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  1. $2.50!? Sweet! Sounds like a good night either way to me.
  2. LMFAO!!! In the beginning me and my bf used to have sex... ALOT in the car. Mostly oral, 69 and a bunch of other stuff though. We never got caught, even though we did it in several places: on the hood in some place I still am not sure where we where, in the car lots of times behind a factory where they where working at night, outside his aunts house while everyone was asleep, parkinglot of some offices- and I'm almost sure there where camera's now, etc.. A guy I dated once told me a cop tapped at their window once while he was going at it with his ex/some girl. They just told him t
  3. Same here.. I must be the odd one out. I've never had an ex come back. Unless it was for a booty call (even then it was just guys I dated briefly). I think maybe women tend to want to give it a second chance more then guys? Dunno..
  4. Never been in one either. I can definitly think of a few reasons someone would choose to be in one. I know of few people who stay completely faithfull though. I have a male friend for instance who has been with his LDR gf for 3years now I think? They've been together "Face to face" for 6 months in total, maybe a bit more. She's living abroad due to her education and they see each other every few months if they're lucky. Maybe twice a year. He chooses to be with her b.c he feels there's no one else he'd be compatible with - or able to tolerate. He can see himself with her in 10 yrs time. T
  5. We watch DVD's at home, go to the movies, go out to eat, cuddle, hang out with friends and do stuff, beach, creative projects together, talk, study. (not all date ideas though lol).
  6. 1. being secretive with their phone is probably the most obvious. (not taking calls or not letting you touch it). 2. going out with "friends" more often. therefore less time for you. 3. not calling as much or seeming less interested. 4. less interest in sex/kissing.
  7. Tough question to answer unless I'm in the situation. I think from the point of view I have right now, and my limited experience in relationships till recently, I would not pay off a debt my bf/husband had. However, I would do things like buy him "gifts" so he struggled less (like I'm doing now I guess). At the moment my bf has no car, and has a tight budget. Since he allowed me, I help him save up more by helping him budget better and we do more "budget friendly activities". He has debts and that's b/c he took the loans in the past to accomplish whatever he needed to. I do however buy
  8. I do regret it. I did it more out of curiosity I think but I'd waited longer then most people I knew. I was like the last one who hadn't lol. (At 19 only. Now I reallly wish I'd waited. Maybe waited till I was 22 and met my current bf. Then I just remind myself it's bad to live with regrets. So no regrets it is.
  9. CAD makes a great point: not all women get approached as soon as they go out. Like another poster, I also have a bf now. But when single it's hard getting approached by guys I'm actually interested in! I'll go 6 months on average without an approach from anyone dateable. And the only time I do get approached in between is when it comes to drunk (maybe cute though haha) guys in clubs and guys who are looking to "have fun"/get over their ex issues. 1). I was told to look happy. Ladies, when you're out, do you look happy or sad/mad? Do you smile? (even though some women say they get hit
  10. wow, i think it's so great you've cometo this realisation at a "young" age (i dont know how old you are.) i only came to the realisation when i was 22ish.. and had been dating a guy some time. it was the transition point when things ended after only dating a few months and for once i knew what i wanted.
  11. Fat free of course but it doesn't taste great. Or go for 1%. It'll be cooked. And you won't know the difference. I really like Redroses idea about bite size dessert. I have a sweettooth too. So also, if you want chocolate get the bite size ones. And have 1-2.
  12. lucky you! i can addapt to brown bread but i like my white bread once in a while. i stopped with the brown rice quick. at least you can stick to it.
  13. oh i just looked at your food journal. You have the menu down pretty darn well. Calories fine. Carbs could go down to 125 but meh. You're be running it off.
  14. Oh you want the aspartame? I was gonna say why not go for juices instead? The natural/healthy stuff? I was gonna post a thread like this but asking advice for my bf. He's overweight, more then you and like you he's also not able to afford a nutritionist, expensive crap, etc. I've been racking my brains out trying to come up with a few simple solutions: I think the key to lose and keep it simple is to just eat 5 times a day.. in PORTIONS!!! Smaller ones. (Ever noticed how you don't really gain when you eat junk food but only a few bites? Same applies to eating rice, pasta and other thing
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