mean? lol She is definitely a flirt and very playful for sure, this is the reason I find her so incredibly attractive. I am extremely flirty as well but only with people who are like me. Honestly, the "there are many matches for everyone" is b*ll***, the last time I really liked a girl was 5 years ago and she was a clever stripper. Now this girl is something else, she checks everything on my list and many more. And I am a very difficult person to satisfy... I haven't met a girl like that before. I texted with a couple of girls on Tinder, one British and one Pol
  9. Who knows...now that my luck is changing...who knows what can happen in the future...who knows...maybe never..but maybe in a year...maybe in two years...maybe in 5 years...who knows....lol
  10. Not bad, not bad at all 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/NorwichEveningNews/photos/10159874057347241
  11. I am not surprised by the results either. Greece is a junction, all the races of the world have passed from there over the centuries. Greeks from the islands have definitely been mixed with more races as they were/are mostly seafaring people. The mainland has been influenced by other races. Add the wars, pillages and migrations over the past few hundred years and nobody is 100% something. I know I won't be 100% Greek, my paternal grandfather was a mountaineer from central Greece, my paternal grandmother was from Warsaw, Poland, my maternal grandparents' ancestors were from villages north
  12. The senior software engineer who was one of those who kept changing the requirements and disagreeing with the manager (and me) is back from annual leave. I was prepared to argue if he wanted to change the requirements again but to my great surprise he said I did an excellent job. One naysayer less, now it's only the manager who has to approve. Not busy today but I am haggard from last week's workload. I need holidays, I haven't had a day off since September. I booked my wellbeing day this Monday. I just want to chill. I feel very tired in general. I feel my batteries are empty. I o
  13. Yes, there is a good chance I will end up in London since most jobs are there. I don't want to move to London (like at all) if I could find a job with a good salary in another city (hopefully Norwich, I would like to stay here). However, it's either money or stagnation, there is no middle ground. I should be making double at least, I am way behind. Well, it's not something I can determine, it could take a year till I find something better and even if I find something now I wouldn't need to move for the next six months. So I am staying in Norwich for the next 6-8 months anyway 🙂
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