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  1. My ex-girlfriend and I broke up three months ago after five and the half years of relationship. We are both in our forties. She said she doesn't love me anymore and that she doesn’t have any feelings for me for a longer period of time. Our relationship wasn’t perfect, but there were a lot of beautiful moments as well. We share a lot of happy and nice memories. She had a lot of issues and I was always there for her to help her and support her, and moreover to love her in that moments. At the end of the relationship, I had issues and instead of getting the same support from her, she found another guy and dumped me. She forced me to move out from our mutual apartment. During this last three months, those beautiful moments we had were all over my mind, more or less every day, and I feel regret that she has left me. But I managed to move on and worked a lot to improve myself and I made a progress. But at the same time I kept calling her to come and visit me in my new apartment. And then, last Friday she came to my apartment, we had a good time and we had sex. She stayed overnight. Yesterday she came again and we had a really good and passionate sex. But all the time she was telling me that she is satisfied with the new guy and that she is going to stay in the new relationship. When I asked her for the reason, she said that he treats her good, he is funny and that she is in a way taking advantage of him (something like he is paying for all the food). When I told her that I’m seeing someone else too, she started to cry and she said that she likes me the way I am now and that she feels regret I was not like that before when we were together. I told her that she can leave him and that we can try something again, but she categorically refused that. She said that she wants to be with him and maybe one day in the future, who knows, we are going to be together again, but not now. I'm also sure that she came to me and cheated on him, because she doesn't care about him at all. But she said that is not the truth and that she fell in love with him. I was quite fine, but now I feel distressed almost like three months ago. So this just brought me harm. So why did she come to be with me? Does she really know what she wants? Who does she love?
  2. Sorry for this being so long last month my now (32m) Ex-girlfriend (30F) ended it with me, just a month shy of our 1 year on what was fairly amicable terms, she ended it with me because of the stuff going on in her life, an Ailing father (pancreatic cancer), her new job and other stressors in life. We had been friends prior for about roughly 4 years not close friends but gaming buddies (d&d nerds) and I found out that my buddies wife had been planning the set up for about that time she was just waiting for her to leave her toxic ex. So about two years later she decided to play cupid, and well here is my mess,We aligned on almost everything from our world views to life values, and even our damn hobbies, it literally felt like dating the female version of me. Her distance was something that I noticed back in October but I didn't do much to press the issue, then when her new job started back in December she all but fell off the face of the earth hardly contacting me, any conversations were short, the hangouts were just as short, it had gotten to the point where when we hung out the Monday before the break up, we had dinner and we we're kinda hanging out she was watching tik tok, and then asked me what was wrong, so I said, "I feel like you don't want to be in this relationship anymore" she first said she didn't know, some things were exchanged (nothing bad, and we were both emotionally charged) she was in absolute tears, we had agreed to not talk while she sorted out where she wanted to be in the relationship.we hugged she left, and I immediately regretted bringing it up and sent a panic text that morning retracting what I said. I called her on January 15th 4 days later, worst day of my life, I explained my faults and told her "I want this Relationship to continue, I know you have a lot of stuff going on and I want to be there with you to help support you" and "I will actively working my insecurities." She said "with everything going on right now I just don't have capacity for a relationship, I'm working on establishing new bonds with my mom and sister, and with what's going on with my dad and job I just have to much going on, right now I need to focus on my friends and family, and you need to focus on your stuff. This is going to take longer than a few months. If you find someone go be happy with them, and I don't want to give any false hope but maybe in the future...for now maybe we can be friends, I know we preached about communication and I admit I dropped the ball on that (she mentioned something about us being way to similar and feeding off of each other, when one is in a bad mood the other picks up on it and gets in a bad mood too and something about caring for past ex's but not having romantic feelings for them)" She then confirmed that it was a breakup and not a break told me that she wasn't trying to sound so cold but it was the only way to stop from crying. We said our goodbyes and then I heaped on the floor. Fast forward a bit almost a week later that next Friday I reached out to her with a pity text, and then went no contact. A few days after I was the one who ended up removing (not blocking) her from my socials and from my ps friends list it was also when I started to go to therapy to start healing. I still stalked her social media even though we were unfriended. Then we get to last Wednesday...my buddies wife (the one who actually set us up) said that my ex had been asking about me first the Thursday before she was asking how I was then that same Monday she asked about my job interview, this threw me for a loop and I lied to my friend telling her the information would just be for closure. Saturday the day before Valentine's day, I swallowed a huge lump and texted her not sure what I was looking for but thought I was in a good headspace (evidently not), asking how she was doing, and how life was going and told her there was no rush to respond or even if she wanted to. I honestly was not expecting a response at all. About an hour later she responded with "I'm alright...how are you?" I never in my life had such a knee jerk reaction to that response but I said I'm well and glad she is doing good. She said "that's awesome... I'm glad" and I just left it at that not daring to overstep. Now I feel like I went from making progress to being back at square one. Which makes me think all the mindfulness and everything thing else was all for nothing...It doesn't help that I have anxious attachment which I'm actively focusing on overcoming.
  3. Part of my healing at this point is not even hoping that we will get back together, but instead hoping that one day he will realize how he hurt me and feel badly about it. I hope he regrets how he acted. I hope he sees how he hurt me. I hope he understands how he hurt me. Right now he just blames me for everything and points out everything I did wrong. It hurts. It hurts that he never appreciated me and that he took the beautiful that I gave him and threw it in the trash. Will he ever realize all of this? When I am long gone, will he ever regret it and see my point of view of things on how he hurt me and what he did? I wanted to be good with him and wanted to have something beautiful with him...will he ever regret losing that and not cherishing it when he had the opportunity?
  4. I never thought this sort of thing would bother me, but it's starting to. *Every* time my boyfriend talks about other girls (friends, ex girlfriends, girls he used to like, etc.), he puts in a comment about how good looking they were, or how big their chests were, etc. Some examples just from today: "That girl I went on a few dates with last year, Kristina... she was a REALLY beautiful girl." "There was this girl at Radio Shack yesterday undressing me with her eyes. She was seriously gorgeous. Amazing chest." "The girl from Craigslist selling the bike was so good looking. If I were single I probably would've gone home with her." I'm not an insecure person, and he tells me all the time that he thinks I'm beautiful, treats me amazing and never puts me down, but at least 5 - 10 times a day he mentions how beautiful/pretty/sexy other girls he knows are. I don't care if he thinks that; we're all human -- but why the need to bring it up so often? I would never talk about all the good-looking men I know. Am I over-reacting, or is this a legitimate annoyance?
  5. hi decided to start a new thread, hope that's OK? Basically it has now been over a year and we still go for daily runs etc . Even occasional sleep overs (share a bed but nothing like that). We were together 20 years, ex girlfriend and I are in a wierd place, she said yesterday that she wishes we could go back in time and was crying. Having said that she does occasionally blow hot and cold, but if I say I'm going out always asks where I'm going etc. I do, do alot of the chasing and know i shouldn't its just so hard not too. Yes she is like a drug and feel good when I have seen her (16 Yr old daughter lives with me and 21 yr old with mum). We both keep calling it a mess so why does she not just say lets try again? Or should I say this? I just don't know. All I know is it hurts. Many thanks for any advice
  6. Hi, About a month ago I asked for advice on the best way to get an ex girlfriend back. A couple of weeks ago I then asked for some more advice in regards to blocking my ex. This will be the last bit of advice I ask for. If you are interested you can read back on my 2 previous posts. I'm going to summarize. Basically, me and my ex broke up at the end of January. We spoke quite a bit and near the end of February I asked her to rekindle things which she rejected. Near the end of March I told her that It would be best if I were to block her on social media so I could get over her which she agreed. It's been just over a month and I have unblocked her because I felt a little better about the situation and I felt like seeing her with someone else wouldn't faze me. She's not currently seeing someone else. A small part of me would still like to rekindle things. I know I have gotten a lot of advice which mostly advised to keep her out of my life. I'm looking to see if anyone has some advice in relation to starting a conversation about starting a new relationship. I understand people will advise against this but I guess I'm looking for someone with advice on how to try to fix things with this girl. I really do love her and I haven't stopped. We were together for nearly 2 years and I know she had strong feelings for me.
  7. Hi all this is my very first post having just signed up, I felt the need to find a nice friendly forum where I hope to get things off my chest and receive some nice friendly advice as I dont have many people in my life. Here goes..... I was with my ex girlfriend for 12 years and we broke up 6 months ago.. It was my decision to end the relationship the reasons for doing it were because I felt we had become more friends than partners.. My partner was 17 years older than me when we met I was 21 and she was 37. We had many great years together but towards the last couple of years I started to feel that the age difference was becoming a problem as I looked at others my age getting married, having children, buying houses together and so on, which in turn made me think as I couldn't have these things with my ex girlfriend due to life circumstances etc. My mental health isn't great but I'm not suicidal.I feel it's the circumstances in which I'm speaking has made me a little unhappy in my head. I have been to councillors and had chats ect and I'm on a small dose of antidepressants. So fast forward 6 months I have found a new girl I have been with for 6 weeks, she is my age with the same goals and needs in life. We get on really well and she spoils me rotten! But here's the crazy problem I keep feeling like I miss my ex (absolutely crazy!) I get a huge amount of guilt how I have hurt her and that she didn't do anything to deserve it. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me showing me some good times in my mind but not the times where I felt so lonely and unhappy. I feel silly for having to come here for help but as I'm 33 years old maybe I just need guidance as I haven't been through anything like this before? Just wish my mind would agree with me that it was the right thing to do and I have now been given the opportunity for new beginnings with a lovely girl! Thank you for taking the time to read this and any advice big or small is greatly received. Stay safe guys
  8. I don't know where to start. My ex-girlfriend left me a year ago after being together for 1 year. I've known her for almost 3 years though. Um and it's just been terrible. She just one day decided that she wasn't ready to be in a relationship anymore with me and texted me "I don't love you anymore and I'm breaking up with you." Before she sent this text, we hadn't seen each other for 2 weeks, I thought she needed a break so I let her just text me and not see each other. She was stressed with her school. Later, I found out she was distancing herself from me so it would be easier to leave me. She still was texting me "I love you" every night. She lied about her love for me. Like she broke up with me 1 month before our 1 year anniversary through text. She promised she wouldn't ever leave me. I still remember her looking me in my eyes and making out with my passionately when she told me. She betrayed me. It's been several months since she left and it's been severely ing with my head. Her name is common and appears everywhere and triggers my ptsd. I loved her and she loved me completely. I don't know what happened, she just said she wasn't ready for a relationship and wouldn't give me a 2nd chance even when she was ready for one. I've tried so hard but she just won't budge to start over. I ing had my 21st birthday with her and her brother at some ty restaurant for God's sake. She gave me a water bottle and ing chocolates and I still had hope for her. All the money I spent on her gifts were always pricey and she never gave anything good in return. She's a virgin and I was too and she even promised to have sex in a year and lied about that too. I ing hate her selfishness and carelessness so much but she's still somewhat beautiful and attractive god damn it. I'm having trouble with her suddenly leaving. I can't sleep, I'm constantly having ptsd flashbacks of the places we went to, the places we made out and touched each other, the time she told me she loved me and kissed me passionately. Sometimes I almost cry in public remembering the places and things we did together. We were so close to one another that we finished our sentences, spoke and wrote basically the same way; like I really don't understand why she left all of sudden. She wasn't cheating, I know that but I don't know. She was the love of my life and I've told her many times. I told her to never lie about her love to me and she did. I sometimes have nightmares about the good times we had and can't believe she's gone when I wake up in morning. I had a picture of her framed in my room of us together and I gave her one too. We were so close to each other that we would just say one word or give a look and knew exactly what eachother meant. Like I don't know what I did to be so ireedmable to her. This was a girl I thought about marrying at one point and I've told her. I think she really just wants to play around with other guys because once I told her I'm committed to her, she was shocked that someone would want to be with her in that way. I remember when we were friends, we would do many of the same things as we did when we were in a relationship just with mutual commitment. Now she's doing that "friend" thing with someone else since I last texted her this month. Like I ing hate her so much but love her at times. My mind is gone. I miss kissing her, I miss biting her body, I miss caressing her big butt and boobs. I miss her big brown eyes and caressing her hips into my hips. I miss talking to her about daily life. I miss her sitting on my lap and kissing me. I just miss her so much. I thought she knew she meant everything to me. Now I'm just depressed and have PTSD about it. I try so hard to forget her but I can't. It's constantly decaying my mind. I haven't felt love or attraction since she left me. I've been passionless and emotionally detached from most things. I can't believe she did what she did. I used to walk miles just to go see her everyday and walk her home safely. It s with me a lot that she never appreciated me enough to give me a 2nd chance. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust or love another person again. I feel mental pain constantly. People keep telling me "It's just a matter of time, move on" but I don't know if that'll solve anything. She was a special girl and one in million type. I lost her. I'm haunted by what she did and I'm constantly living in hell from the memories. I sometimes wake up at night and cry about the memories. I've told her all of this and she still won't give me a 2nd chance because "I don't think I can regain those feelings for you and I'm already kinda seeing someone else". I hate her stubbornness. She planned the breakup and I hate that she doesn't want to work with me after everything I've done for her. I hate her her ing lying god damn it. I'm shedding tears as I write this. I don't know what to do at this point I'm 23 and alone with no one to talk to. I thought she was the one. I don't know anything anymore. She just texted me one day and left. She's so cold-hearted. I just want the pain to go away already, it sometimes hurts my head and makes my teary eyes go dry. I'm not happy. Sometimes I wish I never experienced love because it's not worth the pain honestly. I don't feel any better or stronger. She just left out of the blue no 2nd chances. I miss my girlfriend. I hope she comes back and doesn't get hurt, I really do. Please help me, I suffer with this almost everyday and I don't what to do
  9. We talk here and there, nothing major, a text convo or phone call every month or so. Talked to her last time off, I knew she had gone to rehab, a while back. She went to a live in rehab center down in Fl for her alcoholism, got sober on November 26,2018 and has remained so ever scince. I’m as proud of her as I can be. Just wish it would’ve happened while we were together, if so we may have had a different ending.
  10. Hi everybody! I desperately need help. Last year I met and dated this guy for whom I fell super hard. Head over heels, crazy. Well, the feelings for him have subsided, but one issue remains. He had recently ended a relationship when we met. Turns out his ex and I look a lot alike. Like sisters. Because of certain things, he made me feel like the reason why it didn't work between us is because he was just out of that relationship. Well, I was shaken to the ground, and now I am obsessed with his ex. It's unhealthy. Her face pops up on my head randomly. Thoughts of comparison to her are constant. Does he have a better face than me? Better body? Does she look better from this or that angle? Is she a nicer person? Is she smarter? Is her life better? Is her family better? Is she a better cook? More athletic? Needless to say, I don't have a moments peace. I know not to think of her, I know all this is unreasonable, but it's the way I feel. How can I make it stop?
  11. Met her the first day of high school. We fell in love and had a relationship for 3 years. I was her first love and she was my first love as well. We're from California but she moved away to Rhode Island to finish High School with her mom. She broke up with me because she had "trust issues". She told me that she loves me and wants me but she has to learn to love herself before she can come back to me. She wants a "different mindset". She didn't block me on Facebook or anything but she does tell me to not message her because it brings pain to her whenever I do. This girl is genuinely the most loyal person I have met, she has never lied to me. My question is... Should I move on? Is she making this up as an excuse to not be with me ? Should I send her flowers for her birthday? I just want her back.
  12. Me(22) and my ex gf broke up two months ago. She claimed she had enough for how I treated her. I didn’t treat her the best I’ll admit and I have a lot of issues that I realize I now have to deal with. A week after the break up I found out she started dating her friend that I never saw as sexually threatening or anything the same day. Later she admired to going to him with our problems four days earlier and she developed feelings that she claimed had always been there. She is saying that this guy and her are the same in every way and that he’s the “one”. I trusted her and I let her have guy friends. Was this a mistake? They moved in with each other basically the first week and she says she plans on marrying him. Makes me feel like I’m nothing now. I’m in two weeks no contact. Idk if I want her back I got work on myself I gotta do but I’m just so confused. What should I expect from this situation? We dated for 3 years. She emotionally cheated on me didn’t she. She wanted me to marry her a week before then this guy comes along and in 4 days she loses every feeling for me. She says she doesn’t want bad blood and that she doesn’t love me anymore but loves things about me. Advice? Sorry for grammar.
  13. My now ex gf and I were together for 3 years 3 month back we split. But by chance we bumped into eachother in a different city and got talking again (strange right) it almost seemed written in the stars. She confessed she was depressed to me therefore I helped here through and really done everything for her. Yesterday (now she is better) she told me she’s confused and doesn’t want to be with me no more. I know this time it’s over and I’m completely broken. I have a lot of uni deadlines coming up but I can’t move from my bed.
  14. Some background- this was a very toxic girl who spent our entire time together trying to put me down. While we were together she started to get closer to my friends, and I thought it was a good thing as they could get to know each other. However she began to say things like; "I hung out with Adam today, without you. It was fun I really like him. We have this inside joke, and you're not part of it." At the time I didn't mind it, and honestly this wasn't a weird way for this specific girl to act. We've been broken up for about 2 months now, and since then she has become even closer to my friends, and befriended the ones she didn't know before. I wish I could say it she just likes them and isn't doing it to hurt me, but I can't convince myself of that. I would talk to my friends about it, but I know that at this point they would either get pissed at me, or go and tell her. My friends have never been loyal or have had my back. I know this is an irregular sittuation. What should I do?
  15. Our relationship lasted for 6 months we had our ups and down like all relationships do, when we have arguments and when I am not the one at fault and she is, she would blame me for it, never once has she admitted he was wrong or guilty of anything. She stopped calling me after 3 months in the relationship and said her phone was broken and that she will buy a new one, so I did not think much of it and waited, but even until this day she hadn't bought a new phone but had used her sisters phone (I know her sister) to text me, but didn't even call me. She had 2 facebook accounts and blocked me with the second account so I had no idea about it, until had a suspicion that she was hiding something from me, i asked her if she was being honest with me and she said she isn't hiding anything, so I went ahead and made a fake facebook account and found out that she had been seeing another guy behind my back 2 months ago. I confronted her about it and she acted like she didn't care then I broke up with her, even after everything weve been through? I blocked her first account and was still blocked on her 2nd hidden account. its been 6 days since we broke up and I went into NC, and after a few days of NC had she unblocked me from her hidden facebook account, i saw this when she popped up in my suggest friends why not just leave me blocked? Is she playing games?
  16. Hi all, I have been together with this girl for a couple of months, not too long, but I feel very strongly for her and I always got the feeling that she feels the same for me. She has been telling me over and over how much into me she is and how I swept her off her feet. However, last week she got very distant and out of the blue broke up with me. Her reasoning was that she felt like my heart wasn't in it and our future plans were not aligned. She came over to explain a few days later, after I had brought flowers to her place, and I made it clear to her that I think she made a wrong decision and explained how I feel about her and our future. She instantly became very affectionate again - she stayed over and she said she loves me. She texted me the day after that she had a really good time with me and that it made it a lot harder for her. I asked her the next day to meet me for a drink after work before she was heading off to a birthday party, to which she agreed. It was nice to chat for a bit and she sent me sweet text messages during the rest of the night. On Saturday morning, I woke up and sent her a good morning text to which she didn't reply. I sent another one later on in the day asking her if everything is ok, and if there is anything bothering her that I hope she'd tell me, or at least tell me if she needs time. She eventually responded to that by saying that she indeed feels confused and needs time to think. I texted back and told her to take the time she needs to figure out what she wants and to tell me when she's ready to talk. Since then, I haven't heard back but it's making me incredibly anxious waiting for her to get back to me. I am very confused about what goes on in her mind, and I wonder if I should chase her more and make it clear that my intentions are true. But on the other hand I don't want to come off too eager and needy right now.... Ugh, I don't know what to do. Any advice is appreciated!
  17. I spent the weekend in another city helping a girlfriend through a difficult time. He knew this. On Friday he was looking through old photos because he has to do a brief presentation about his life history at work. I was on the train and asked him to send me his favourite photo. He sends me a photo of him and his ex-girlfriend in Portugal. Apparently he thought it would be funny because my Mom now lives there. On Sunday I'm coming back on the train to London and he texts saying "I’d love to see you tonight but my cough isn’t fully gone. I didn’t have any issues with it last night but I am worried it might flare up again and keep you awake". He does this all the time, says he wants to see me but already includes excuses at to why he might not be able too. Anyway, I told him that he should stay home, get some rest and hopefully cure that cough. I called him when I got home and I found out he had just been out for dinner with his ex-girlfriend. The same one from the picture. They're friends. I then said, "oh cool, so you're ok enough to come over to mine?" And he said "no, I don't really want to catch anymore cold air. I think I should stay in". Is this normal/nice behaviour? Would you accept it? Also, we have only been dating for 8-9 months! Also, we're going to Mexico on Saturday for 2 weeks. What do I do? Do I go? Do I dump him? The trip cost so much money ...
  18. Hi guys Me and my ex gf of 3 years broke up 3 months ago and we had no contact for about 2 months . The only time we were going to see each other when one of our close friends was having a baby , but she had messaged me before asking to hang out . I agreed being all excited anyways we saw the baby together and we hung out for about a week after that . We were flirting and it was kind of a fresh feeling like a fresh start I wanted to know what we were and where I stand so I asked her how she felt about starting to talk again and hanging out more often . She was like so confused on what she wants and I told her to have 2 days to think and let me know . Then we met up went for dinner and she told me she wasn’t ready to start talking again and that kinda pissed me off because she started talking to me again and got my hopes up and then told me she wasn’t ready ... but anyways what should I do I love this girl so much i just feel like she dosent know what she wants but can anyone give me advice on what to do .... Any advice is great also any questions I’ll answer thanks guys :)
  19. This can get a little winded, complicated but not so complicated. My ex-girlfriend which I still love has a new not so new boyfriend. Her boyfriend is the guy that she was with before me and she went back to him after we broke up. They have longer history together than we have together. Last week we ended up meeting together to discuss something's that happened between her/her family and myself. Our conversation was stress free and for the first time in a while we connected incredibly well. She started doing things like sending body signals which I read to be positive. We ended up having a few hours of make out session then we parted ways. In the beginning I tried to stop because she has a boyfriend but she brushed it off. We didn't go all the way. She was telling me she was confused and she had to make a decision regardless of I was in the picture or not. We met a second time. Basically the same thing but the first time was a thursday and the second time was a tuesday. Weekend in between. We talked and connected. But slightly different in her body language. I figured whatever the issue with her boyfriend was being resolved or talked out during the weekend. However she did not resist and we continued to kiss, hold and be very affectionate to each other. Again we didn't go all the way. 2 days later we met once more. We still connected like the first time but everything got hot and heavy very quickly. We did everything and this time it almost went all the way but she had a change of heart but still gave me oral. However even though we connected during the times we talked. Everything felt like it was a last goodbye. it seemed the she had made her choice. Which was to continue her relationship with her boyfriend. She even told me that her boyfriend found out she was with me during their break and wasn't happy about it. So basically I was the catalyst of their issues but at the time of their problems I wasn't even in the picture as it was my no contact period. So that part I had no fault in it. But why bring me in the picture? Just because he told her to choose between me or him? What kind of messed up logic is that? Once I found out the reason I told her to go be happy and work things out I will again walk out of this picture. Then we went our separate ways. I am left messed up. Perhaps if it wasn't the sexual activity it would of been easier. But why go that far is my question. I know most of you will say I shouldn't of started. I know she was using me for emotional support. I know she was using me to get whatever her boyfriend wasn't giving her. Maybe affection. I know I am to talk away and forget. It has not been easy. I also know there is no guarantee if she cones back to me she won't do the same things behind my back like she did with her boyfriend. Worst part, I still have feelings for her. But I wish her well. Advice and suggestions welcome. I know what I am supposed to do. Just need some reassurance.
  20. My girlfriend and i have been together for a year and nearly 9 months now. We have had some great times together, been skydiving, iceland, portugal, paris for valentines and lots more. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, i mean really beautiful. He smile is my weakness. But behind all the great times are lots of bad. It seems to me im always the one in the wrong. There have been so may times where ive made small mistakes or ive done something completely understandable and shes made me feel like the worst person and boyfriend in the world about it. The only kicker is that i can tell she doesnt mean to make me feel that way- its literally just her opinion on things. But that still gets to me. Another thing is that i am constant thinking about what she might not like or what might upset her. And conversly im always thinking if she would like to do that. This usually happens daily because i am always left to decide. But then when i decide wrong, its all my fault? I go out of my way so much for her. Always cancel seeing my friends (to the point where they are annoyed), move events, end events early. For example she went to uni an hour away but she would ring me in the night telling me how i musnt care about her if im not willing to drive there at 11pm. But i know and you know its not like that? Another example is that i was having my second day of a new job which needed me there for 5:30 am. But she still threw a fit at the thought of me not picking her up at 11pm from her friends... She just always never notices/remembers my efforts and then is really good at making me feel bad about it. And finally the major one is that she thinks im some sort of lady killer. She doesnt trust me at all. But before our relationship i had only kissed 3 people and had sex with my ex girlfriend, whereas i know in the 6 months inbetween our relationship and her last- she was talking to at least 4 and defiantly slept with 2. She makes me so happy sometimes in indescribably. But she also makes me so sad and used to make me hate myself (I say used to because ive grown out of that, by just respecting myself more). I told her this morning, because we are having a big argument, that the only thing keeping in the relationship is her, not the quality of the relationship. This is barely the surface of it all theres plenty m,ore but i need someone...
  21. After my girlfriend broke up with me 2 and 1/2 months ago she agreed to meet me for coffee. Well technically she agreed to meet up 3 weeks ago and never followed through, I then went 2 weeks no contact. After the two weeks she sent me one of those "reminder" texts about one of our old memories. A week after, I asked her if she had my baseball glove that I left at her place and she did. I asked her last night if she wanted to get coffee and bring it. She agreed. It went pretty well I'd say. Nothing about the breakup was mentioned besides a few good memories about us. She wasn't "flirty" but she asked questions and seemed attentive. We only stayed for a half hour cause we both had things to do. I wouldn't call it a "date" because I'm not sure she thought of it as a date. Later in the day I texted her saying it was good seeing you she said, it was good seeing you too. I replied with a smily face and got nothing back. So where to I go from here? Do i wait for her to contact me next? Do I ask her to get lunch next week? Did she only agree to meet because she felt guilty? Your input is appreciated
  22. So you will know me from my previous threads Basically my ldr ex gf of two years left me just after I came out my operation and I had a long period of recovery ahead physically Anyway she then a month after that moved to my town and country! Anyway tonight I don't know why I stupidly looked at her profile pic and she looks like she's lost so much weight and looks completely different - she looks amazing in fact - it's made me completely messed up because it's like I don't even recognise her anymore!!! 😭😭 I was doing so well and I shouldn't have looked !!
  23. I'm just not sure what to do anymore I love my ex gf who broke my heart. I'm blocked on fb and we've only communicated thrue text. she's goes guy to guy and she's kept pics of me up still which she hasn't with other exes. should I just try to delete every pic on my fb that reminds me of her and try to forget her.
  24. hey I have been no contact with ex for a few months and I broke it by messaging her this past week saying I wanted to get a coffee and wasn't going for a date. she seemed to get pissed and she said she wasn't gonna tell me she was seeing someone until I said I didn't wanna date. then I said good for u I'm talking to few girls but don't want anything and she's like I'm not sure if I want this relationship yet and that she thinks she's meant to be single. then later on I told her I really did love her and don't wanna date anyone cuz I gotta fix myself. she said she misses my qualities and notices things with new guy she misses with me. layer on she was like go find a girl but she was kinda flirty. I'm so confused in what she's doing to me? am I a back up plan or something?
  25. I trie to make it as simple and short as possible. So iwas dating a cancer woman, but was allso toghether with a nother woman friends with benefits, i was with him as long as i figured out that we were serious. After that i stopped with thath friend. But it took like 2-3 months before we were shure thath we are a couple and like eachother more than just a fling. It that timeperiod i had relatsion with both of them. Mostly with the cancer but few times with the friend. I lived with this friend. So as soon as it went serious i moved out. Time went buy and i started liyng about that firend if she asked, because i was afraid to loos her. So some lyes went to a snowball effect. And went out of hand. Never the less, we stayd together and she never find out about that or any other lies that came beacuse all of it. So one day the friend (i think she had feelings) allwasy one part of fwb have feelings, and i know that i didint. She asked about me from my ex gf, who knew my now ex gf. She asked about me and told him what we had and so. So my ex contacted my now ex gf and spill the quts with very over the top accuration. More than half of the story was worng, pluss she told some sick form our relationship as well. And told him to connect with my fwb girl, so it all unraveled. I even didint say anaything back, i just said ima very sorry from the bottom of my heart that i lied to you. And thaht the beginning of our relationship when i wasnt sure i didint end with that firend. Now here are we. She is so mad, and hurt, she still talks with me but said that see only uses her hed, he cant cope with feelings right now, she but them away. its her defence mechanism, i know that. But i want her back, its been 3 weeks and i know that she still cant sleep, thiks about me and is sad. I went to pshyolist because i didnt know what to think of myself, i know i messed up, but i really love her, and i allso know that she heard the angry women talk from the both of them. And it was very far from the truth. Im willing to do anything. I have meet her, we have talked, we have laught. And we still sms sometimes and write letters. One point she told me that she wants to cut me off but she didnt. She told that she cant be with me and she never conna love me again. But deep inside she dose, deep inside she misses me. She told me that as well in one letter. Any advice is creat. and i allready know i ed up. Thats clear. Now how to move forward? How to get the wall down and get back to her good side
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