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  1. wow sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. I haven't been on this site forever. This was one of the last threads I started actually. Anyhoot, this is the first time I've logged on in about 3 years and this poll is still getting comments. Just thought that was kind of neat ;-)
  2. the cherry doesn't always get popped during sex... and she said hers hadn't popped yet
  3. He's only threatening because he is scared that he will get caught. Contact law enforcement and report him.
  4. Alright, so my girlfriend was over today and my parents left for an hour or two so we were messing around and having fun. She's not a virgin and has had sex with one person before but her cherry was never popped. Well she was also expecting to have her period in the next couple days, she checked before we did anything and it seemed alright. I ate her out and then I fingered her. After I fingered her there was blood on my hand and the carpet and we both went to the bathroom and washed up. She said she didn't think so much blood came out when the cherry got popped. But she also said if it was her period she would have bled more and she would have still been bleeding when she got home (whch she wasn't)...soooo anyone know what it was?
  5. Alright, can someone clear this up for me? My friend said it's alright to have unprotected sex in a hot tub because the heat will kill the sperm, and I highly doubt that. So does it or doesn't the heat kill the sperm?
  6. Ok, my problem is I can't really open up to people. I used to be really extremely shy (i dont know if this has anything to do with it or not) but now i'm not shy at all, I'm really outgoing and energetic and stuff and talkative. Well anyways, i really don't know why i cant open up to people. I don't know if it could be trust issues from my past or something like that? My last g/f was really open with me and told me all about her past and things she's been through, and when she asked me about myself, i froze up...and i couldn't think of anything to say...then she got mad at me, and always complained about how i couldn't open up to her.... idk if anyone else has overcome something like this but if you could help that'd be great
  7. If he already has trouble trusting you, playing childish jealousy games aren't going to do anything to help out that situation.
  8. yes, i enjoy sad stories and sad songs, you want them to be better at the end..but they aren't. I like them i guess since i can relate to them and it makes me feel better knowing that
  9. 1.) How important do you think it is that you lose your virginity to another virgin? 2.) (assuming you said yes) What would you do if you loved the person but they were not a virgin and you were.
  10. 1. do you usually cry?(either befire, during or after) 2. Do you scream or grunt from the pain of it? 1&2. Usually laugh hysterically and my eyes tear up...not really crying though
  11. I'd be really jealous if my girlfriend was going to her ex's house. He has a right to be jealous if you're spending time with someone that you used to like. But thats me and i have trust issues and i wont get into that, but yeah, i'm sure just about any guy would get jealous over this
  12. you're probably not going to be able to change his belief in god. He doesn't have to believe in god to go to church with you. I myself am Agnostic and I go to church with my family and sometimes go to youth groups at my friends churches.
  13. well you said he's only had one girlfriend and he's very slow at things. to me he sounds like he's REALLY shy. He's probably afraid to make moves and feels to nervous to initiate contact.
  14. try to kiss her again, if she pulls back ask her why she won't kiss you... thats the best way to find out
  15. Well to start things off, i've been going out with my girlfriend for a month now as of today. The first 2 weeks we just did like small talk to get to know each other then the last couple weeks we've talked about each others pasts and talked about deeper stuff like that. Well she told me about this guy named Matt. She told me that for the past 2 years she's really had a big crush on Matt. Apparently no matter how hard she tried to get him to go out with her he never would, however, he still would do things with her and she felt used by him. Well they are like really good friends now and I'm always jealous and i just wanted to know if you all thought if I was over reacting or not. Her away message one time said something like "i'll be back in 20 minutes, *matt*joel*rusty I love you guys" (btw im joel). Then the next day after school when everyone was getin on the buses i was standing there talking with her. Matt walks by and she yells his name and runs over and hugs him, just leaving me standing there. Im jealous i guess b/c I'M the one going out with her and i feel like I'm just "second best" like...i'm her back up since she can't get Matt.....so yeah... do you guys think i'm over reacting?
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