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  1. $2.50!? Sweet! Sounds like a good night either way to me.
  2. glad it went ok... and that you guys are in no rush.
  3. If you feel shy you can also make a hand made card and give it to her.. I find that wayyyyyyy less intimidating lol. Good luck.
  4. awwwwwwwwwww!! i love the last lines.. though u do "Tease" her in the ret of the poem, i think it's good you made it light and fun. nothing too over the top. working on the romance huh? *thumbs up*
  5. Same here.. I must be the odd one out. I've never had an ex come back. Unless it was for a booty call (even then it was just guys I dated briefly). I think maybe women tend to want to give it a second chance more then guys? Dunno..
  6. My opinion: no it's not too skanky at all! Sure it shows leg but a) it's not a form fitting dress and b)it doesn't show cleavage. I think a so called rule to go by is usually not to show skin in BOTH places meaning: either show leg OR cleavage. Best not to show both together (though sometimes you can pull it off.
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and say it's a mix of his religion mostly, along with some possiviness. He's in the wrong IMO. I don't dress provocatively either. But ocassionally I wear low cut tops. My boobs are some of my assets I'm "proud" of you could say lol, and I don't see anything wrong with wearing a tastefull top which may show them off. I mean Jeez! Otherwise the options would also be pretty limited too. And I'd only dress with turtlenecks, button ups and t-shirts. The most leg I show is probably from the knee down unless we're hanging out. Sometimes I'll wear short shorts and luckily the bf makes nice comments. If he where to pull my top up, I'd feel pretty freakin' insulted too. Like he's saying I look trashy or something or that I have no say in how I dress. Tell him if you can't show leg, he can't either. (j/k..)
  8. omg.. u guys broke up? im so sorry ave..
  9. I have felt this way. It's not really out of habit for me. It's more that I kind of never got over being hurt/dumped and then treated like trash the way my ex bf (of my first relationship) treated me. He moved on, rubbed it in my face and ignored me. I did/do find myself thinking back, but realise very well I never want to be with him. He just isn't the one for me. If I where to hang onto old memories it would make it way harder to have moved on. Though we where together few months, it was very hard on me. I think you should slowly think about fully moving on, and maybe getting rid of things which remind you of him. When you find yourself going back to thoughts of missing him, again, remind yourself that part of your life is over and you need to move onto better things..
  10. oh my fave will alwaysssss be Archie and the gang! Puts a smile on my face just thinking of it. Actually I wouldn't mind reading a Superman comic or Fantastic four. p,s,: omg! why did they change the look?!!?
  11. Ok. Well just start the poem, and we'll critique as so many have already said. To be honest yea we didn't need the pic. You could have also said she had deep blue eyes, and black hair. Easy. Neways, best of luck with the poem, write it from the heart about her. Try and write some words about her like blue, black, and whatever else you associate with her. Then find words which rhyme with THOSE^^ words. And put them into sentences. Easy way to make a poem. Oh and we don't know her that well to make a poem about her and her character, only you do.
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