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  1. He is not your father and the is not a healthy dynamic. Bottom line, he should not be discussing his wife with you. Either you have boundaries or you don't. I am wondering what you were seeking when you started this thread?
  2. The dude should not be using you as his therapist. He also may be trying to set something up between the two of you.
  3. I can see it with the kids, but not the wife. It is inappropriate. I would consider him to be emotionally cheating- I'm certain his wife wouldn't appreciate it. It does not sound like you have known this guy for very long and so you would probably want to extricate yourself from this. You can also tell him that he should be working on this with his wife and it makes you uncomfortable.
  4. He doesn’t sound like much of a friend to me. He dumps you for another girl- so he was cheating on you while you were together- then gets involved with her shortly after. He then treats you poorly after he cheated on and dumped you. I would block and delete this guy. Who needs friends like this!
  5. C’mon. That’s what you got from this!? We all told you to dump him because he is a lying cheat! Stop making excuses by blaming yourself.
  6. Great advice! OP, I think it is odd that you continue with someone like this if you want to get married and have a future. He has no money, lives with mommy and daddy, takes money, and has not followed through. He is a bum! Why would you want to share a life with someone like this? Then, to do that to innocent kids, is criminal.
  7. I would rather have no one than have this. He is a man child . Not only would he continually disappoint you, but more importantly your kids. if you are looking to get married and have kids then why would you continue to hold on to this? Find someone who can offer you these things. This guy will always be a huge disappointment.
  8. Why do you allow all of this? This guy does not love or respect you. He is clearly cheating on and lying to you. Don't you think you should address your self esteem issues and get out of this nightmare. It's time to love yourself! Get tested for STIs!
  9. Do you think that you may not have opened up, because deep down you knew he was not suitable for a long-term partner?
  10. I think it is very important to seek therapy immediately. Has she ever taken meds?
  11. Can I ask what you get out of this relationship?
  12. For my friends it hasn't really been a problem. Two friends I know can be quite chatty and interrupt, but I let it go, as I they are dear and simply get excited and get carried away. One guy is part of a friend group, he can be a bit annoying. I liked your idea- a few others also suggested- about continuing to speak when he interrupts. He has gotten much better, as I stopped feeding into his crap. I no longer allow him to bother me and tell him he is being disrespectful- he has been told this by many. He shuts up, when you come from a place of calm. These folks can feed off of a r
  13. I can relate. I have had people deflect and others who excuse their own behavior, and I know that they are not true friends- they are no longer around. I had an idea of how things would go last night, and after she pressed me for answers, I told her. I told her that I did not want to discuss something serious on her birthday, but she said she wanted to hear it, as she could feel something was off. I told her everything that I had stressed in this thread. It is so frustrating when folks respond in this manner, especially if you have to deal with them (your family) I am sorry th
  14. Check this out: https://www.joinonelove.org/signs-unhealthy-relationship/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA9P__BRC0ARIsAEZ6iriQ3xp2YV9RmdfCmiw4kprAb--00QUBsy1Ayh9gOjovdo6Mrna_j5gaAt-cEALw_wcB
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