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Community Answers

  1. If you have “compassion and empathy” for your child, then why are you still with him?
  2. I think her focus should be on the recovery and kids.
  3. Doesn't she have to attend weekly counseling to get her kids back?
  4. Kick him out. He should have been gone long ago. Do what is best for your kid.
  5. Exposing your child to horrific environment makes both parents abusive. She should not be in such a toxic household. You made the decision to return to this guy, again and again.
  6. Why doesn't she ride up with her family? No reason for her to stay a week.
  7. I think that anyone would concur that your situation is abusive. You know this. You need to put your child first. I suggest you contact an abuse hotline and ask them.
  8. You knew that he was a cheat and a liar early on, yet you continued. You have to know that this guy is a creep. Up your self worth and get rid of this guy.
  9. People do walk on the grass. I hate people people that do not clean up after their animals. He is lazy, inconsiderate and a slob. Why have you continued to date him? I would have dumped him after seeing his home. How often does he wash his bedsheets? You know that this is not okay.
  10. How can you tolerate this. It's cringeworthy. How often does he bathe and brush his teeth?
  11. Yes. It would bother me. I think that either you accept his piggy ways or find a more suitable bf. None of his behavior would work for me. Gross.
  12. She should not offer her phone. She should also not have to reassure him that she did not cheat, or will not cheat. She should be done with him.
  13. You jumped from one abuser, to another. Please seek some counseling for your abusive relationships. Get away from this guy.
  14. You are an adult, why should she get involved? Throw him out! If he is abusing you, why would he be allowed to stay? Stop making excuses and contact a hotline and ask about a path to getting him out.
  15. Why are you doing this to your child?! Get away from this guy as he is very abusive. Kick him out! A "decent father" does not treat the mother in this manner. I feel for your child.
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