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  1. will this pain ever stop when i go to bed at night i close my eyes and hope tomorrow has a better light, when i open my eyes at morning brake the light its as dark as the day before its as if yesterday is still today and there will never be tomorrow. as if I'm liven the same day over and over will this pain i feel inside ever stop will the sun ever come out to warm my skin or will i always be cold day and night is it always going to be dark or will i see morning light will this pain i feel inside ever stop or will i always have this pain inside that no one can see that no one can hear i keep it buried deep in side wishing the day would come that i could wake up and be free free of this pain that burns deep with in my beautiful soul will my beautiful soul ever be free from this burning pain or will i go on forever never being free from it,
  2. How can i stop this feelings inside. They keep growing and growing with ever thought that goes through my mind. There not happy yet there not sad. I'm stuck in the middle with no way out, with ever look in you're eyes, with ever sound of you're voices this feelings inside get stronger and stronger, Its so confusing, its happening so fast, I'm so lost and confuse yet have no idea why,
  3. just wandering and im not trying to be rude but how can pushing me out of the family, and acting like im not there, how is that love? i know a lot of ppl have a hard time showing love but my pushing somone out of the family dose not feel like love to me.
  4. I sent this to my parents and they have not said anything yet its like i did not even write it, im starting to feel as if i ran away my parents would not even care, they dont see me anyways.
  5. My heart is Breaken in two its bleeding through no one can see it no one can feel it i keep it hiden and try to be happy my world is falling apart but i keep it to myself Theres marks on my arms Theres cuts on my legs Im slowly fatting im slowly dieing no one can see me no one can feel me im a gohst that well never be seen again
  6. ok ill let you know how it gose, there not home yet so ya,
  7. Thanks ill show them it later today when they get home,
  8. i wanna show them the peom, but im scarred of more rejecstoin, but i guess ill never know tell i try right?
  9. i try to show them love and that i appreicate them, but its like they dont even see what i do or even how much i love them, they act as tho i hate them and i dont i love them very much
  10. I'm sorry I'm not the Daughter you always wanted I'm sorry I'm not the Angle you dreamed of, I'm sorry you will never have the wedding all moms’ dreams of I’m sorry you won’t have someone to help you with your cars I’m sorry I’m not the Angel everyone wants I’m sorry I'm not prefect the way you want me to be I’m sorry I can’t be your dream daughter I'm sorry I can’t be more then me
  11. Its about me i wanted my friends to know they can turn to me whenever they need me, and the best way to say anythings in a peom
  12. When life gets you down When you just wanna give up I hope u turn to me when you need a shoulder to cry on someone to yell at or vent I hope you turn to me when you need someone to listen when you just need a friend to hold you and say its ok I hope you turn to me when you feel like everyones agents you when you feel alone just know I'm here for you I'm always here for you
  13. I'm sorry I ever said I love you I'm sorry I ever said I cared I'm sorry it was all true I'm sorry i still do I'm not sorry the night you left I carved your name in my skin I'm not sorry for shedding my blood for you, I'm not sorry i still want you
  14. how can i tell her whats on my mind, im so scarred to lose her i just wanna cry, she not just a girl she my friend tell the end, i dont wanna know why i dont wanna try, i gotta dig deep down in side to find the right words to tell her whats truly on my mind
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